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Quake Timeline
I finally found some time and ressources to take care of an idea I had a while ago, the Quake Timeline:

The Quake Timeline shows important events - and probably a lot of unimportant ones - from the history of the best game ever created: Quake.

All these events are presented in a timeline which you can scroll along all the way from the good old days up until today. If there�s an event missing - and there are lots of events missing as I only added a couple of map releases yet - you can easily add it yourself.

Feel free to add events to the timeline, the more the merrier! If you run into any problems or have ideas on how to enhance the timeline (Further categories, different style, etc.) please leave a comment or send me a mail. This is just the first version I put up real quick and there definatly is a lot of room for improvements.
of course with the low amount of items on the timeline, it's not very useful yet :)

One idea: different colors for different event categories. This could be for the icon, the text, or both.

Another idea: a vertical timeline might be better since then the text would be perpendicular to the timeline. It might pack better when you have lots of entries. 
Well done....
Ah the GOOD O'l DAYS!!!
I'm playing Q1 on my mac now... go figure! 
F'ck'n Good Game 
In my view, Quake 1 is still one of the two best game ever made, depsite the now sucky graphics. The second one is ... well, Quake3. 
From One Dune Fan To Another... 
Excellent idea Gom! I agree with both of metlslime's suggestions and mereley point out that a vetical timeline would also allow for use of both sides of the line (for those very close events).

lol...QMD retires! 
Nice idea: I already posted, as event, my modest contributions to Quake mapping ;) 
Glad you like it!

I'm currently working on a new layout for the whole timeline to make it a standalone website. metlslime's ideas are good and I will see to add them over the next days, along with a couple of other ideas I have.

I still wonder if it would be better to set the whole think up in more of a Wiki style. That would mean that the events don't need to be approved by a moderator but can be added and edited by all users all the time. I'm not sure how to ensure a good quality this way, though. Any opinions on this? 
I think maybe adding links to those 'events' which would harbour them - i.e. if theres a place worth linking to like a download or an actual homepage then that would add to the usefullness of the site. 
My 2 Cents 
Qualtiy and Wiki-style are mutually exclusive. 
If you click on any of the events a bubble appears with further information. The headline in that bubble is linked to further information about the event.

It might be interesting to add a collection of links to any given event. Will add that to my ideas list. 
Although that software is kind of cool, I find it awkward to use; a wiki sort of page would be nicer to both edit and view. (Keep in mind that the wiki doesn't have to look like wikipedia!) 
nifty. should add the commander keen ad, first released screenshots, qtest release and leak of quake pre-release! 
This Would Be Tricky But... 
...what about a timeline for the more influencial Q1 websites. While some were great and others not so, many left their mark and took a lot of traffic. For example (going on memory so some names might be off):

- Tremour or similar (a Quake pre-release site)
- The Quake Lab
- The Forge
- QMap
- Only the Best Quake Levels
- Talon's Strike
- Matt Sefton's Single Player Quake Level Heaven
- Quake Map Hotel
- TeamShambler Quake Level Reviews
- Ethereal Hell
- Daz and Dranz Level Cave or something like that
- Blue's News (was almost all Quake before Duke3D)
- Underworldfan, Func_msgboard etc.

The nostalgia is killing me - I want a time machine. 
Had This Idea Idea Floating In My Mind... 
... for quite a while, but never got to work it out.
What would you people say if every map had a complete walkthrough with a list of all secrets, (well spoiler-advised, of course)?

I've beeen wanting to do astand alone site for this for a long time, but never got it started...
What do you say? 
The Silent 
I thought about adding a custom map secrets section to Quaddicted at some point but abandoned the thought because of the huge amount of additional work. I would love a site with that.

And another brainfart/work-in-progress is what I called webarchive. I started mirroring some pages from planetquake etc some months (or is it years already) ago using wget. However, my attempts ended up with too many bad files/dead links that I gave up. I still want to restart this project sometime, just to preserve some nice old pages. If anyone knows the "magical wget settings" or a better website mirrorer I'd be delighted to hear.

For the Quake timeline one could easily integrate all the dates from Quaddicted (once we catalogised all the maps). :) 
...I don't think I'd have time to put up a whole website right now, but I'm definitely willing to contribute some graphic layout, pdfs, map replaying and screenshot optimizing.

I'll try to plan something more in detail and then drop a line to ask for someone to help (Btw, some maps' secrets are still a mistery to me, so it'll definitely take some team work). 
Some Others To Think About 
I know how haven't visited in awhile, but you might want to add QBoard. I think that was pretty much the single most important event in the history of Quake mapping. It finally gave us a real community, which would evolve many times over to what we are today. Peej 'n' Fribs for that matter, and Qmap of course which was already mentioned. Func should also be put up there. I think at this point, it's the longest running portal we've had.

Not to mention Ramshackle, opening and closing. Even Gonzo's place. Maybe Scorpio's bots site. There are a lot of Quake 2 maps that should be probably listed as well. It's launch date for instance.

MPQ's first review, it's new home. Plus, classics like Peej's strafin, Ikkea (*yes I still can't spell)s releases (IKSP5).

God there are so many things I think should be listed, but don't feel I have the authority to do so myself. Anyways, that's where I would start.

This community, that's been around for years now, really has an interesting history. It's great to see Gom recognize it and try to give us all some perspective. I owe my career to this game, and the people involved in our community. I can't help but get excited about our past thinking back on it. 
opened on December 25th, 1998. Just added that event. 
The Daz Dranz level cave, man the memories come flooding back!

I am quite ashamed of that website title now though hehe!

I think the part of the site you were referring to Scragbait was "Religion Quake", that handled all the map reviews. I really must find out what I did with all of those and see about restoring them in some form or another is there is interest in such a thing. 
As I already mentioned on my website I'm currently working on a new layout for the timeline and will add several new features over the next couple of days and weeks.

Awfully I'm rather busy right now but I hope to have something to show at the beginning of December.

ProdigyXL: God there are so many things I think should be listed, but don't feel I have the authority to do so myself.

If you don't have the authority, who does?

SleepwalkR: Just added that event.

Ahh, you do! 
New Categories: 
1. "Websites" (for openings and closings, etc.)

2. "Official" (for whatever id software does -- qtest, quake release, 1.06 patch, winquake, glquake, quakeworld, etc.) 
To Harvest 
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