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New Member And On A Mac To Boot
Hey guys! I'm a mapper from way back when. I became a Mac user awhile back and recently decided to start hacking on good old Quake again.

You may not think I'm insane yet, but wait! There's more...

I've jury rigged a 3D modeling program (Cheetah) through Javascript and a little brain power to work as a basically functional level editor program.

I've also been working on my own set of Quake compiler tools (based from the id source, of course). I've got a bunch of info on my blog if you're interested.

Anyway, just wanted to say "Hi!" and get swimming in these here waters a little.
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Trying To Figure 
out which old school mapper you are. On the Wanton Hubris page you identify as Warren and not only do you map, but you create editors for mapping, so I'm guessing Warren Marshall which would make you one hell of a good mapper. In that case, welcome back a hundred fold, and I'm looking forward with what you can come up with in this old game now we have some outrageously good tools for it. 
Er, That Last Sentence Construction 
sucked at the end. I'm blaming it on beer and a four hour eighteen minute long world series game. 
Yeah, Warren Marshall (aka Taskmaster, in the old days).

So which tools are really the ones that people flock to these days? I've been out of the Quake scene for a long time. I'm using a Mac as my primary machine so I know that means I'll either be writing my own tools or I'll be running them in Parallels.

Anyway, still just getting my feet wet (again) and hope to have something to show eventually.

Are people mostly into single player maps these days? Those are obviously tougher to do, but I can't imagine that the multiplayer scene is much to write home about anymore ... right? 
Welcome back Taskmaster! :)

aguirRe's building tools are the defacto standard: 
Welcome Back 
Good to see an old face make a reappearance. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

First thing you should probably do is check out some of the more recent maps to see styles and trends in mapping and also what mappers and more modern compilers/engines are able to do now... well, it still looks like Quake, but some of the levels released in the last few years have been amazing in terms of design as well as pushing the engine to new limits.

As for tools, we are all pretty much using the same stuff we were way back when. Radiant, Worldcraft, BSP to map with for the most part, but the compile tools and engines have improved a lot*.

*engines not neccessarily "improved" with fancy graphical features. Limits have been raised, bugs fixed, tweaks, optimisations and useful features both for players and mappers have been added to the more popular engines in addition to the odd graphical improvement here and there. DarkPlaces is a bit different though, and does all kinds of crazy ass shit in addition to raising limits and adding useability features and commands.

And yeah, it's mostly SP/COOP these days. 
Oh, And... 
Check out this page for info about Quake on the mac: 
Wow, Great Link! 
Thanks! I wonder why that never showed up when I first started looking into Quake on the Mac.

Ahh well. 
Welcome Back 
Sorry I am having a senior moment and can't remember what you made, but I remember it being good...

Who was that other Mac mapper? Junior....from Iceland?? I really liked his space DM map, played that loads with bots. 
Not The Warren Marshall 
from epic? 
Yeah, I work at Epic Games. Level design is my job and ... well, apparently my hobby as well. 
hehe welcome back to best game ever ;) 
welcome back!

some quake maps from you would be great indeed. 
Old Skool! 
Welcome back. =)
Shambler maybe you're thinking of jvox no? I think he was a mac mapper, don't think JuniorJr was though. 
Welcome Back To Q1 
Looking forward to your maps. 
Hello Willem 
I hope you weren't trying to keep a low profile... if so, HeadThump blew your cover in his first post! :)

I daresay most of us will remember you for your Quake maps, your work with MPQ, or that new-fangled Unreal stuff (all of the above in my case). Glad to see you're getting back into Quake editing... it's hard to resist the temptation, even after 10+ years, isn't it?

I'm not a Mac man myself, I use GtkRadiant 1.40 for Quake editing these days, along with aguirRe's compile tools. FitzQuake is the engine of choice for single-player stuff (thanks metlslime... you guys certainly are overachievers!)

Oh and Bal, JuniorJr was indeed a Mac man, he used Quiver to build all his stuff. I haven't heard from him for aeons though.

Any other crusty old-timers lurking around here? If so, say hello! 
Any other crusty old-timers lurking around here? If so, say hello!

We see you lurking there, Frib....;) 
Oh Come On Now 
I post at least once every few weeks (or months, whatever)... surely that elevates me from lurker status up to almost-but-not-quite-zero contribution status! 
Frib Is Less Of A Crusty Old Lurker Than You, Shambla 
Emphasis on the crusty old 
"I hope you weren't trying to keep a low profile... if so, HeadThump blew your cover in his first post! :)"

Ha! Well, not a low profile necessarily but definitely a disconnect from work. Quake editing/hacking is one of my hobbies. :)

There really is just something about the crusty old Quake engine that appeals to me. It's grouchy and uncooperative sometimes but what it does, it does really well. It's like a comfortable old pair of jeans or something.

"FitzQuake is the engine of choice for single-player stuff (thanks metlslime... you guys certainly are overachievers!) "

Thanks, I'll take a look at that. Since I'm on a Mac I'll probably just use the base engine since, I'm assuming, that's my only real option. 
Oh, hey Mr. Fribbles! Good to see some old school names still kicking around. 
dont think aguire's engine works on mac systems, but otherwise that's excellent too. 
Retinal Tear!! 
I finally worked it out. Proper old skool business. Makes Frib look new-school.

I did one of my first and shittest speedruns on that level, entirely unsuitable for it. Good level at the time though. 
I remember retinal tear well dude, good map. Looking forward to seeing some newfangled maps from you!

Also, just read your blog... you've already got some features I've never seen before in a Quake editor, the mesh features (you stole that from Unreal didn't you ;) ) and the lighting system with the inner and outer radii look very cool.

Do you plan on releasing your modifications to your editor at some point? Enough of these features and it's going to be worth it to buy Cheetah! Um, but probably not a mac, fortunately I've already got one. 
DarkPlaces works on Mac, supposedly 
What would people require to get the best use out of a release of the LIGHT tool, for example? I'm happy to release it but I wonder what the accepted standard is.

Do I need to heavily comment my changes in the source code, or just release it and write some basic docs, or ...?

What's the expectation set?

As for Cheetah, well, hmmm. It's a great program for modeling and the fact that I've configured it to basically function as a Quake editor shouldn't be taken to mean it's nicely suited to that task. It works but it's clunky in a lot of ways. I've simply chosen to ignore the clunk and see the goodness. Heh.

I'd love a proper Quake editor on the Mac. Something like Radiant but it needs to run natively as a Universal app. 
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