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Who Are These People??!

I expect some serious sarcasm on this thread, people exaggerating about themselves/other people etc...

I'm just curious as to what sort of people frequent this site. I mean what do you all look like, are any of you actually aliens/girls/undead or whatever? Post mugshots here!
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...I just cant pretend to be something I'm not.

(ooh, god, if I post this message, I'm leaving myself wide open) 
are that people... 
skimming this thread... Nightbringer's female? I'm pretty sure his real name is masculine... and for several years I spoke with him on icq on a regular basis.

and Sidhe's map has some nice brushwork, hope theres some good flow and gameplay to match up with the construction.

I think... speeds? did a photoshop of me once, about Romero. But my pic isn't too hard to find, nor is it too desirable. 
Just Post It Man.... 
...he he he!! Go on, it'll be a snigger.... 
#28 speeds you just jelous because womens love Portuguese man!!! 
Well Then

Only photo I have available online at the moment since I still don't have the internet reconnected at home.

My hair is shorter than that now.

(Also I am the guy) 
Long Hair 
but who's the other guy, the taller one? 
tron & lover! 
Yeah - Welcome To The Club, Tron... 
...these other characters commenting on peoples mug shots are TOO SCARED to bare all to the camera/internet.

PS - Nice do... 
Also - Just Looking At Your Site; 
Did Abd3sp1 ever get finished? Its just im all over Doom3 stuff ATM, cause I got a new computer which will actually run Doom 3!!!
Also the screenies on your site look f@cking awesome!!! :D 
...I don't talk about that map anymore.

It's like 90% complete but the thought of opening up doomedit with its horrible memory leak makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. 
Band I Accidentally Joined...

Only the singer is left from their original line-up.

Its fun. Were a bit heavier in practise... 
tron and sister so sweet :) now go Quake mapping :p 
thks speed for putting me so sexy... just fix the fucking picture with my proper size of cock!!! 
Pretty Frightening Trinca!! 
you owe me a new bottle of eye rinse. 
Torres Brand 10 
i thougth me was weird...

I Just Got 
a note from my bro, 'Hey dude, I was cleaning off my hard drive and I found this picture of you from Christmas Eve 2004. You are not your usual ugly ass self in this one, and your Josh Harnett squench doesn't annoy me so much here than in person. I guess it is the angle you are turned hides those beedy eyes of yours. Thought you might want it.'

I agree, it isn't a bad pic: 
Quasi Modo 
I thought the cartoon better. 
That thing he did with his crotch... that's amazing. 
You like? 
suck my pingas 
you can even do it without spamming your crotch! 
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