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Q1SP: Five Rivers Land
This project is a remake of Doom3 Hell level, split in 3 small/medium maps due to the amount of details of the original, using the Doom3 texture set I converted last year plus some few others.

For this project, I tried to put the emphasis on the ambiance, adding new sounds, and more details than in others of my previous maps. Like in Doom3, the gameplay is very linear, so don't hate me please... but I tried to respect the original Hell level... even if I added some personal touches (e.g: secrets)

Note: Quoth pack is needed to play the maps properly. Unzip this pack into your quoth directory.




All comments and advices are welcome: enjoy !

PS1: Special thanks to aguirRe, Trinca and JohnXmas for their contributions to this project: you rock !

PS2: Five Rivers Land title comes from the 5 crossing rivers of Hell... Read the text file for further details ;)
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Apart from that I experienced framerate drops at the start

You had framerate drops at the start: in which order ? Cause I didn't get that with my PC... or maybe the r_flatlightstyles 1 command is in my default Quake setup....

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the map ;)
Exactely here. Maybe the gfx driver is not too good 
Oh, it is indeed surprising... I didn't experienced such behaviour, except when the maps was fastvised... thought... 
Why Isnt This A News Thread 
I thought this was released yesterday or something... I lose :/ 
Took a look at it
I think the textures dont really work because they are too dark and all the light is lost on them. I had to use gamma .6 to see anything and it still looked pretty undefined cause of the very dark textures and lighting (btw are there any falling shadows at all? I havent noticed). The most common rock texture is just bad. What are the .lit files for? I havent seen any colored light (tried with DP and Fitzhack)
Nice try to remake the d3 hell maps anyway, some detailing looks good. And the sounds and skybox make a good atmosphere.
The jumping-shit before the vore was really bad idea f9... f9... oh fuck this. (and its present even on ez skill, are you a sadist?)
Final arena was fun, replayed it few times (except its rather choppy in Fitz, even DP runs faster).
Very doom3 overall - dark and you cant see much, annoying monsters(vorelings), nice detailiing, gameplay is a mixed bag. :P 
DaZ / Speeds 
DaZ: Indeed it was released by ned of July last year... I guess you were on holiday at this time :P No go play and provide feedback please ;)

Speeds: There are colored lights in the map, but I didn't forced the value in order to have something completely red or blue..; The ligth color effects are "smooth".. I tried actually to make a "downmake" of Doom3 Hell level, and I guess I captured the ambience right ? And concerning the texture: I used Doom3 only, except for the sky (Biff's sky9 tex), so well, I admit it looks odd, but it is the best rock texture in the Doom3 set...
Anyway, thanks for your feedback ;) 
i played this map a while ago but never got round to posting feedback it seems.

first off, i loved the end arena.. VERY well executed. the ammo balance was just right, the quad was appropriate (i liked how there was a choice between taking it straight away or saving it for the bigger critters) and the sniping enforcers were cool - having to focus on taking them down whilst avoiding the ground monsters added an extra dimension to the gameplay. it took me 3-4 attempts in total but was never frustrating since i could always put up a solid fight and was always fairly beaten.. plus it was a fun battle :)

the rest of the map, i'm sad to say, didn't do much for me at all :(

i haven't played doom 3 so this was a q1 map in itself for me. there were a number of things i didn't like about it though. firstly it just felt a little claustrophobic (after the first arena) without much freedom to move or explore.. gameplay felt too restricted as a result. secondly the lighting felt too dark & drab overall.. i sense you were going for a 'dark' mood but i'd have preferred a little more contrast all the same. thirdly the layout seemed a little disparate and linear.. with simply one area after another and no route choices or backtracking.. i'm surprised you couldn't fit the first two maps in one since they didn't feel particularly big or detailed.. that probably didn't help matters.

there are probably more things i could nitpick but it probably all just boils down to this not being my style of map. i can appreciate you were going for the style of another game though.. i guess the doom3 copy that's been sitting unplayed on my shelf for 3.5 years should just remain there ;) 
how i'm supposed to get the RA secret in the 2ns map ?
About the 3rd map : the last 2 rows of monsters (gugs and flying lightning beasts) were sick. I was playing on normal difficulty. I hardly finished them, helping by getting up on some rocks in a corner before finished last knight.
I had the RA armour (but a bit sacrificed by some RJ), but the quad would be really welcome. I used it before, picked it unwillingly while running around at the first stages from those fiends and knights). 
RA secret in 2nd map: There is a stone you have to push in the room with the RL (stone bridge with the cultist "song"), just on the left, when you enter... it will open some bars. in the previous room...

And concerning the end area, I really advice player to think twice before using it at the beginning... really... ;)

Thanks for the feedback 
Corpse Removal? 
i was reading how to do this in nsoe2 and putting the cvar into an autoexec file.
i tried temp1 4, but i realised it probably is a different cvar with this mod/map. 
Peter Tron 
You should check Kell's Quoth webpage: you might find what you are looking for there:
.. or directly ask necros/Kell/Preach in mapping help thread ;) 
i don't know, sorry. i didn't add a way for the player to control corpse removal, but preach might have. 
or... well, ok, if you want to edit the entities in the map .bsp... you can change/add worldspawn's 'corpse_time' key to set the number of seconds before corpses disappear. you'd have to restart the map for it to take effect though. 
i tried opening the .bsp in textedit (the mac version of notepad), and it is all unreadable text. 
You'll Need A Hex Editor 
this is what i get when i downloaded hex editor and opened up a .bsp file:

1D 00 00 00 84 40 30 00 0B 70 00 00 7C 00 00 00
F8 AA 02 00 90 B0 30 00 40 23 0F 00 2C D1 04 00
B0 E9 02 00 FC B4 26 00 85 8B 09 00 DC BA 07 00
A8 54 03 00 84 0F 0B 00 80 3E 05 00 04 4E 10 00

i'm not sure where to go with this. i assumed i should be seeing 'text', like when you open a .ent file.

is there another thread in func somewhere that talks about these things, as i'm starting to veer slightly off-topic with this hex editing query (even though it is still related to corpse removal in the 5rivers map!).

i might get a slapped wrist! 
BSPs are binary files, whereas .ent or .map files are plain text. I don't think you'll want to mess with BSP files directly if you don't know exactly what you're doing. 
is there another way i can alter the corpse_time info?
if not, it's no big deal, i just enjoy fiddling with all these cvars 'n' wotnot. good clean, honest fun! 
not sure what the best way is but you can extract all the entities from a bsp file (proper texteditor should actually work, they are at the bottom of the file; alternatively some engines have commands to dump entities, dp does). then you can save that file as maps/bspfilename.ent (and modify it) and engines with support will load that.

brb removing all tarbabies from negke's maps! 
i didn't read the previous posts, but there is a section in the bsp file which is readable text; this section contains all of the entity data. It looks like a .map file but with no brushes. You can edit it directly (as long as the number of characters doesn't change) or you can copy/paste it into a new file called .map, and then edit that, and then run qbsp -onlyents and light -onlyents to push those changes back into the bsp file. 
A better way to get a proper .ent file is using BJP's bspinfo tool with -copyents. But then, is this really worth the trouble? No need for corpse removal if playing with QS, unless for visual reasons. And isn't there a command in Quoth2 to enable it manually without hacking the map? Sucks the Quoth manual still hasn't been updated with all the additional information (features blatantly missing on the page) scattered around various threads here. 
Yeah, A Lotta Hassle For A Small Visual Thing 
i've finished the episode now. i enjoyed it, the whole hell doom 3 'mood', so to speak.
i didn't care too much for the ending confrontation. lots of spawning flying twats with instantly hitting lightning, whereby there is hardly anything you can do about it. i'm sure someone out there can obviously do better than me, but..i hate getting smashed about and not having any clear way to avoid/strafe behind cover . i t always feels a tad 'cheap' to me.. 
lots of spawning flying twats with instantly hitting lightning
if you strafe, you can avoid the lightning. 
you're right, but it's a 'distance' thing. get some distance, then strafing does work, unlike shambler lightning.. 
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