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New Q1SP - Wicked Base
This map intend to be for Quoth base pack but tree important reasons made me remake it and release under ID1

1 - all the delay in the Quoth2 stuff
2 - My mapping skills in august of 2006 aren't so good as they are now so map suck a bit...
3 - SDA team might want to run it :p

So i think is better release this one now and my fbase (my second base map) might be on the Quoth2 base pack because i still have many work to make on it, and Quoth2 is real real real good and Preach and Kell are making a real good work on it.

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Retro Fun 
This map reminded me of hundreds of other user maps I played in the 90's. It was good fun. I played on Hard and got 7/8 secrets. Never found out how to open the Slime is Key door. The arena near the end provided plenty of RL gibbing fun. 
Watched The Demo 
And I did what was required to open the slime secret but I guess it's a bit hit and miss despite several tries by me.

Looking fwd to your next map. 
Nice Demo 
Hehe, it's pretty obvious that you've run through this map quite a few times ... But can you beat it without the secrets? Especially getting the RL so early on can make a big difference in strategy.

Please don't make another demo on that, I'm just curious. 
Fast-paced Fun 
I really enjoyed this map. I'm not normally a fan of base maps, but this one kept me entertained throughout. I would've thought mowing through 250 baddies would get boring, but I was surprised to already be at 180 the first time I died.

I got the RL secret at the beginning, but really didn't use it until the final battle; by the end I'd found 5/8 secrets. Ammo was plentiful (way too many shells & nails).

I was impressed with the originality of the architecture in places, although several of the rooms were very plain. I too found the glass annoying ("why can't I squeeze through here? Oh, it's supposed to be glass..."). Not a big deal though. I got stuck under the final lift and had to noclip to get out.

Overall, I thought it was very good; a bit more time spent detailing the plain areas, and it would've been great. Miles ahead of the stuff you were making a few short years ago! 
<-- This Is The Icon I Wanted 
my second base map is much much more detailed and not boxy.... that was main reason of this release.... becouse map was to big to fix, in that time my mapping skills were poor, and i think this map is not a map to sent to trash... atleast people can have a litle fun with it...

Agreed, why let a big map like this go to waste? I'm in the same situation actually, I'm finishing off a map I started years ago, because although I can map a lot prettier now, there's too much stuff built to go in the trash.

On that subject, I have to say, yeah, it is a bit boxy and linear, and some areas are a bit plain, but it's a good effort and a big map, with some nice sections, like the first big yard with all the crates. Finish the next map! 
i especially like the underwater area with the computer stuff 
More Pics 
for those of us with unplayable setups? :/ 
fun map also like the underwater part the most! keep up the good work 
Tnx for releasing the map under ID1 instead of quoth Trinca! 
I Second That 
Nice with variation. 
I don't like base maps, as a rule, but thoroughly enjoyed this.

Very long, very linear (again, things that usually annoy me) but very nice gameplay and there was always some trick jumping possible in every set-piece room that would get you somewhere cool. Sometimes it was a secret, sometimes not. But always fun. The hugely long and convoluted RL secret near the start was especially satisfying. (But I hope the message when you press the button was meant in an ironic way, otherwise get someone with English as a first language to proof read your messages). :-)

I only found 6/8 secrets, so I'm off to watch your demo now. Not sure if this is actually speedrunnable, couldn't find enough shortcuts to make it under 8 minutes (guessing) for an ER, but still a great map. Content over style but still with good style.

I haven't played Quake in a while due to life. This map has made me feel horny. Sacre bleu! 
ye you right is to long for runs ;) underwater part take to lonnnnnngg ;) but i had fun making it :) 
Quick Comment: 
Again great fun gameplay. Good amount of monsters, I like the numbers a lot. Made it feel worthwhile and intense for a base map. Design still simple in some places but good in others, outdoor bits are good. Definitely an enjoyable map. 
It is not you best map, and it doesn't reflect your exact mapping skill. nevertheless, it was quite funny. tons of monster to defeat make the map really good in term of gameplay. The architecture is good, while some area are really flat...

Well, keep it up ! 
My Thoughts... 
Good Old Skool Quake fun: sparse, ammo-wise, with lots of big empty rooms. Architecture was excellent in most areas minus the bad, bleeding glass. Gameplay could have included a few more visual clues like a message for the pressure release button, separate skins for the uber-health monsters, and placing teleport tex on the floor for those Doomy teleport-behind-the-player moments. Lots of stray teleport sounds could have been silenced, too.

Not your best map, Trinca, but it still kicks ass!!! 
Great base map 8> 
pretty nice map, Trinca you're making progress 
I liked your map a lot. It was fun to play and it looked good. There were some clever ideas and nice combats. I liked the secrets and the exploration. Sometimes the progression was unlear and I had no ammo in one place (because I have wasted it somewhere else :).
A good map from you. It would be a good part of the base pack you know ;)
Here is my demo on skill 1:

The uber-monsters were ok. I just didn't have any rockets for them at that moment. I got stuck just before the exit - under the final lift - it wouldn't be a nice place to end up your life there :) 
nice demo Ankh ;) just didn�t understand why you jumped so much in computers :) just jump from boards to crates :) why did u jump from top of computers? roulffff you put hard a easy stuff ;)

thks for demo ;) my kid said you were noob becouse you took so much time :) ehehe he is a pro on my maps ;)

in god mode of course :) 
I was jumping for fun. And I know there was an easier way. I like jumping in quake, that's all, and I wasn't in hurry :P 
Jumping Rocks 
I seemed to jump a lot on Trinca's map. 
I liked! Near the big areas I had major problems with mouse freezing (WASD was okay) and enemies disappearing. Oh and I fell into the ending elevator pit. Fail.

You're improving Trinca, and this map is huge and fun! Try to use more dramatic lights. 
Just Wanted To Say 
that this map was cool! I found it a little hard (on skill 2) but not so hard that I wouldnt have been able to finish it, I just maybe have to die about three times or something - it was fun, I like a challenge!

A really did enjoy watching the demo you shot though! Exciting map with good gameplay (the massive fight at the start, and the room with the 'chambers' and the super grunts) 
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