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List Of Maps With GPL Sources Available
So, just for general reference, it would be good to collect a list of all the GPL maps available, with links. I know vondur and RPG have released some, for example, and maybe others too, but there's no easy way to see what's available without browsing every mapper's files page and func archives.
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Id Map Sources 
My Own Maps... 
My own maps are all available under GPL too. However, nobody can browse them right now because this new server doesn't allow directory listing. My attempt to enable it with .htaccess files didn't work, so I guess I'll just have to create an HTML page. 
Vondur (Q1 and Q3):

RPG (Q1):
On each map's page.

CZG (Q1):

Tyrann (Q1):

Nexuiz (Q3BSP):
Included in each release.
I forgot where their cvs/svn is, might be easier to snatch the sources from there.

OpenQuartz (Q1):
Included in the pak0.pak or

Tremulous (Q3BSP):
Probably included in the releases.

All the OpenArena map sources should be somewhere, I cannot be arsed to browse through that 4chan/gargoyle stuff though...

Oh well, I wanted to sleep now. 
Mine Aren't GPL 
my maps are so crapy that i have to pay for someone use my idears :p 
Email Me 
If you want the warp source - or else just get it straight from quaddicted / the shub hub.

I put a password on the zipfile: warpspasm is your open sesame. 
Just An FYI 
My Q3DM maps are also GPL. 
Didn't mention before but the original source link is broken - I also went to the site to try and post a corrected one but couldn't find the download in news archives or anywhere else.

The link works for me, try this otherwise:

czg & RPG: Whoops. :) 
Forgot the obvious. 
Tremulous Is Not GPL ... 
... it's Creative Commons share-alike with attribution.

Big difference!

GPL requires almost no overhead, whereas the Creative Commons licenses are a true nightmare with a trillion billion restrictions and all kinds of documentation requirements.

Don't forget Tyrann's maps are GPL ...

Great thread, by the way. 
Tremulous is based upon the GPL source release of the Quake 3 game engine. As a result the Tremulous code is also licensed under the GPL. This means that not only is Tremulous free in terms of monetary value, it is also free in the sense that you are free to use and examine it. 
That's The Engine, Not The Game Media 
As a result the Tremulous code is also licensed under the GPL

It's the Quake 3 engine so the engine has to be GPL. Just like how the Warsow engine is GPL or any standalone game that uses DarkPlaces.

But the game media is not GPL with Tremulous, nor is it with Warsow. The game content in Tremulous is Creative Commons Share-Alike With Attribution, a non-GPL compatible license. 
They are doing a great job not writing that on their site. Blergh. :( 
GPL ? 
No mine.. I never provided the .map file with the .bsp/.lit files...
And just a (stupid) question: what would be the benefits to provide .map files ? 
JPL: Other than if someone would more easily want to make a remake or remix of a map, I dunno... 
Ah Ah Ah 
Do you really think somebody would like to make a remake of any of my meany map ? No way.... 
That's Not True ... 
JPL, there are many reasons to release your map sources under the GPL.

Among them, someone could use structures in your maps in other maps and do it with a clean conscience and any decent person is going to credit the author.

Case in point, let's say someone wants to make a base map and wants to put some fighter jets in the hangar.

If Event Horizon's map sources were GPL, they might decide to copy those structures to the new map.

Someone who cares about licenses is going to be an honest and decent person. I mean, some dishonest person could decompile a map and take anything they want. 
Concerning the planes, it is a prefab I found on the internet... so it is already under a GPL licensing: I just changed the texturing.... so everybody can find it just "googling" it.... bad example ;)

BTW, if some people are interested by any of the structures of any of my map(e.g "Five Rivers Land" skulls, etc..), they can easily ask me via email to provide them a prefab (maybe I'll add a section on my website..)...
Well, I'd rather prefer to control who will use what I did, rather than offering it for free to the world, never knowing who would use it, crediting me or not...

Maybe I'm too "conservative"... :P 
Reasons To Release Map Source 
1. for easy demonstration of features/monsters/ideas

2. for others to learn from it ("that's how he did it")

3. for others to use stuff in their own map (no more need for prefabs) -> this increases productivity

4. should the map one day be abandoned or the author lose interest, open source allows others to fix bugs, make a Quoth version, any number of things

5. Inspiration for others

6. Show-off

7. Template for making contest/event maps (speedrunning etc.)

8. Anybody who has problems with the map can just fix them and not bug the author. "Too hard" for example could be fixed. If you opened the source for src.bsp, we could take out some of the bobs :) and some people would then enjoy the map more.

There could be remixes, chainmaps...

Please consider that you yourself are using GPL software; had id not GPLed Quake, there would be no Darkplaces, ezquake etc.

Id gave up Quake, so giving up a map (to the public) is really a comparatively small thing.

Imagine if the hipnotic monsters/weapons were GPL, projects like Quoth could just grab them and polish them up, completely legal... if their maps were GPL, mappers could just take prefabs from them, for example the rotating stuff...

sadly hipnotic was abandoned rather than GPLed. And so you have abandonware, i.e. zombie software. GPL would have prevented that.

Releasing a map source is no risk really; how many GPL map remakes have you seen? Not many. How many of them did not give credit? Even less.

But Why Does It Need To Be GPL 
GPL = Gay Pile of Love 
Releasing a map source is no risk really; how many GPL map remakes have you seen? Not many. How many of them did not give credit? Even less.
How many look like a Gay Pile of Love? Many.
You aren't too conservative. The GPL expands and eases the ability for other authors to leverage existing work, if necessary.

Just one example, RPG's Quake 3 map was used in OpenArena. The map had to be retextured, of course.

Tyrann's Aggressor was used in Nexuiz.

The above are poor examples because to me it seems unlikely that someone would re-release a GPL single player map. To me it would seem more likely that someone might use some of the structures as prefabs or building blocks of part of a map.

The beauty of the GPL is that it makes the overhead very light on someone wishing to use the work. They don't need to ask, it does not have any stiff restrictions/prohibitions or limitations on use and also assures that if your work is used, that their work must be open source as well.

Anyway, that's a personal decision for a map author to make if they want to do it or not.

One thing I've grown to more appreciate about the Quake community is the progressive nature of many in the community. I recall emailing Tyrann to ask permission to include one of his old maps in a project of mine where inclusion was in conflict with the supplied readme and he informed that I could use it and that he had GPL'd it a couple of years ago anyway. I personally was impressed by that was unaware at the time that any map authors except Metlslime had done that.

/End of me talking about that. Just wanted to explain my experience. 
I Think By Far 
the best things are
1) You can learn from the map source! Yay, new mappers to the scene. (It of course doesn't have to be GPL for this.)

2) You can make other versions of the map. For example DM versions of SP or DM maps, with some small but bad flaws removed, bugs that were found in playtesting. (It's often not possible to find these when mapping.) 
Best Way To Learn 
is to have the map you are studying running in Quake in one window and your editor up in another.

Another viable means is to have pics from architecture up in a browser while building a replica in editor. I did this recently with a very interesting building (in terms of design and history) and created about
18 prefab designs for the Indian Summer pack.

Also, isolating a design in an editor
and rebuilding it from scratch helps if you are a noobie learning how to use your editor of choice. This is where a GPLed map can be of the most help for a mapper.

Though I think the greatest value isn't so much in how it could help a mapper learn to map but in how it allows coders and modders access to materials that they would not have without having to beg some uppity;) mapper for help on a project. 
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