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Q1DM: 'The Holiday Frags'
I'm just back from 3 weeks of holiday, and I spent some time on a DM map.

It used desolation wad textures + star-sky4 (for sky :P ).

It should be avalaible tonight on a european QWer server (still don't know which server BTW).

Please note that fog rendering is different between engines (e.g Fitz, aguirRe's engine, eZQuake, etc..).. Anyway, to avoid a headhache to find back the correct settings, just type fog 0 in the console to remove it...




Enjoy !
The map looks nice, good work with the texture set.

Guessing it's meant for 1on1:
From a quick glance it seems quick unbalanced. All weapons are inside a very small reach which could lead to the upper player controlling the map with no problem. Putting lots of the appropiate ammo right next to a weapon is something not too nice. :>

Maybe put the gl up where the rl is, the lg to where the quad is and the rl down to the ya.

Ask Molgrum (#tf) for adding it to his server and for playtesting grab some openminded people in #qwrookies :)

I got blocked when wallhugging the left wall in the left small corridor that leads away from the Quad. 
hhhmmmm... well, I guess you can live without having hugs with this particular wall :P ... In anayway, you are the first to mentionned it.. Thanks for the info, I'll check what happens there...
And I will ask for more QWers to test it for sure ;) 
You're making the rest of us look lazy . . . ;)

Had a quick look and it reminded me of vertical Doom - the grey texture set. I can imagine this theme being expanded into a SP.

The upper levels did seem overpowered, Id've preferred the lower levels to have open lava pits and the quad, forcing all the action onto the upper - but I didn't play it in DM, so what do I know.

Anyhow, nice work. 
I did yesterday some modification:
1/ all armors (one per level)
2/ SNG / RL swapping
3/ GL moved up to level 3
4/ clipping error found by Spirit corrected

I wasn't able to upload the stuff yesterday evening due to FTP access issues, and I hope to be able to upload it today ;)

Thanks to the people who took time to load the map and gave feedback ;) 
Latest Version Uploaded 
Feel free to use..; or not :P 
You should have done some field testing before the actual release.. Looks good (the fog is nice too, but it'd prefer playing the map without because of the sky).
Hopefully going to have a proper DM in it sooner or later. 
I Have 
FPS 44 at places since it's so open. (athlon xp 1800, GF4MX) DM maps have different stricter requirements anyway, but it looks like it was fun to make, don't know how it would play. Could be fun for a while in the ultrav style, or something.

If one wants to construct a more serious dm map (like voodoochopstiks is doing), there needs to be some beta testing, then tweaking and then some more testing. Or then you have to be an experienced oldskool mapper, and still accept that a lot of your work will be left at the wayside. :)

This all is meant in good spirit and not in a sarcastic or mocking tone. 
It's understood, don't worry ;) 
Latest Modifications Ongoing 
I played the map yesterday night with Primevil and deurk (fFrench QWers at ), and it was really interesting. We found some minor clipping issues to solve ( some corners like Spirit found blocked the player in 2 places...not a big deal to solve), and also I got the advice to swap MH and GA on top level...

I guess it will be the latest changes before a real final release....

Also, I can understand it was a really earlier to deliver the map last week (it could have been beta tested a little bit more before delivery... sorry for that), and really boring for some peole here to see the "life of an un-achived" project...

I'm really sorry and I apologize a lot for that, but my enthusiasm was too strong :P 
The map lacks proper lighting. I suggest you look at Tyrann's more recent maps for examples of (imo) perfect lighting. Definitely ditch the minlight. Point lights can create much nicer ambient lighting (play with delay/wait). Also, I think the map needs more trimmage. Hope you can spice it up a bit before final release! :) 
Played It With Bambuz And Jago Yesterday 
The Quad should be removed, less rockets next to the RL, maybe make the "level #" signs func_illusionaries (to avoid clipping), and tweak the trigger_push entities - don't let them fill the entire space, just a low trigger on the floor (so a player can use the shafts to drop down, or at least won't be pushed back violently when approaching their exit). Item placement could use some tweaking as well, but I forgot what I wanted to suggest about it... :P 
I Think 
the fundamental problem of the map is that it is far too open. You can shoot from everywhere to everywhere meaning you often get hit from rockets from the other side of the map. 
Latest Update... 
... and last as well...

I tested alot the map with some french QWers... and I modified a lot of things

- lights (decreased minlight)
- item placement...

I hope it will be avalaible on servers soon ...

Shots has been updated as well ;) 
Updated + Added Way Points 
I updated THF for the last time: I corrected the latest clip error, modified item placement, and added way points for FrogBot...

Feel free to upload on any server.
Feel free to comment
Feel free to enjoy or not ! 
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