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Q4MP: Yan's Test By Method
This is a design test for a game studio that I did in about a week and a half. Very stressful work given the limited time.
Overall I feel like this is the best map I created from gameplay and visual point of view. I included lots of textures inside of the pak file for community use. Read the readme for more info.


Map Looks 
It's very nice !! I definitely have to buy Quake4 !! 
I hope they hired you. :) Nice work! 
Looks fantastic! Great atmosphere from what I can see in the shots. I might have to install Q4 here at the office and take a peak for myself.

Very cool atmosphere, Spirit. If only I still had Quake 4 installed. 
If only you could run custom maps on an XBox360, or if I had a better PC...
Textures are drool worthy - meticulously bump-mapped. Also very 'organic' wear and tear looks realistic as hell! 
Nice job, *Method*. Reading is hard. 
I just posted the post posted. The map is "by Method" as the title says. The grey text is a quote.

And I have terrible graphic errors running this map. Probably Linux drivers or something. The 2d planes are non-transparent. :( 
Ah yes. 
Impressive, very UT-esque. Certainly come a long way since the Kingpin years! 
thats a nice change compared to all those metallic box levels ive seen in q4 before. great map ;> 
Very cool atmosphere and graphics. Haven't played it so far, but it just looks really fking great! Nicely done!

Also reminded me a bit on IK's Quake 3 Map "Meatball Grinder" ( ) - which is good :D 
That is some kind of sharp -- rock on, Method man. 
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