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List Of Maps With GPL Sources Available
So, just for general reference, it would be good to collect a list of all the GPL maps available, with links. I know vondur and RPG have released some, for example, and maybe others too, but there's no easy way to see what's available without browsing every mapper's files page and func archives.
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well it's a funny place we're in. I'm planning on releasing the rubicon2 source, but i can't put any real license on it (GPL or otherwise) because it comes from sources that have no real license, such as the original progs source, the hipnotic source, and the custents source. They are merely released with the informal "you can use it to make quake mods" agreement. In fact the hipnotic code says at the top: "Do not distribute." So how did I get it then?

And then in the realm of sound effects, i have a mixed bag of modified id sounds, a couple sounds from quake2, and a couple original sounds i made. Then I have considered using some legal GPL or CC sounds too, but it's funny because I will be sure to follow those licenses correctly even while having the stolen game sounds mentioned above, for which I'm obviously not using the license correctly. 
It;s Just Life So Make The Most Of It 
The few, the proud, the people that make a Quake mod.

Licenses are a fad, by 2300 they'll look back and view us as silly cavepeople in an embryonic stage of human thought. 
All My Maps Are GPL 
I updated my website and the readme files of my maps a few months ago, all my maps are released under the GPL. The map files are included in the zip archives. 
Single Zip 
I took all the Q1 GPL map sources and made a zip of the zip. List of authors: Vondur, RPG, Negke, Jago, Tyrann, Metlslime, Lunaran, "other" Spirit, id1 (plus Aquashark's "fixed" id1 map sources, the "end" map wasn't quite like the end.bsp) and the OQ maps.

License for Warpspasm .map source sounds near public domain so included that too.

Annoyingly, this took 1.5 hours to do (tracking them down, download, broken links, etc ...)

Next time:

Find Trinca's map sources and include, maybe assemble all the Q3 open source ones (Nexuiz, RPG, Lunaran, Sock, whoever else ...) and maybe even Q2 ones as well (Metlslime). 
my speedmaps also have sources released, but i guess there's no link to them on my website... i'll hae to find the url when i get home. 
aderlass zip is broken. So is neg3beta (which is a DM map anyway). Incidentally, I repackaged all my DM map scraps into a single zip just yesterday. 
My Speedmapping Source Files 
Here they are: sm37 sm49 sm55 sm60 sm74 sm80 
Is public yeah - glad someone saved that. 
Thanks Baker 
Just don't try looking at the maps. 
thanks guys 
oh, I don't think the czg terra sources are in that are they? if you want I can send them to you to add to a future version or whatever 
Re #124 
Oops, I didn't realize actually got deleted from my files directory somehow. It's fixed now. 
I think I have those already, but thanks for the notification. I'll end up making another .zip sometime in the future with general .map sources.

czg's sources are a different license than the ones in that zip and for clarity I want to keep the zip "same license", especially because subplots #2 and #3 are that I have a big reworked Nexuiz .wad that I trying to organize and break out into prefabs as hopefully more than a "thought experiment".

Random comment: Negke's brushwork is so very creative. 
Random Response 
Thank you, Sherlock :D 
But Yeah 
The amount of creativity in one of Negke's speedmaps puts most full maps to shame. 
And Some Episodes 
Valve 220 Format + WADs 
Very partial set (25 maps +/-) with a big WAD containing their textures (can't change the textures without knowing how the brush is supposed to be textured) and also Valve 220 format versions for Worldcraft 3.3.

/@ijed: Usually I don't play speedmaps and the Vertical Map I only killed about 16 monsters or so ... I'm ashamed to admit I never found the secret levels in Travail but I don't want anyone to tell me either because eventually I'll replay Travail yet again. 
So Uhhh 
Don't judge a book by its cover then!

Baker, I take it you've exhaustively played the vertical map on DM instead? What's the verdict? ;) 
Skinny Norris 
Hehe, the monster "density" was quite high and I looked up and saw how much more there was and looked at my health bar and since I am unwilling to cheat, I think I kinda gave up. ;)

Progression was very difficult and for whatever reason when playing I am usually primarily motivated by cool looking areas I can see but cannot get to and with Skinny Norris I imagined Scrag and Vore hell.

This was back at the time you released the map, way back when ...

Not a criticism of the map, everyone has different map styles they like plus I'm biased towards base/industrial themes. I'll have to try Transloquake with moon base and discover the secret entrance in Travail ;)

I'm actually kind of embarrassed about how few of your maps I've played. 
I don't know how to say this without sounding like an ass, but I tend to not play high-concept maps, which include most of negke's. I look at them, and appreciate what they're trying to do, but they're not accessible enough for me.

I'm more likely to start up PRBOOM and bash through Knee-deep in the Damned a few times, than to replay many of the top rated Q1SP maps of the last few years. Because that doesn't require me to - how should I put this - deal with the designer's artistic ambition.

Quoth maps also confront me with the artistic ambition of Quoth, not just the mapper.

Many Q1SP are like exquisite statues of twistedness, or monuments of brutality. Usually when I get the urge to play some FPS, I don't want to be dragged to an artistic exhibition and suffer through an academic speech where an artificial concept is hammered into my skull. I want to pull out the shotgun, switch off the thinker and kill some freaks. 
So in that vein ... what makes a solid, classic Quake map for you? What would you prefer that mappers concentrate on, if making a vanilla Q1SP map? 
It's Funny That You Say That As 
That pretty much sums up my dislike of RemakeQuake. 
What Is The Problem... 
.. with the artistic veins of Quake ? I don't understand why when mappers try to do something different but a brown-ish standard Quake map, there are systematically either boycotted or considered as outcasted of the community... (I am exagerating, I admit...) Nonconformism is what makes the world moving forward, else humanity still would have continued to be what it was 10000 years ago... though... 
That's fine. Some like gimmicky maps, others prefer oldschool run-and-gun gameplay (tip: coag skill 2). In this sense, Doom is indeed more suited for this, because it has better weapons and, unlike Quake, is properly balanced. This also affects one's stance towards the montercount.

statues of twistedness, or monuments of brutality - I like this one. 
i'm curious, could you list a few more examples of the "high concept" maps that you don't really like? I thought i understood what you were saying until you mentioned Quoth, and now i don't understand again. :) 
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