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Mapping On OS X.
So far I've had little luck with this. I'm just trying to do this, and if I really can't get it working I'll just give it up and try it on a windows box.
That looks promising and great and all, but I see no release date.
Quiver works, kind of. It crashes classic when I hit build, and I have no idea how to get a .map file out of it to build with the tools.
This ancient relic will run and I can get a .map out of it, but it won't compile a bsp without a jqt.wad, and I can't find it/have no idea what to do for that.

So anyway, if anyone has any links or advice or anything, I'd appreciate it lots.
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Forgot to mention that it requires Leopard. 
Forgot to mention that it requires Leopard.
I think it'd be better with more Cowbell instead. 
I Tried 
but i didn't have quake installed so i couldn't launch the editor...

maybe you should let the program start even if quake isn't installed.

and on that note, how *do* you get quake running on mac? :P 
Well, here's my original post on the topic:

I know that SleepWalkR is doing a port of FitzQuake so maybe you want to wait for that instead. Dunno. :) 
And yeah, I guess I could let you start it up without Quake installed but then I have to have a bunch of extra error checking code within the editor when it goes to do various things. I'll think about it. 
Quake On The Mac 
There is a decent port called Fruitz of Dojo. It's a very faithful port that looks like the original GLQuake:

The SDL version of Fitzquake I'm working on is coming along nicely. Everything works except for TCP/IP networking, at least on the mac. I'm working on getting it to compile on Windows and Linux, and when that's done, I'll release a beta for those platforms. 
Im Sad 
I think you should make it usable on most all OS X at least to 10.4.0 You said modern apple machines and mine is modern. I didnt know modern meant the last 10 months. =\ 
Heh, sorry! I wrote this using the new features in Objective-C 2.0 and that means Leopard is a requirement. When you upgrade your operating system, come back and give it a try! 
ToeTag 0.2 Is Out 
I updated ToeTag so if you haven't downloaded it already, go for it:

The documentation has also been updated. I'm trying to write a few tutorials each week so there should be a nice amount of info on that site in a month or so.

If you've previously downloaded ToeTag, just start it up. The Sparkle updater should kick in and download the new version to you automagically! 
I loik the look of your ToeTag editor, TBH it almost makes me wish I was a Mac user! But Im not.
Honestly though, I am a very bored person @ work when I'm at my computer, hence I spend a lot of time flicking through the net, and have been curious enough to look at the development of your editor from the phase where you started posting on Func, with a re-introduction of yourself (I am unfamiliar with your early-years work as people seem to have noted)
I'll cut to the chase:
Texture alignment module - WC 3.3 has the best texture alignment module I have experienced. I suggest you incorporate some of its features in your editor, people will love it. It has the option if selecting multiple faces, then tagging a "treat as one" box (if you so wish), then you can click some of the following buttons:
Align Top
Align Bottom
Align Left
Align Right
-aswell as the arbitrary rotation, scale and alignment fields.

Also WC 3.3 features a fully functional Texture Lock feature which is a real godsend!

I dunno, its just a suggestion! :P 
I'll definitely keep working on the texture alignment stuff, no doubt!

Right now I have support for pan, rotation and scale settings which can be entered via a dialog (which I haven't documented yet) or the cursor keys for quick nudging.

I also support texture locking for dragging but not rotation yet.

It's coming along. :) 
I don't suppose the source is available for WC or Hammer or any iteration thereof is it? That would make the texture locking for rotation much easier to figure out. Heh. 
Er.. Dunno! 
Sorry, I'm no programmer!

BTW - If you are a mapper from ye olde days of Q1 mapping, where might one be able to see thy past works of Quake maps? 
I don't have direct links but I used to go under the handle "Taskmaster".

Search around for "Eye Socket", "Retinal Tear" or "Warehaus" for my older Quake levels...

I also did a bunch of Quake2 stuff including some DM maps and a single player unit called "Bad Seed" that people seemed to like. 
Found Them... 
They're all on (surprise surprise)

The Q1 stuff that is!

You should host them on Wanton Hubris dude! 
That's a good idea, actually. I'll add that to my ever growing "to do" list. 
wasn't toetag the name of an editor from back in the old days? Is this an update of that same source code, or something brand new? 
That was mine too. :P It was bad though. This is a completely new code base, written from the ground up. 
RickyT speaks the truth - WC has a few really nice features. Even in WC 1.6 you can select multiple faces and if you just want to affect say, the x alignment of all faces in the selection, but leave everything else as is, you just clear the values in the boxes that you don't want to change. It also allows you to select multiple entities, such as lights and set the value of a key on all of them at one time. I use this mainly for lights, where I create large groups of lights for selection convenience and then change the brightness/attenuation when tweaking and polishing my maps. 
Yes Than 
But sometimes it doesnt work, and you have to do them all individually anyway!!

A nasty WC1.6a bug when slicing objects as well that crashes the editor. Every time I think I've got a handle on it it changes. It's something to do with slicing and grouping, and possibly multiple selection slices.

Basically I always save before I slice anything.

I should switch over to 3.3 
Texture Alignment And Editing 
GtkRadiant is well worth a look for its texturing stuff. Notable features:

- Can texture walls and stuff with mouse/kb shortcuts in the 3D view. For example you can grab a texture from any face, and paste it onto another face (retaining or discarding the alignment information as you please).

- Keyboard shortcuts for alignment, rotation and scale of selected face(s) in the 3D view (without having to enter the texture alignment or surface properties box).

- Can select all faces that have the selected texture with a keyboard shortcut, making it easier to replace textures or whatever without having to use find/replace.

- The source is available for you to have a look at if you'd like to see how it was done in Radiant.

It also has texture lock but to be honest it's a bit shit. I assume/hope WC/Hammer is better. In Radiant, there is some bad/imprecise rounding or something... it looks ok for a while, but then you find later that the brushes you've copied around a lot have some dodgy texture alignment which eventually becomes obvious (like a face will get rotations of 179.045 instead of 180 and similar alignment issues). It just keeps getting worse as you continue to copy stuff. It's almost worse than no texture lock, since it looks OK at a glance, but then you realise later that you have to check every single face in the map for bad alignments... sigh. 
ToeTag actually does all of that stuff, Fribbles. Hooray! Well, except for the kb shortcut for scaling. It has them for pan and rotation though... 
Cool Stuff! 
Scale is something you'd need much less often anyway... I rarely used the shortcuts for it in Radiant.

This editor of yours sounds pretty nice already. For the first time in my life I actually kinda wish I had a mac handy so I could try it. :) 
That was exactly my thinking ... scale is something that you generally need to numerically tweak anyway so keyboard shortcuts are going to be of limited value.

It's actually not all that common to want to scale by 2X or by half. 
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