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D2SP: The Ultimate Torment & Torture
A new uber-DOOM release by Tormentor667:

This is a complete compilation of all the Torment & Torture maps ever made including the all new Episode 4 "Havoc". But don't worry, it's not just a merged wad, it's by far more like that...


* All 4 classic episodes revamped
* All new episode 4 "Havoc" feat. 3 totally new maps
* 3 new weapons feat. flame weapons & the minigun
* 3 unique classes (scout, marine, commando)
* 8 player coop compatibility (incl. checkpoint system)
* Voice acting for ingame messages and intermission texts
* Intermap sequences for every map
* Weapons special effects (sparks, casings)
* New monsters (from the beastiary as well as totally new ones)
* Powered by GZDoom (24bit graphics, 3d floors)
* Realistic gore (blood squirts & exploding bodies)
* Mission objectives & unique goals for each map
* Dynamic lights
* Environment special effects (e.g. sparks, comets, steam)
* Countless new surprises, secrets and easter eggs

Note: This has to be played with GZDoom, shaders deactivated and 'standard' lighting settings.

Screenshots / Download:

I just played Fury of Fire (the epilogue) and it blew me away. Extremely large and extremely hard, with many Quake textures and the most awesome Wolfenstein secret ever (which you likely have to find, along with most of the ten others, in order to be able to finish the map - unless you're a superpro or a cheater). I expect the other maps to be equally astonishing. If you enjoyed KDiZD, you definitely have to try this as well!
the wolfenstein secret is from a wolfendoom level.

pretty cool stuff though. though too hard for me, and it got boring too quickly in some parts too. still, awesome level design :-) 
more pics anywhere? 
iddqd or god in console: is it working ? I didn't tryed it yet so... 
dark. More screenies would be nice. 
Wanna play this. Any help on how to actually get it to work? I saw no installation info in the readme, and I'm afraid I don't know how to get Doom wads to work. Thanks in advance. 
drap pk3 to gzdoom :) and it will start... just that! 
drag and drop pk3 is the noob way to do it!
commandline, gzdoom -file blargh.pk3 works just fine, and its not so nooby! 
Tormentor Has Always Made Great Looking Stuff 
but I hope he refined the gameplay for this release, i.e. no more facing stealth archviles with the single shotgun and 4 shells, or the totally random railgun zombies in TNT:LE.

Anyway, good news I guess. 
We Have A Winner For Best Wad Of '07... 
Starting off, Ultimate Torment and Torture is absolutely awesome. It was worth the wait. On to the person who asked about cheats, I have no idea. I'm not that worthless that I need to use cheats, so I don't use them. About getting .wads to work, try KDX frontend. It eliminates the need for command line or drag'n'drop, plus it allows you to use other source ports besides ZDoom(it doesn't work w/ GZDoom unless you configure it, but that is easy). Time to get back to UTNT (I'm at level 3B right now). Cheers 
Best Wad 
that was a hard one.
Great maps, impressive construction. I really liked the large amount of custom monsters - almost felt like an entirely new Doom game. The episode is VERY hard though (and I played on Normal), I had to quickload soo many times in each map... It's okay in a way, as I don't mind a challenge, but sometimes it really got annoying. A more tactical approach seems to be needed here, like making proficient use of cover (and also crouch).
The use of a whole lot of Quake textures from various sources was nice and they were used in a unique way. I don't know if I would accept such combinations in a Quake map though. Good secrets and awesome easter eggs (even found the alternate ending).

Highly enjoyable, but clearly not for everyone: Only if you don't mind large maps, high monster counts and hardcore combats. 
Looks Neat. 
any chance of playing this on a non-windows system? 
Good luck, a lot of developers here explicitly make their code only compilable on Windows machines. 
Linux GZDoom 
Looks like some people are doing some work on GZDoom:
Though haven't checked it out yet. 
It Lives ! 
I've got gzdoom running on my linux box 8> - though Tormentor seems to have issues with some rendering (skyboxes?). There's a new patch so this might be fixed already. Stability and performance seem good. 
RE: DooM On Linux 
I know Boom runs on Linux, but I'm not sure about GZDoom. Have you tried Wine yet? If that doesn't work, try a freeware virtualization program (one of the VMware things is actually free). I kept XP to dual boot when I installed Ubuntu instead of quitting micro$oft cold turkey so I'm not really a Linux expert yet. :( 
Fury of Fire is hard? Hell, I'm having no trouble on UV -fast.

This mapset is awesome. It's better (more consistent) than KDIZD, and certainly Deadalus and all that puzzle-based pap. Pure Doom goodness, updated for the 21st century. What an achievement! 
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