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Coding Help
This is a counterpart to the "Mapping Help" thread. If you need help with QuakeC coding, or questions about how to do some engine modification, this is the place for you! We've got a few coders here on the forum and hopefully someone knows the answer.
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Preach, this is related to the question that Madfox's asked on 6/22/20, in which the a flying boss in Chasm fires three projectiles. I made a mistake and told Madfox that the monster fire three straight projectiles, but his missiles actually have homing capabilities, so it is like throwing three voreballs at once. If you can give madfox a hand it would be great. 
I felt a bit bad at being flippant before, but your last post hasn't really helped your cause here. You've redirected me without a link to a post from four months ago, which I replied to at the time...

Help me to help you, OK, help me to help you! This is a free service, so you'll get the most out of it by making it as easy as possible to assist you. I'd suggest compiling all of the following into a single post:
a) What are you trying to achieve
b) What you have already tried
c) What you expected to happen
d) What actually happened 
sorry about that preach, I have attached a screenshot of the post I am referring to here:

The picture of the monster is here:

So basically, the three fireballs in the picture should be voreballs instead of straight projectiles. 
They're not going to move diagonally if they're homing. 
Please Stop Trolling Me 
Your screenshot includes madfox's post, my reply, and madfox thanking me for my answer. Until you post a new question with parts a), b), c) and d) I will consider the matter closed. 
I am not trolling with you preach. Madfox asked you the wrong question because I gave him the wrong info. The question was never "to make the Projectile move diagonally" but rather "how to make that monster throw three voreballs" 
a) What are you trying to achieve? answered
b) What have you already tried?
c) What did you expected to happen?
d) What actually happened?
Sorry for the delay, but my emails got bumped after my last experiment with the turntwig.
I could make more poses for it, but daytime life forced me into a nasty sitepath.

At this moment I'm working on the last end boss worm, and this one is more intensive, as it needs more parms as the usual monster.

What the question concerns..,

what have you already tried?
Give a monster a three lavaball attack using the scrag code.
what did you expected to happen?
Three lava balls launched at the same time.
what actually happened?
Easy to avoid the attack.

It seems yhe1 wants to use the vomit attack, that's two times higher than my hat. :P 
By vomit attack you mean "vore attack", right, madfox? I checked in DOS Chasm, the three fireballs are similar to voreballs with homing. 
I just wondered how to repeat this vote ball attack three times to be launched simultaneously. 
Phantom Fear 
Second answer was not true.
I used a modified code to launch a single phantom_shot one frame after another.
After adding a phantom_shot void I made the attack scene:

void() fant_atk2 =[ $atk2, fant_atk3 ] {PhanMissile(1);};
void() fant_atk3 =[ $atk3, fant_atk4 ] {PhanMissile(0);};
void() fant_atk4 =[ $atk4, fant_atk5 ] {PhanMissile(-1);};

The spread shot came from the (1) (0) (-1) addon.

Now I changed the fant_shot into the one a vormit uses to launch a vore ball.
This works as intended.

pro: I have a monster launching three voreballs.
quo: they don't launch at the same time (I don't mind).
They don't spread anymore on the (1)(0)(-1) arg because the voreball code has three statements, that specify their behaviour.

So what the code misses is the statement of the ShallHome statement of the vormit to include a spread shot and (if possibel) at the same time. 
Replace PhanMissile With ShalMissile 
So I Did.., 
I renamed the ShalMissile code to PhanMissile and now there are three vorbal attacks slightly after each other.
Now idea how to launched them at once, nor how to spread them. 
To have three launch in the same frame just call run the code three times.


To have them launch in different places change

missile.origin = self.origin + '0 0 10';


missile.origin = self.origin + '0 0 30';
missile.origin = self.origin + '0 0 -10'; 
I might be a dumbass.., I tried

void() fant_atk2 =[ $atk2, fant_atk3 ] {PhanMissile(); PhanMissile(); PhanMissile();};

but only one voreball appears. 
No that makes 3 voreballs appear at the sane time and in the same place. 
Also ShalMissile. 
I see only one. And for clearance, I rewrote the shalMissile to PhantMissile. This gets a bit hazardeous.
Think I'll just stick with a launch apart way. 
I see only one.

That's because they are all in the exact same position. 
Simple Logic 
So useless as it causes only extra dmg.
Thank for explain. 
Is there a way to quit intermission without a map restart? I was reading engine code and it looks like it's not possible. Once you enter intermission state, you have to restart or load a new map.
...but maybe I'm missing something and there is a way?

ps. through custom progs of course. I know FTE can do this... but I want some general solution 
Alright... so as I though, there is no way. 
Not Really 
One of the problems is that you probably can't send standard clients an "undo intermission" message even if you can get the server on board.

I mean, if all you want to do is put some centerprint text on the screen while the player can't move, you could maybe use cutscene code to "simulate" being in an intermission. But if you want all the scoreboard stuff then I think you're right that there's no way to achieve that in standard quake. 
What are the recommended non-commercial ("free" as in beer) tools for compiling vanilla WinQuake nowadays, without the x86 ASM code?

Is there an updated tutorial anywhere?

While I'd like to take advantage of new features such as multicore support, I also wish to retain as much backwards compatibility as possible (Windows XP support, etc). 
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