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New Member And On A Mac To Boot
Hey guys! I'm a mapper from way back when. I became a Mac user awhile back and recently decided to start hacking on good old Quake again.

You may not think I'm insane yet, but wait! There's more...

I've jury rigged a 3D modeling program (Cheetah) through Javascript and a little brain power to work as a basically functional level editor program.

I've also been working on my own set of Quake compiler tools (based from the id source, of course). I've got a bunch of info on my blog if you're interested.

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi!" and get swimming in these here waters a little.
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Hah, and yeah, Retinal Tear. I was playing through that map again a few weeks ago and had several of those "What was I THINKING?!" moments. But you live, you learn, you know. :) 
My other Quake1 maps would be "Eye Socket" (my first and not so good) and Warehouse (or "Warehaus") which was my last but definitely the better of the 3.

Warehouse has a special place in my heart due to every single reviewer pointing out the one side of the one crate that I failed to align correctly. A scar on my brain that has never fully healed. 
Thats not such a bad thing to have comments on^^

Light tools

I like there to be clear user orientated instructions with utils. AguirRe's utils work well but you have to look through files to find the command options (when you do they are pretty much easy to use and understand though)

Coloured lights

I have tried to get coloured lights working in a quake level and it has so far seemed more trouble than its worth (or I guess everyone would be doing it)

I mean what are the best utils to use, engines to use and more importantly what Keys/Values would you use to get a decent colour??!

I guess if someone could present an easy solution for people like me it would be well recieved!

I looked at your site, and I dont use Macs but it looked cool, I like the extra light options outlined, but I think you can do most of that with other utils.

I give you my humble opinion as a user who doesnt do programmming. Hope it helps ;) 
I do most of my mapping on a mac. I'm interested in what you're working on, but I'd be wary of reinventing the wheel. pOx's tools and engines are still the gold standard for mac quake editing, as far as I'm concerned (link was pointed out a few posts back). Since I see you are exporting your brushes from a 3d modeller, you might be interested to look at pOx's eUtils release, as he made an obj2map exporter.

For me, a necessary prerequisite of any lighting tool is tyrlite compatibility, as my maps are heavily invested in its syntax of lighting key/values (i.e. "wait" for fade distance, "style" for falloff formula, and "_color R G B" for colored lights). It looks like you've created some interesting options, but I'm a little unclear how they'd work without seeing some documentation. (as I said, be wary of reinventing the wheel)

GTKRadiant 1.4 and Darkplaces works fine for me, and are probably the most "advanced" quake tools I know of on the mac, but then again, I don't have an intel mac, so your mileage may vary.

Nice to see someone giving mac quake some love. 
Thanks for the info.

I'm not really concerned about re-inventing the wheel on anything as I'm really just doing this for fun. Writing the code for this stuff is almost as fun as using it for me.

I tried to get GTKRadiant running before but I can't be bothered with X11 and whatever else needs to be installed to make it work. I just want something native and Intel, dammit. :)

I suppose it doesn't exist. Ah well. 
Oh, and back to Dark Places. Do I have to compile it for myself to make it work on Mac or is there a download somewhere on the site? I couldn't see a Mac native download anywhere. Just a Windows/Linux binary with source code included. 
DP Mac Binaries 
They are inside all the recent packages.

Be aware that Darkplaces is not a "foolproof" engine so for testing/debugging one should use a glquake derivate or use something like Wine (Parallels?) to run aguirRe's glquake or Fitzquake. 
�jXmacPC User Here... 
Mac (moreover Intel chip) + OS X Quake tools ain't soo much :S
Old tools mentionned above are OS9 (classic)'s tools :O

You need some STEAMCAKE! 
Yeah, I'm getting that impression. :P Thanks. 
Petition To AguirRe For Mac Tools! 
(...GLProQuake being the current best OS X UB client...) 
mac gtkradiant:
I found installing it to be pretty easy; it's a binary with installer. Apple's X11 should be on your OSX install cd, or on their website. You don't have to compile it yourself or use Fink like back in the old days. The hard part was convincing Radiant to work with Q1. You have to do this:
Except with extra improvised steps, because the whole radiant folder is contained inside the gtkradiant app package.

For darkplaces, look in here:
The latest beta releases have mac binaries. 
And I thought that OS/2 was the NeXT step ... 
Come On... 
it's a unix case! 
Good fun. Like the non-linearity. Well over-supplied with weapons. Couldn't find the mis-aligned crate texture, I suck :S 
Well, it's on the back of one of the crates near the start and it's pretty much bathed in blackness. That's why I missed it I guess.

Glad you liked the map! 
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