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Two New Quake Maps By DeadLy_sp
Hello friends. I release today two new MP maps for quake calleds dspdm2 and dspdm3. Both maps have an old school style and will have a great game with much blood i think :D

dspdm2 - Choose Your Place:

dspdm3 - a Bit of Old School:

Downloads and more info @

Regards !!!!!
what mod are you using or HUD? that looks interesting. 
what mod are you using or HUD? that looks utterly foul.

Just corrected your typo... 
Hey, the mod is quakeworld? :o and the client used is ezQuake with a customized HUD :D If like u the HUD i can sent the config. Contact with me from quakenet, i'm in #terrafusion

Regards :)

PD: Please, test the map on and say me if u see some errors.... 
Why Why Why 
would anybody do that to Quake?

I'm afraid I have no opinions on the map as I'm too disgusted by the ridiculous HUD and the baffling notion that anybody would prefer the look of Q3A's RL to Quake's.

Seriously. My brain is melting and dribbling out of my ears. I have gray matter all over my shirt. Thanks a lot. 
Maps Look Cool Btw... 
pay no attention to the gibbering about HUDs and stuff. Everyone has their own idea of what looks good (my opinion is well documented in a certain engine whose name eludes me.)

I'm actually pleased that whatever engine that is doesn't use bilinear sampling on the classic font, since the classic font looks terrible when not using nearest pixel sampling. 
i like dspdm3 more is a simple map with fast gameplay... dspdm2 is more poor :\ sorry deadly ;)

dspdm3 i might make waypoints for it :) i like it a lot :p bots just wont fire that trap :p 
Much Thnx Trinca 
Good Map Dude 
Is good the map for me. Continue with your map serie dude :) 
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