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Vertical Map Pack Released
The Vertical Map Contest is over, here are the results. Maps were required to fit inside a 768x768 footprint, with unlimited vertical size, and were not allowed to teleport the player. All four maps can be played in the "Quoth" mod.

Screenshots of the entries:
768_trinca :
768_lurker :
768_rudl :
768_spirit :


Download Mirrors: (3.2mb) : :
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Could you mirror this on quaddicted when you get a chance? 
...first Travail 
..and now another quake release, it's a good July :) 

lurker's is my favorite. Extremly diverse, well built (crampy but not crampy thanks to trigger_illusionary, thanks!). And I love all the little tricks.

rudl's I haven't finished yet, died on the second room with enforcers because of ammo shortage. :(
Loved the start though with the beautiful rooms. Some textures did look too cartoony for my taste, Quake's palette is quite limiting here.

Trinca's has some great brush/texture-work and space fillers. Lighting was kinda bland. The vorelings are GAH evil!

My map, uhm, I lost my mapping spirit about two weeks before the deadline. I spent a lot of time into texturing and adding "decoration" on the wall. 
My rating:
1. lurker
2. Trinca
3. Spirit
4. rudl

All maps are good. Nice work guys.

rudl: I don't see the point of the external textures - they look exactly (poorly converted) as the ones in the bsp. Yay for the sliding carpet. The base part looks somewhat odd, could have used stronger detailing.

Spirit: Neat use of particles. The push triggers are too fast. The arrow battlements look bad because of lacking depth (space is filled with sky), and there is z-fighting at the GK ledge. Some glowing effect for the final ogre would have fit well. Nice Spirit sign and Spirfish.

Trinca: More details, especially for the ceilings (also applies to Spirit)! But it is still ok - I guess one can't go wrong with knave.wad. Next time, turn detail bits like the mugs and the shield/weapons on the wall into func_walls for slight optimization of r_speeds.

lurker: 'n' isn't a field! My favorite map of the pack. Not only is it the largest, there are also many cool objects and gameplay twists, like the 'puzzle piece' stairs, the lift (not so cool though: it has wait -1, I had to noclip upward), zombies/shambler/vore carnage, and particularly the space area. 
Nice Maps 
Especially Lurker's - the "hmm, wasn't this bit waaaay below?" feeling I got at the end was weird, as was the ability to gib zombies with the lg. Nearly shat my pants when I saw those Shamblers =) Some neat tricks there. Enjoyed it alot.

Trinca's map was decent but not amazingly creative. The ending felt a bit too seen it before, but there were a couple of reasonably good combats and shock moments earlier on that made up for it.

Rudl's was rather short and weirdly textured. Can't say I enjoyed it that much to be honest. I couldn't tell and haven't bothered to check the .map, but the final area felt like it was outside the 768 area too. A bit dissapointing, but a good effort.

Spirit, your map started off promising, but then I got to the room with the water tube and couldn't find the well hidden button. I couldn't be bothered to spend all day looking, so I just moved onto the next map. Up until that point it was fun though. Am I just stupid or did anyone else have trouble finding the button? 
No, you're not stupid. 
Hidden Button 
It's not that hard to find really. You guys are just bad (impatient) searchers.

The base area in rudl's map is still within the 768 area. 
Still No 
I ran through the func_illusionary a few times, thought it was a button that wasn't working, then noclipped through the barrier. 
My Vote: 

Lurker - very nice, the void section was a bit off, killing the sleeping knights or fallign onto an invisible floor. Could have used some tweaking.

Trinca - Nasty. Constantly very low on everything and had to cheat on the final spawn battle since I kept frying myself with reflected lightning.

Rudl - Imaginative and the vertically was more apparent than the other maps, especially the Drole staircase battle. The change to base was a bit odd, more like a chainmap than a single cohesive section. Also didn't have enough ammo to finish off all the monsters and had to exit early.

Spirit - Felt more like an experimental map, although I did find the button for the bar I couldn't get there in time since the trigger push always through me over the platform, which then activated and the bar closed before the platform had properly returned. So then I tried to noclip through it and quake crashed with a missing model func_togglewall. Will try again. 
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