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List Of Maps With GPL Sources Available
So, just for general reference, it would be good to collect a list of all the GPL maps available, with links. I know vondur and RPG have released some, for example, and maybe others too, but there's no easy way to see what's available without browsing every mapper's files page and func archives.
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About Learning 
Best thing would be to have demo recording in the editor.

I guess if you're just starting out or looking for some complex entity magic looking at map sources might give you some answers but in general it doesn't seem very rewarding to me. 
GPL Remixes, Learning From The Masters, Other Licenses... 
Another good example was speedy's remix of e1m1rmx where he redid the monster placement, but left everything else the same.

Also, I think being able to learn from maps is important -- both for new mappers seeing how to set up standard entities (wind tunnel placement, triggered spawns, etc.) but also for experienced mappers to learn from each other's advanced tricks and hacks.

Plus you can learn some good build habits like how thick the walls are, how many brushes some objects are made out of, etc. I'd be curious to see how messy or clean other people's brushwork is, for example :)

And no, it doesn't have to be GPL to function as a learning aid, and it can use other licenses (like zlib) and still be legal to remix or sample. 
bear, maybe in the least some guru mappers could do animated gifs of some sweet brush laying... :)
There must be some screen capture program that takes shots to files via some shortcut.

Czg's arch tutorial has been one damn helpful thing for my mappistry, reducing workloads and improving quality hugely with the whole clip/stretch/shear/shear approach of complex groups. (I don't think it's even possible in radiant.)

I have a little test project about 24 sided cylinders that I should submit some day... Too bad it gives some qbsp warnings, I wonder if there are some rounding errors when I stretch stuff in WC... (Still seals fine.) 
improving quality hugely with the whole clip/stretch/shear/shear approach of complex groups. (I don't think it's even possible in radiant.)

Hello? Is there anyone in there? Are you an arch back there, and is that a barrel vault arch behind you? What!?! You were made with Radiant? No shit, really? 
A Little Voice Answers... 
... nothing in here but a rather large ego!

Sorry Headthump, I know that's not how you meant it. :D

In all seriousness, if anybody doesn't know, you can skew brushes in Radiant by holding down CTRL and then holding left click + drag outside the edges of the brush. Rather uselessly it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the documentation anywhere (not in recent versions anyway), but it still works. 
>#21 posted by czg [] on 2007/08/02 >13:10:48
>GPL = Gay Pile of Love

You use the original quake.exe?

I used to admire you. And this as end with your post. 
Mr Fribbles 
I do it out of Love,

Love of a well placed zing. 
Map Sources But No GPL 
I just said in my readmes something to the effect of "do what you like with the source, make your own maps or whatever, just give me some credit".

I've released map sources with my maps since my Wolfenstein map and also released the source to apsp1, sm28 and sm32 (the latter of which aren't wholly mine though) and do so mostly so that there is a backup of the .map and .rmf somewhere on the internet along with the bsp (containing the textures) so I can get back my maps if my pc goes up in smoke ;) 
Skew was removed in GTKR 1.5... I've brought it up with the coders but they don't seem interested in bringing it back.

But, it is true that you can't skew multiple brushes in radiant in the same way that you can in worldcraft. 
Oh Right Metl 
I wasn't aware of that. I haven't used 1.5 extensively, as I considered 1.40 to be the last known useable version of GtkRadiant.

I guess it makes sense that they removed the skew function, since they seemed intent on fucking up the base editing controls/techniques, adding extra steps and reducing workflow ease and efficiency.

Another nail in the coffin for 1.5... 
I GPL'ed my slip map today (thanks Bengt!): 
cool, but did you forget how to use winzip? 
cool, but did you forget how to use notepad? 
You Forgot The Readme.txt 
if you're only putting one file in the zip why did you use a zip at all? wtf. 
lun: all the necessary info is at the top of the .map file


neg: is the line break character in the .map not windows-compatible? 
I meant you should have included a .txt with your name and the GPL info - didn't know the info was in the .map file itself. People are too dumb to realize this. 
People are not expected to open the .map in a text editor!

You're doing good wrong! Shame on you! 
it IS the "source code" :D 
Source Code Is Displayed As Text 
map sources are not. 
.map is totally an ascii format 
The Fact Remains... 
...that no matter how many smartass comments you make, nobody could reasonably expect anyone to look inside a .map file for information that is usually provided in a seperate .txt document.

You can read the text strings in a .bsp as well, if you open it in a text editor... so you could theoretically embed your readme information in a .bsp, if you could be fucked typing it in as worldspawn keys or some shit. However, that doesn't mean you're not a tool for doing so and actually expecting people to find it. 
Center print the entire license agreement to the player when he/she starts the map or, better yet, make a giant texture out of it so that others could include it in their maps.

I am kidding, of course ;) 
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