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Question To All Quake Series Mappers.
Hello, I have been an Avid fan of quake since my young years. I was too young then to really know about custom maps, mods, and only played vanilla quake. I soon learned about these wonders with CS 1.5 and TFC. I soon became engulfed in those games and have been playing them for a long time. I am here asking you mappers a question. Do not take the following as an advertisement, but asking for permission.

I help moderate an First person shooter customization site known as The site has grown largely, and being one of the few older and retro gamers, there is no real Quake, Quake 2, or Quake 3 stuff there. This upsets me, as the main submissions on the site are for CSS, CS1.6, or other source games. It supports almost every FPS out there, and if it doesn't, the user can add a game they want supported, and add skins for that. I am here asking for peoples permissions to post their maps, or for them to post them. Quake 2 is still widely played, and Quake 1 is by 4th favorite game, behind Half Life 2, Half Life 1, and Knights of the old republic. So please, you can post your maps, or allow me too, as I really want Quake made more popular.

Here is the link if anyone wants to add them:

Again, PLEASE do not take this as advertisement, but an oppourtunity to have your maps seen by more people. If you decide not to post your map, but will allow me too, please post a link, I will fully credit you, and if you eventually join the site, I will transfer ownership of the map to your account.

I ask because at FPSB, we have an RSS feed that picks up FPS news from everywhere, and your site is constantly coming up.
Quake 1 is by 4th favorite game
You mean Quake 1 is my 4th favorite game don't you? I couldn't find anything implying Quake being any popular over there.
That site looks like the Myspace of Counterstrike kids, I spent 5 minutes trying to find anything Quake related. was fetched from or maybe its official mirror at

Probably the other covers were "submitted" by some user too. Maybe add some credit the original author?

Of course it's advertisment, there is nothing wrong with that. But you could at least have tried to post it in the right place... 
adsense + fps = profit?

go away 
You Can Post My Maps... 
I might even do it myself, but I'm er, busy!

My only released maps are on the news section of this site: - Deja Vu. Go for it! 
i never had a 'partypoker' poppup from the func_msgboard. That stuff p#@*%s me off! 
If you want the stuff its mirror'ed. 
I forgot about the ads, I have a member ship due to being a mod where I don't have ads. As for the ads, the site needs to be paid for some how. The machine required to run it is a beast. 
As for the media, its a community based site. Users are allowed to add any media for any game they want, the particular member who posted that is an idiot, and has come close to being banned several times. 
This Might Helpful (or Deserve A Big DUHHH), 
when you open up the readmes of most levels, like you would find at the idgame mirror sites

You'll find a simple digital media license defining the terms of use like this on:

This level may be distubuted freely around the Internet providing this file remains attached. This level can not be included in a cd/diskette compilation or any commercial product intended for public
sale without written permission from the author.
Yeah, I know some of them do that. 
missing words and letters and site link

chopped of by the editor I'm using. 
but the license is included not only to define the rights the mapper retains, but also so the mapper can avoid being asked specificaly for the use of map in digital distribution. It can be uncomfortable dealing with requests like these because you don't know what the other person's has on his agenda.

Probably a bigger hassle in the old days for Quake mappers but a hassle nonetheless. 
I'm going back to using the little box at the bottom. 
well, I appreciate the interest in quake. Probably not many of us will go through the effort to add our own maps to your site, but you would be fine adding entries for any maps you come across. I don't think anybody would get mad if a website posts a review, link, or other blurb about their maps, which is basically all you plan to do.

I'm suprised you say that Quake2 is popular, I thought that community was basically dead. Are there Quake 2 forums around still? Anybody mapping for it? 
This level may be distubuted freely around the Internet providing this file remains attached. This level can not be included in a cd/diskette compilation or any commercial product intended for public sale without written permission from the author.

What does this imply about ad revenue on file hosting sites? Personally I abhor the idea of someone making money from "scene" maps in any way, but that's just me. 
It Means 
Metlslime should add adsense and some 'scene' map downloads to this site. 
Give Me A Break 
someone making money from "scene" maps
That's farfetched. As if you could really make money with a few ads. Besides, have you people ever heard of adblocking software, as including in almost every firewall for example?

I doubt there will be much interest in Quake stuff on a (mainly) CS/reality shooter site, but why not. Mirroring related news items can't be wrong.

metl: q2cafe is still somewhat active I think. 
Metl Should Still Do It 
even if it doesn't generate a penny 
I've got a widescreen monitor so that's alot of empty turquoise space on the left and right.

A few ad's would spice it up a bit. 
N' Try To Sell You Stuff... 
I really hate the one with the mosquito and a crosshair, where you have to shoot the misquito (which makes a horrible buzzing sound).

T'be honest I just think that different sites are there to browse. If everything was on just one website, it'd take the fun out of searching for stuff. If people hear about a map, and then go and look for it because they cant find it in the normal places they look, then they are gonna hit on different websites trying to look for it.

This is like a shop saying to a shop next-door to put their stuff on our shelves so that out customers can get it without going into your shops. An the shopkeeper doesnt even have to go and fetch the merchandise, he just gets the people from next door to deliver it to them.

Im gonna go and look at the site again to see how many mappers and creators have put a quake map onto it off of the back of this thread... 
If everything was on just one website, it'd take the fun out of searching for stuff.

Yeah, that's why everything being on is such a pain.

IMO the stuff-on-different-sites thing is better because it decentralizes repositories (just imagine if shub hub went offline!!!!) 
I Think 
Metl should have relevant ads (like "donate to quake victims") as posts. If they are just on the sides they are too easy to ignore. Well, unless they blink or animate or make sounds, which would rock too.

Either way, they have to be such that they call your attention.

The fortunes are just waiting to be made. 
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