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Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo

Has anyone else tried this? At first I hated it but its very slowly growing on me.

Maps are quite nice apart from the city one, as the inclusion of a huge tripod walker in a death match just unbalances everything, the china themed one is great and I've been spending most of my time on that.

On the graphics side its so-so. In some areas it looks better than 2k3/2k4 but in other areas it lacks, general polygon count for example seems to have been reduced in favour of semen covered surfaces (I love bioshock) and other shader effects.

At 740mb its worth the download and runs well enough on my mid range pc.
For Xp64 And Windows Server 3003 Users

You need this patched game .exe file in order to run the demo. 
Mid Rannge PC 
Could you expand on this a little so some others may get an idea of the performance? 
Some Stuff

One think you must do on a PC is to move the Screen Percentage slider in the Video menu to 100, otherwise the game will look very blurry.

I haven't played it much yet because I had no idea how to get rid of the blur yesterday. The only thing I can say is that the menu is utter console-ported SHIT. 
The menu sucks, and I hope they change it before the full version ships. Another handy graphics tip is to change the post processing effects option to "vivid" it seems to enrich the colours and make the environments feel more alive.

As for mid range pc, I guess this is more mid-high end but here is my current spec:

Asus Nforce4 mobo
Athlon 64 4000+
2gb ram
Nvidia 8800 gts 320mb
Creative x-fi.

It runs the game at a very acceptable pace at 1440x900 with everything "on". 
That is a high range PC. What would you class as a high range PC, just cause youve only got one '8800 its mid range?

Mine is:

Athlon 64 1700
512mb RAM
Nvidia Geforce 2 32mb (integrated)

If yours is mid range, mine isnt even in the range!

Ooooh, I was looking at computers yesterday... 
well I just felt my cpu and mobo were kind of old these days, not even dual core etc...

The newest thing in my pc is the graphics card, which helps I guess :) 
Probably an OK mp shooter, however not my taste. The three maps look nice but they are also somewhat confusing because of its size (being that spacious) and the kind of hard to spot player models. Never been a huge fan of the UT weapons either. 
Thank You 
I have tried the demo, and it runs fine, but I must run it at 800x600,

P4 3.2GHz
2GB Ram
6800GT (256mb)


P4 3.Ghz
2GB Ram
7600GT (256mb)

(both perform very similar)

I can run higher res, but it's nice and smooth at 8x6. I really Like the game, I don't mind the menu either, shock horror, I actually think it's quite good, except maybe have to click to many times to start the game.

I wasn't going to get the game, I wasn't even going to try the demo, I have never liked Unreal, thought the original UT was utter crap, UT2004 was ok at best, but I like this.

Wasn't going to upgrade my PC until Rage was released, no need, it runs Q4 and D3 perfectly fine, no other games now or on the horizon interest me, but now I must upgrade for UT3. I will get

Intel Core 2 Duo (3.0GHz)
2 or 4 GB Ram
2 x 8800 GTX or Ultra 768MB
New Monitor (Finally get LCD I guess)

Should run UT3 ok, and hopefully be ok for Rage when it comes. 
Should be,

P4 3.2GHz
2GB Ram
6800GT (256mb)


P4 3.4Ghz
2GB Ram
7600GT (256mb) 
Do You Have Leaves? 
Maybe, I'm Not Sure 
Do You Have Leaves?

Me? I'm not sure, I don't understand the question, I have tree's, they have leaves. 
I Was Being A Snarky Cunt. 
Implying that you are a plant, since you don't have a logged in name and have almost 100% good things to say about the game.

I'm glad your trees are leafy. 
I doubt a plant would have responded.

You should get a login name. You still remain anonymous but at least people aren't going to automatically distrust what you say (when they're drunk). 
Plant? What Nefarious Organization 
would plant a plant in Quake SP ghettoland? Sure I'm off the grid after the Tessier-Ashpool incident but as long as I stay out of Marrakesh, it shouldn't be a problem. 
it's not terribly difficult to get through func_msgboard's ice. 
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Hello, Plant 
Glad to see you've got a name now . . .

Sorry for being a plank. 
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