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Q1SP: Five Rivers Land
This project is a remake of Doom3 Hell level, split in 3 small/medium maps due to the amount of details of the original, using the Doom3 texture set I converted last year plus some few others.

For this project, I tried to put the emphasis on the ambiance, adding new sounds, and more details than in others of my previous maps. Like in Doom3, the gameplay is very linear, so don't hate me please... but I tried to respect the original Hell level... even if I added some personal touches (e.g: secrets)

Note: Quoth pack is needed to play the maps properly. Unzip this pack into your quoth directory.




All comments and advices are welcome: enjoy !

PS1: Special thanks to aguirRe, Trinca and JohnXmas for their contributions to this project: you rock !

PS2: Five Rivers Land title comes from the 5 crossing rivers of Hell... Read the text file for further details ;)
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you stole doom3 textures 
Nice Looking Screens 
comments later. 
I want more of that poetry...

And your secrets were pretty intuitive! 
Good Map Overall 
First off, most of these textures were ugly as hell. Which rather worked in this map's favor, since it is supposed to depict a place no one would ever want to go. So, they fit the map nicely.

The construction and indoor sections would have seemed rather plain, if not for the large amount of ruined places there were. The ruined details were quite nice.

The details were nice, like the skulls in the first and last maps, and there were a few other neat structures, like the crusher in the second map.

I do have to say i did not find the first two maps very challenging, as i only think i was below 50 health once, on a well placed drole ambush. The third map was fairly easy, until the second to last spawn, which was quite difficult, the only place i died. Gaunts really eat the player alive in open spaces. I played on hard.

While it did look like you put a lot of effort into the terrain, it looked slightly off to me, less like terrain and more like blocks. I know i'm not doing a good job at explaining it, but the terrain seemed slightly off. Maybe it was the textures.

Overall, a well done map. Thanks JPL, and i hope to see you continue to improve in your mapping. 
very nice, need spirit to add this to news!! 
(I haven't even posted at Quaddicted yet, lazy bum I am :( )

I gave a quick try this morning and I have a very diverse feelign so far.
The sounds (nice!!) and atmosphere are pretty great.
But the combat is nothing but annoying to me. Too Doom3-spawn-behind-your-back-or- right-in-your-face with very tight room to move and evade. I had the same table-smashing moments like in SRC where I felt very disabled by the map's "environment".
The maps are well built and looking (I am in the middle of map 2) but so crampy. A style I really dislike (please keep that in mind when reading this comment, it is very biased ;) (just like with base maps, heh)).

Textures and lighting = same as SRC. When picking up the quad at map2 start I couldn't see anything in the mess of darkness and no contrast... This is one thing I would really love to see changes. ;)

I don't know if you played Travail now, but neg!ke's qte2m6 is a perfect example of a quite as tight map but with good lighting and non-crampyness.

I'll play the rest tonight. :) 
The best part of Doom 3 was obviously the Hell level. It was unsettling, dark, and scary.

This map looks and feels just like the hell level, maybe better. Brushwork was great as always. Although some have said lighting was too dark, I found it to be just right.

I love all the ambient sounds you put into it, such as the evil chants, the deep groans and growls, and betruger's laugh.

I don't care what anyone says, I think the Doom 3 textures in Quake are just awesome.

I thought there was a bit too much ammo in most situations, and my health was almost always below 50. But that makes for a good challenge.

Overall, I feel this is the best Doom 3 based Quake map ever. Plenty of replayability and things to see. Great job JPL :) Keep on mapping. 
I played on hard and I thought it was easier than SRC and most "modern" q1sp maps. The thing about the type of combat in these maps is that you can't rush ahead, you must play like you're scared. Which is fun, especially since otherwise

you will die. 
I did manage to find almost all secrets (before I killed all the enemies mind you) so those armors and such probably helped a lot. 
Time To Get In Gear I Guess... 
two maps by JPL in such a short time? Awesome! 
Very Nice Levels... 
..but buttugly textures. And it has in some places the same problem as doom3: it's too dark.
I wondered where that plasma gun came from and where my rl went to in the 3rd level.
But overall i enjoyed it. 
... for the feedback.

As I explain in the thread header, this map is supposed to be a remake (down-make ?) of the Doom3 Hell level. I knew the gameplay will be ruined due to the Doom3-linearish gameplay, so, I decided to add some secrets to make the map more Quakish... and also to add a cherry on the cake with the last arena: the biggest deviation from the Doom3 Hell guardian part...

In anyway, I'm sorry for the crampiness, but it is exactely the same in the Doom3 original level, so as a remake must not deviate too much from the original IMHO... I has to preserve this "convenience" in the map... and it also add to the global unsecurity feeling

All in all, the major diffculty thing was to obtain the same ambience feeling as in Doom3... That's why I heavily concentrated and put the emphasis on the ambience, particularly using the rumbbling background sounds, and adding others (thanks to the freesound project wesite), and also to SoundForge I used a lot to add cavernous reverberation and bass-boost effects, etc.. Also, the overuse of crucified/hanging bodies was the key.. like the blood fountain...

Well, I knew some purists will complain about the textures and the crampiness, but the idea was to make something different from what you ever experimented, and I guess the result was not so far from my expectations, regarding some comments above...

So, I would like to thank the people who took time to play the map, even if they didn't give feedback... 
thanks for the pointer to freesound... that could be a useful website. 
Played Through 
I haven't played DooM 3 yet so perhaps I spoiled the surprise awaiting for the Hell maps but I liked this dark romp through a hellish landscape that reminded me very much of some levels in Undying (Osiris levels?). Even the sounds seemed familiar from Undying or perhaps Diablo 2.

I found all 6 secrets and they seemed fair and usefull. Ammo was a bit more scarce in the first map but plentiful later on. Gameplay was decent (I played on Hard). Those vorelings really gnaw me down though. The final map was also fun and I did use some strategy to beat it.

Like my Travail maps, it was crampy but that encourages a slower more cautious play style - more of a snipe from cover then a barge in and mow down style. But cramped maps do frustrate too when you can't dodge the Guant's lightning in time.

Good moody map set. Thanks JPL. I hope to play more of your maps in the future. 
Nice D3 hell feeling. Not too hard for me on skill 2, the end battle was very tough though. I never ran out of ammo, but my health was constantly below 50. Found only one secret in each map. Nice ambient sounds, too bad there weren't more.

Brushwork could have been better in places, especially the indoor rocks. Lighting was often very flat, high minlight doesn't go well with those textures. Use trigger_void instead of _hurt. 
Nice Pack JPHell 

atmospheric sounds
dark mood
I liked the textures
good tough gameplay


map3 is impossible from scratch, no weapons /not enough shells

the start is very laggy for me, some spots later on are quite slow too

no Cyberdemon (expected it after your Event map)

made some demos: 
Nice Indeed... 
...the big positive with this pack is atmosfear. It's loaded! I think the things that did it for me were the skybox, the soundscape (brilliant), the inclusion of Quoth map objects, some (but only some) of the lighting, and the not too overdone Doom3 spawning. Once I realised that, like D3, picking up something useful was also going to be dangerous it kept me on my toes.

On the downside, most of the brush work was boring or simplistic. One of few exceptions was the little alcove area that contained a broken blood well, some supplies and a shambler (on skill 1). There was just enough light to make out what was going on structurally and the feature that capped the experience was the broken barred window that looked out into the "void". Yum! Another big downside was texturing, seeing wall blocks used as ceiling, supported by "beams" that are just more wall blocks is most disappointing. Also, misalignments like the one above the Vore over the "void", where the sloped ceiling joins the horizontal can be OK, but not if you put two wall torches just underneath them :)

Downsides aside, I've replayed it three times just for the atmosphere. Thanks JPL! 
Holy Shit JPL 
faithful to the original but much more fun inside the Quake universe. Love the
ambient sounds, and I'm not sure if FitzQuake has true stereo but it was quite convincing to my ears.

I'm going to play it again, even though I have a lot of driving to do tomorrow; screw it, I'm playing again. That's a problem for future Thumper to worry about.

JPL. masta of da atmosphere. 
Thanks a lot for all the good comments above, I was not expecting so much good things after post #12.

Well, I'm about to go on holiday now (3 weeks), and maybe I will find time to start something new... This time I'll try to put all the best I did in a single map (CDA architecture design, CMC curviness, SRC interconnect and 5 Rivers ambience)... Maybe something top will result in...

Again, thanks a lot for all the feedback guys ;) 
I Think 
that cyberdemon map was very good, except the part with the cyberdemons! 
played again after beta testing :)

the end is perfect on hard :) lots of action :=)

thks JPL you are a great mapper! hope to see more maps from you

the skulls gave problems i now but they look real great, good job my friend! 
Perfectly Doom-y 
Great job, JPL, of re-creating the Doom 3 Hell experience in Quake! The ambiance and architecture were spot on -- Doom 3 Hell levels weren't that spectacular architecturally, save maybe for the intricate rock formations here and there. The textures did the trick, overall, but I still don't like the lava ;)

I only wish the experience lasted a little longer...

Cheers and Happy Holiday to you!!! 
I havent played the original so I have no idea what its meant to be like. So the comments are just in relation to this map.

I found the ambience well done for sure, someone else mentioned the oneiros levels from undying and this did remind me of those. Only this was menacing rather than mysterious (which is the vibe the undying oneiros levels gave me).

There is a general simplicty to everything visually though, from brushwork to detailing to texturing to lighting. I think more work could have been done visually. The caves were especially unconvincing in their rockwork and the lighting needed further work too as its too flat.

But there's a few very nice looking areas like the one distrans mentions. Dont know if this is how the original was, but if that area was a deviation, there should have been more of those.

Gameplay wise, I didnt find it too bad. Its not as cramped as your last map, or maybe the enemies here just dont require as much movement. the teleporting monsters behind was annoying, although from what I have read that's a doom 3 thing so I wont blame you for that :)

Overall, nice work and keep it up. 
JPL, this is just a f****** good map. The looks and atmosphere are TOP. (You might want to replace the lava with standard Quake lava.)

Lighting was very nicely gloomy. Played in software and it looked just right.

Now for the criticism. Gameplay. Map 1 was all right difficulty-wise. Map2 was OK, but in some places I thought "uh-oh, three droles?!" I was _very_ thankful when I grabbed the Quad ("just what I need now!")

I must have missed the RL, where is it?

Map 3: This is where I just lost patience and hit "god" and "impulse 9." It feels like 100 times a Trinca map. A Trinca map with only boss monsters.

WTF? There are how many Death Lords in here? Plus multiple droles, and night gaunts, and finally four gugs?!

JPL, this is the best work I've seen from you yet. The atmosphere is great. The hardship is great. This is a super-hard map. But please could you make it so wimpy players with no skills and no attention span like myself can actually finish your maps in the future?

I played on Hard, though.


good map(s), but overuse of those semi-boss monsters like Droles and Death Lords. Please **** us slightly not so hard in your next maps.

(still hurting.)

Never played Doom3 so can't comment on that. 
I'm Probably Not 
the right person to comment on this, but I think you can make it easier for yourself in the arena by killing stuff in another order, see Sielwolf's demo. 
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