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..::LvL - It Has Been A While
It has been a while, but here is an update. A number of great releases in this update including some from older timers on the Q3 scene, evillair and dONKEY.

* The Summoning by evillair (CPM/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Pillamyd by evillair (CPM/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* where fears collide by spirit (CPMA/CTF 2-4 player)
* Ripper's Play Ground by dONKEY (DM/Tourney 2-5 player)
* Iris by Rota (CTF 2-6 player, 0 d/loads)
* JUL20 by Julek (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)

In other news there has been a number of changes at ..::LvL. The Doom 3 and Quake 4 section are now closed. The reason? Very little activity. So I felt my time could be better spent on the Q3 side of things.

With that extra time, a new video section was added to ..::LvL. Currently there are 10, 30 second videos of reviewed maps, 2 of which are from this update. Over time, more will be added.

And to finish of this huge update, a complete re-design for ..::LvL is in the works, but more on this when the code is closer to a finished state.

Q3 Is So Great 
spirit's ctf map is nice (no wonder with that nick :P ).
I grabbed this map at the weekend when I looked for custom ctf maps and played it a lot with bots then. I really like the layout, especially in the respective flagrooms.

The Summoning has some nice looks indeed, someone make a Q1 map in this style! 
Rota's Map 
looks awesome! 
Judging From The Screenshots 
spirit's map doesn't look too great imho (no wonder with that nick :D).
Rota's map looks cool.
Why haven't evaillair's maps been reviewed before? 
The shots are nice ! 
negike: the reason for why the second evillair map (pillamyd) hasn't been reviewed before is that he finished it last week. Fastest review up on lvl i'v ever seen. :P 
nice maps ;) Spirit maps are like our Spirit of Quake noobish :p 
The New Design... great. Best level review site on the net. 
Thanks (re: the new design). I took some time off work to finish it off, otherwise I think it would have been in the works until Christmas :] 
I Have To Be Honest, 
I don't find the new design to be very functional. I was looking for a map from early 2005 whose author and name alluded me, and after several minutes of struggling with the new interface, I pulled up the old site on the way back machine*/
and I found the map within a minute of searching for it. Information seems to be dispersed and convoluted in the new design whereas in the older layout, it was pretty logically grouped and easy to make use. 
... I'm Guessing 
I'm always getting requests to find an old map for someone who emails me, so that has lead to part of the change. I'm guessing you did not use the keyboard shortcuts.

* Click on 2005 on the timeline
* Use left or right arrows the flip through the current 8 listing
* use CTRL+right arrow to jump to the next 8

Besides being much quicker (in my opinion) to load, I find it quicker to find and browse the archive.

If you where using your mouse only, it still should have been quicker.

I'll looking into something like a 'year overview' listing, especially if you found the current design not as functional as the old one, it is meant to be more functional and quicker! 
Finally got around to giving this a look, and it's pretty slick (and loads/responds faster than hell).

It *was* a bit confusing and felt clumsy until I took some time and poked around and read the FAQ/shortcuts, and then it got a lot easier and faster.

I managed to hit Alt-arrow once, by accident, (rather than Ctrl-arrow) and that hosed the arrow keys altogether. I had to reload the page to get things to work again. *shrug*

There's also a report of missing maps in the Q3W thread... 
Thanks Pjw... 
Thanks for that info pjw!

Pressing ALT would have enabled the Microsoft Windows menu bar keyboard shortcuts. You would have had to press ALT again (to cancel Windows taking control of the keyboard).

As to the missing maps issue, I wish people (on the Q3W forum) would publish some real info that I could use to look into. It could be a bug but without any info, its impossible to tell :[ 
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