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> subject: portal
> query: are you a mouse or a rat?
> it doesn't matter
> I [item: heart] you anyway

> there's an eye in the sky
> and a girl who can fly
> when she's given instructions
> with which to comply
> there's a hole in the wall
> through which things can fall
> and a door in the floor
> you cannot ignore
> unless you're
> dead

> cake for everyone
> everyone for cake

> discuss
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Speaking Of The Flash Portal, 
why weren't there crushers in portal? :( 
Janitor's Union 
refused to deal with the extra mess crushers cause compared to other forms of mutilations. 
Everyone is so sad to lay eyes
on Companion Cube's firey demise
but I wasn't impressed
and I couldn't care less
cuz it's still just a crate in disguise 
I Haven't... 
played Portal myself yet. But the flash version was maddening enough. I gave up at task #9 
Necros, There Were Crushers 
In the area after your escape. They mushed you against the ceiling, as I recall. 
I even got crushed by that fast door in "room" 19. :D

In the commentary they mention something about the high frustration of one-touch-kill-things so probably that was the reason.

Btw is the previous game by the developers. I haven't tried it but it should be fun too (even without GLaDoS <3 ). 
<-- Cake 
I highly recommend Portal. The lead up to the end and closing credits are worth the little money it costs. The gameplay is fun, addictive, and never too overwhelming. Everyone should go out and play it -- there is cake after all ;) 
Nice Flash Game! 
wasted an hour when i should have been working though, god damn internet. 
i wont be able to play it until i get a new motherboard and then a videocard because i fucked up the pci-express slot mama on it. :(

hopefully they'll bundle it again when ep3 comes out? that be the shit, since i haven't played ep1 or ep2. even if i got orange box i cant play them really. i need it all 3!

will there be an ep4 too? or its just 3? 
pretty sure i remember reading somewhere that there's just 3 episodes.

not sure if they'll bundle it again for ep3. there'll probably be some big all encompassing package with all 3 eps and hl2 or something. i would guess tf2 and portal would be sold individually (and for less than the 50 of the orange box) by that time. 
Fantastic game! Shows there is still a lot of life left in the FPS genre. 
Still Havent Played It 
Girlfreind might get me for christmas! Already played HL2 and Ep1. Ep2 > Ep3 > HL3?

Portal looks interesting, wasnt there a quake mode with a teleporter gun once?

Seems a bit like Prey - that game had interesting portals and physics and gameplay 
I Mean A Quake 'mod', Not Mode^^^ 
The Cake Is Not A Lie 
My friend just came over and presented me with this:

She is the best friend I have ever had.

I might now very well be the first person in the world to eat their Weighted Companion Cube.

Oh Wow 
that is the greatest gift of all 
help me find my jaw... it's somewhere on the floor over there... 
Kell, Can I Have Your Friend Please? 
You can send her in the mail... I don't mind the wait.

On second thoughts, my wife might object. You better keep her. :D 
Yeah, definetely the kind of friend you want to lock up in your dark basement for eternity to make sure you never lose her. ^__~

But actually, you're not the first to devour your weighted companion cube I think, someone posted a cake like that in the steam forums a while back too, it didn't look half as good though.

(We need a cake icon!) 
Man, now THAT'S what I call a girlfriend. :) That's awesome. 
Aww, That's Sweet 
"You devoured your faithful Companion Cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations." 
This game is prime for speedmapping. Limited texture set, very straightforward game mechanics, and in general very boxy. Hope the 'offical' SDK comes soon, I don't have enough hd space to try the work around. 
i don't think a portal map needs to follow along with the original theme.

i think a map done in, say for example, q1metal could be really cool, as long as the rules are consistent from start to finish.

any news on the sdk? i haven't been able to get the haxored version of portal map editor working. :\ 
I Guess 
But who is converting q1metal textures to source engine format? I'm just saying the test chamber theme and gameplay favor speedmapping alot.

If it hasn't been linked yet -> Hammer hax to make portal levels:

I've heard that valve was aiming to have the SDK out by the end of October but seeing as its the 30th, I am not holding my breath. 
Neg!ke put up that q1 portal mod a while ago. Its kind of crappy but I guess it would work. 
dont you guys have womens???

So many wasted times in other games...

go play Quake and STFU!!! 
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