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Vertical Map Pack Released
The Vertical Map Contest is over, here are the results. Maps were required to fit inside a 768x768 footprint, with unlimited vertical size, and were not allowed to teleport the player. All four maps can be played in the "Quoth" mod.

Screenshots of the entries:
768_trinca :
768_lurker :
768_rudl :
768_spirit :


Download Mirrors: (3.2mb) : :
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Though / Threw 
My Thoughts 
are much the same as Ijed's. However, I liked the void section in Lurker's map -- it was well executed, and the novelty of it impressed me.

Making the secret-activating buttons look the same as the decorative-rune-things was evil, though (read: annoying).

Nice work everyone! 
Yeah, experimental as my maps always are. :D

Here's where the button is: Near the teleportwaterthing in the shadows, look from above.

And a trick how to get the lift without any problems (you can also just +moveback when pushed by the second trigger_push :) ): swim back up inside the "teleport"-water

Question: Did the trigger_push -> dog -> trigger_push flight work as I hoped? :D 
All Around Good 
Interesting maps. Not fond of the 768 limit though, but its good to see something different.

My favorite was Lurkers. It was large, well balanced, and good to look at.

Second comes Rudl, third Trinca, and fourth Spirit.

Of course don't take my word for it, they are all great maps in their own way.

I found the hidden button in Spirits map almost immediately. Its not that hard to find, really. 
on maps:
I think I liked the combat in Trinca's map the most, followed then by Spirit's. Both had some spaces that allowed almost the full 768 square to be used for fighting which was a wonderful break from a week of only playing my map.
End of Trinca's map seemed a bit cliche, but I have a room of Shamblers, so I can't complain :)

I liked the visuals of all the maps, so maybe I have no taste in such matters? I think we each made some strange choices, but I don't think any map was especially hindered by its visual choices. Room for improvement, but no abominations.

rudl/Spirit/Trinca: I have recorded first play demos. If you want them, you can grab them from

Spirit: I didn't crash into the dog, if that's what you're asking. My experience was trigger_push -> bark! -> trigger_push .

Comments on comments:
"n" is used by Tyrlite for inverse square falloff. :(
I tried converting these to "wait"s and using aguirRe's lighting tool partway through the project to fix this. To my surprise, the lighting ended up quite different so I reverted.

Wait -1: I thought about making the abyss train's button be pushed instead of shot, but that still might not have fixed the problem. I took the "no teleports" rule very strictly, though, so I apologize if the abyss elevator leaves you behind. I thought it was a risk I could take in this kind of map, but I don't expect to chance it in the future.

inertia: It's too small of a detail, probably, but I was employing a vocabulary with my runes. There is one that is used as a light, one that is used as a directional marker, one that is used on trains/lifts, and one for the secret. The rune textures I selected as "light" and "secret" did look too similar in the end.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm happy my map could entertain you for a few minutes.
Try the map on easy with aguirRe's glquake if you want more entertainment. :) 
The light key "n" should probably be "delay" to get what you want, like in "delay" "2" (here: inverse square falloff).

Neither TyrLite nor my Light uses any "n" key. When you get wsrnings from the engine, it's usually because you're using an invalid key. 
Holy Crap 
I re-read the TyrLite readme.


I read the block about attenuation however long ago, saw that n=2 is for inverse square and forgot to re-check which key ("delay") to set. So when I was 'converting' to use your utility, I was actually finally making the inverse square attenuation apply.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :) 
It would be pretty easy to open up your .map file and replace all instances of "n" with "delay," if you want to release a fixed version :) 
but the pack is already out. I'm not sure how that would be looked upon.

( "n"-free version :
No other errors fixed because that would be cheating.) 
your map was excellent! very atmospheric & fun, with a few original twists. would be interested in checking out some fullsized maps from you :)

trinca's was probably my second favourite, looked alrightish & played alrightish

the other two i had problems with.. spirit's crashed with the error ijed mentioned, and i found rudl's ridiculously hard.. maybe i just suck alot? i beat it eventually but finished with about 5 health, no ammo & a bunch of monsters still alive.. had to take down one of the shamblers with an axe, yikes. 
cant say I like any although lurker's is easily the best. Full blown map please :)

trinca's, you have to be joking, I couldnt get past the second room.

spirit's was ok as a test map, nothing more.

rudl's was too repetitive.

Sorry for the negative comments guys but that's how I saw them. 
ok play then all

Lurker map was the best with real nice stuff! petty he didn�t share .map file i might
Learned something from it... the game play is superb and the lightning gun with super powers
owned :) love to kick those shamblers and vores real hard! the puzzle owned also.

rudl map is a little messy... i guess he got Orl stile... not a good choice on combination
of textures... and the fight was really unfair and boring... A secret that isn�t a secret
and spwan shamblers...? arrrrrghhh sorry, i now you are new in mapping so i think you are in the
right way if is one of your first maps are much much much better then mines ;) keep it up!

Spirit is a lazy bitch :p he got skills but he is to lazy :p game play was cool, with
intense combat and not unfair at all, the button was easy to find! than go buy a new

about my map, u guys decide i had fun on it... hope u guys to! than end is already seen?
what do i suppose to make as a end? spam lots of monsters and once or spam like i did what�s
the difference?

Spirit my map is poor in lights? errr finally made a proper light in a map and you say is
bland... lol lol lol lol lol


anyway, thks guys for this minutes of fun!

P.S-> thks Lurker for demos :) sorry i didn�t record first demos... but i always forget :\
P.S1-> Preach the lurker map crash in the 2 new progs.dat
P.S2-> nitin practice more please... map is so fucking easy... i beat it easily in nightmare...want a demo?
P.S3-> Orl dont get mad with me ;) but your maps are realy weard!!! ;) 
I'm Content 
Spirit - On the whole i like the map: very experimental and creative.
The arrows on the wall were somehow irritating. I thought they are hints to find the button :)

Lurker - Good map a lot of new ideas, but the outdoor area could have been a bit more detailed.

Trinca - Well it is almost impossible not to create a good map with knave-textures. -> the map is good, but nothing special.

on my map:

Sorry. Is it really that unenjoyable, ridicculusly hard? -> set skill to 0. A map with two themes is always problematic. i should have sticked to one theme. The change to base is odd, but teleporters were not allowed.
So I'm happy if someone enjoyed my map to some extent. 
Don't Worry Rudl 
Your map is not ridiculously hard. Its only hard for people who have no Quake skills. For the rest, it provides a good challenge.

I thought the change to base theme was good, because it kept the map interesting, and not repetitive.

Keep doing what your doing. You'll realize the more you map, the better your maps will become from experience. And besides this is what, your second map? For a second map its pretty damn good.

So no pressure. 
Where Is The EBay Item 21153? 
* lurker : The bridges reminded me of Duke3d. The more weird it got - the more I liked it.
* Trinca : Nice looking, and plays well.
* Spirit : That little jump puzzle at the start foxed me for ages lol. I gave up looking for the switch (sorry). Not your best, but still cool.
* rudl : I didn't find it too hard. I actually liked the change in theme. Perhaps you could have even done more with that. Like 4 levels, 4 themes or something. Kind of basic overall, but no bad.

It is the second. for quake.
Apart from that I started a HexenII map bevor quake.(last year)
But making the second map is not an excuse ;)
Well as I already said I'm content with the result. 
The Rune 
It's not been forgotten that I offered one of my Quake runes in the contest thread. metlslime did forget about it though, heh. From the comments here it seems quite obvious to me that lurker's map got the most lovers. If it is not ok to anyone if I'd declare lurker the winner please shout. :)

I recorded firstrun demos too, on rudl's and Trinca's maps only until I died (twice) though.
Also included is a humble speedrun on my map in 0:50 (0:45 should be possible).

That jump-train thing at the start was pretty neat by me (dumdidum) as there are various methods to pass it. I actually thought I had the trigger wait lower and was pleasently surprised when I saw lurker's demo. 
Its only hard for people who have no Quake skills.

i feared as much :( 
..and On That Note, 
if anyone can complete it (on skill 1 or higher) getting all kills then i wouldn't mind seeing a demo... 
ye Lurker was the best! i�m pretty sure about that 
The Definitive 15 Second Micro-review And Ordering. 
1. Lurker. Cool map novel ideas, quite Neg!ke like. First area was great style but underused.

2. Trinca. Good solid map, easy gameplay with tactics, nicely made.

3. Spirit. Quite a nice map, a bit short but some fun gameplay mechanics.

4. Rudl. Seemed quite well made and packed in two styles, but I got bored with Droles and just God-ran through.

The end. Cool pack, well done everyone. 
for noobs nightmare demo :)

was first run i made in nightmare... so i made lots of crap like fall a lot :) 
i didnt record it but i played through on hard no cheats... it was intense as hell :D 
Enjoyable Pack 
It was the first time I'd fired up Quake in a few months, and it was a lot of fun to play this pack. I played Lurker's first; it was very impressive in all respects. I wasn't expecting the void ending part, and also those statues had me on edge (worried they would burst open to become hell knights.. ;)
I didnt enjoy the others quite as much, but overall it was a refreshing experience. 
You probably died because you didn't find the granade launcher 
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