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New Q1SP Mission - Travail
Let us start you on a journey...a Quake Journey. Share the Travail!

* 1 new Quake mission
* 2 new episodes and a triple barrel finale
* A 2 level secret mini mission
* 15 single player levels and 3 multiplayer levels
* 2 new bosses, stock and modified after market enemies, one beloved weapon mod, and some new physics
* 4 Easter Eggs, 30+ secrets, countless references to the game and the community

Info, screens and download links at
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First Post! 
i'm in on that shit! 
W00t ! 
Great to see this released >:D 
"play is disappointing so far, combat is cramped and pretty tedious. I really like the mapping ideas, though" 
Concerning the soundtrack and criticism about its use of Quake sounds: I found them to be quite nice actually, as they added to the atmosphere in my view. Suddenly hearing the drone of a machine, the beeping of a computer terminal or the breath of an enforcer in an ancient temple or cavern gave me the impression that Azoth's forces were constantly around, hiding somewhere near. I liked that. 
Probably A Dumb Question 
where do I put the soundtrack? 
cool, I need to try this out 
#3, quote? what? huh?

nitin: Burn it on CD. Or if you are using Darkplaces (I really don't recommend it here) you can transcode the files to ogg and put them into travail/sound/cdtracks/track002.ogg etc.

I'm off for secret and easter egg search. Didn't even know there were easter eggs. :> 
Stupid Question For Sure But... 
... what are you referring to when you are talking about Easter Eggs ? I'm not sure to understand... :P 
my sound card (well I think its my sound card) has problems playing quake with cd music. I was hoping mp3 files would suffice. 
Easter eggs are messages or features hidden by the developers, like the Dopefish in Quake, or the cow level in Diablo 2. 
Thanks ! I was not sure about its signification ;) 
It's also possible to mount the mp3 files as a virtual cd drive of course. 
I put the news on ! 
it's possible to short-circuit (heh pope) some routes, so if things stop making sense... don't be afraid to noclip back to where you came from! 
been looking forward to this for a long time.

Rest assured a review will appear at my site. Given the current review backlog and my laziness, the review may take a while to appear. :P 
Awesome ! 
I played the first episode, while cheating a lot. This level was longer to do than watching a full movie ! Some maps are trully AWESOME ! On some map (can't tell which), I made it in the reverse way after a rocket jump. I was lost and unable to finish that map without cheating.

I didn't made the second episode yet.

The music is very nice. Gives LOTS of atmosphere to the maps. Very well done !

Geez ! I can't believe how this old game isn't dead yet ! :-)

Long live Quake ! 
yeah I know, but that doesnt help either :( 
Load Saved Games 
I use FitzQ and when i load a saved game it crashes. "ED_ParseEntity: Closing brace without data" is the text. Any ideas? 
Which Map Does It Happen On? 
It should be resolvable, possibly even by editing the sav file for now. Can't say I've encountered it myself though... 
Saved Games 
Peideracero or sumtin.. 
Made It All 
I just finished all three episodes. Okay, I admit I cheated all the way.

But man, this pack ROCKS !

I love it all. First brand quality stuff ! This is now another jewel in my permanent Quake collection. What a pack !

Cheers ! 
Can you upload the zipped savegame somewhere? I'd like to take a look at it. 
what the FUCK with those secrets

you're killing me ;/ 
first 2 maps are very cramped and sticky combat wise. Mapping is good but I'm not a huge fan of this style.

Looking forward to the rest though. And what textures are used for qtdm2? 
And I Was Going To Say 
that the first 2 maps reminded me one of scragbit's maps in style, then saw the readme and saw that it's his episode. Duh. 
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