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Who Are These People??!

I expect some serious sarcasm on this thread, people exaggerating about themselves/other people etc...

I'm just curious as to what sort of people frequent this site. I mean what do you all look like, are any of you actually aliens/girls/undead or whatever? Post mugshots here!
Ill Start: 
And Who Is This Guy ??? 
No Idea! 
It was Halloween. My town is very small and full of real deprivates (like me)! Hehe - for a second there I thought you had posted a picture of yourself, JPL!! 
Come on... be serious... 
I'm Actually Beyonc� 
*drools over czgs awesome booty* 
I Am Generic... 
so I guess I am generally like everyone else. 
#1 genuinely is me!
(I really am a zombie) 
Sad Face 
What Is This Thread ??! 
<insert weird picture here> 
If You Want To Know Me 
Check (CV section :P ).. You can also find a very bad photo of my face if you are looking for, but it's really deep buried in the website... :P 
I Am A Shrimp 
i am a generic looking hippie (long hair, beard, tie dye shirts...) 
omfg comic sans bbq! 
C'mon - Post Some Real Shots!!! 
(I found JPL's) :-P 
an alcodemon 
I'm Suave And Debonair. 
It Looks As 
if you missed the post of Shambler's "who'se the porkiest mapper of all"
commiting everyone to post their pict and self takes impulse kill!

I'm actually a Zomby-Art entity. 
I Came In Drunk After My Birthday Bash The Other Night. 
Trod dogshit all over my carpet. Realised and got incredibly angry. Violently emptied an entire bottle of bleach over the carpet and threw the empty bottle really hard at my lounge wall several times. Went upstairs, turned on my computer, logged into #tf and rage-posted a load of swear words in all caps whilst eating the chicken vindaloo I picked up on the way back from the pub (I asked them to make it super-hot), with peshwari naan, egg rice and a chicken shashlik starter.

Spent the next day at work drinking endless coffees in a comedically large mug, and being incapable of making any vocalisation other than chewbacca-like groans. Shat like a shire horse. Promised never to eat another curry again. The carpet isn't looking too good.

Yeah that pretty much sums me up. 
You are beyond class. A++ list celebrity.

Did anyone save the log (the #tf log I mean)?? 
[17:28] <Kinneapig> my boilers fucked so i have no heating or hot water. my car has fucking died on the same fucking day so i have no fucking transport. and to top things fucking off i've just trodden a tone of fucking dogshit into my fucking carpet because SOME DISGUSTING FUCKING CUNT IS INCAPABLE OF PICKING UP THEIR FUCKING SHIT AFTER AFTER THEIR FUCKING DOG HAS SHIT YOU FUCKING CUNT
[17:29] <@scampie> sucks 2 b u
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life... 
...dee doo, dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo

You'll keep warm scrubbing the shit out of the carpet and you wont need transport 'cause it's going to take ages to clear up so you wont be going anywhere etc.

See, every cloud has a silver lining. 
You look lovely - but whos the ugly guy on the right?

Kinn - What do you LOOK LIKE?!?!

(My mental image doesnt do you many favours - the curry looks nice though!!) 
I've Seen A Photo Of Kinn 
He was a handsome lad, not fat at all.
All that spicy food must have destroyed his guts so they can no longer take in the nutrients.

Hey, someone patent that diet. Oh well it's probably been done already. 
Post #21 
Should be inscribed on Kinn's gravestone. 
i refuse to post my pic becouse u ladies will get all wet!!!

and i prefer to see you bitches mapping!!!

now STFU and go map 
Mapper Pics 
If you find the credit hall secret in Travail, you can see how gorgeous Distrans, Preach, Asaki, neg!ke, aguirRe (weeeellll...) and me are. 
in fact Trinca is a crybaby girl
she whines on TF, gets kickbanned for that and then throws tantrum here 
Not Posting Any Pics 
kicking my ass would be well worth a five hour drive for some of you. I'm not falling for that trick again. 
If Portuguese Girls Look Like Trinca 
I'm reserving airplane tickets tomorrow. 
If Portuguese Girls Look Like Trinca
I'm reserving airplane tickets tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure that didn't come out the way you intended it. He looks decent for a guy, but you couldn't just put a dress and a little make up on and have a hot little momma on your hands.

Body wax, boob job, ass tuck and weiner inversion operation and maybe you would have something there. 
kicking my ass would be well worth a five hour drive for some of you. I'm not falling for that trick again.

we don't need pics to kick your ass 
I'm pretty sure that didn't come out the way you intended it.

I'm pretty sure you didn't "get it". 
Well, Then 
we don't need pics to kick your ass

Okay. You could slip some local money to point me out. Or, where ever your fabulous gaydar points you when you get here, take the opposite route.

I'm pretty sure you didn't "get it".

I got it. Doing a Papagano there. 
Metlslime, Close The Thread Please 
I'm not really that bothered what these fuckers look like, why spend all this wasted energy deciding whether or not they're gonna show what they looks like...

...we can just assume they're all freaks and are hiding something about their appearances...

lets face it, nobody really cares 
I Found A Baby Pic Of Ricky!

I expect some serious sarcasm on this thread, people exaggerating about themselves/other people etc... 
Actually That's Probably Quite Recent 
anyway I'm not posting any more pics of me, I learned my lesson the first time.

Thanks czg for ruining everything :( 
Well I'll Describe Me 
As in that picture czg "has", except now with Aragorn hair and stubble. 
Aragorn hair?? Mmm.

Nice one Kinn, you've pulled. 
You are taking this 'community' a little too seriously. If the exchange between Scampie and I makes you upset, we are just playing around, man.

Also, the sociology of the board is different from a typical forum. You can't expect people to follow your lead on a topic that is obviously for the fun and game of it. On other boards you would
expect to get smacked with a ruler for drifting on a subject, here we shoved the stick up the hall monitor's ass and took over the school. 
I'm Sorry Kinn I Lost Your Photo 
But Aragorn hair is a definite no-no, so... *crosses Kinn off the list* 
News Flash 
HeadThump "gets it".

You're right on all counts though, Ricky... we're all freaks hiding something (about our appearances and otherwise) and nobody really cares.

p.s. I like cheese, I've never had Pi�a Coladas and I hate long walks on the beach because it's too hard to walk in the fucking sand!

(Well, I suppose you could walk on the firmer wet parts by the ocean. That's be alright.)

ewww he said firmer wet parts 
Lol ! ! 

No getting out of it that easy mate!!

No honestly though, I was being sarcastic. It was an attempt at reverse psychology - I figured I'll bust yo chops over NOT posting your pics, and you maybe will!!! 
There's a picture of me in Nehahra. Happy? 
I'm actually a rendeer 
You Probably Mean 
reindeer renderer ... 
My Secret 
HeadThump "gets it".

I only enter the water with my Kevlar coated diving suit on.

Terra Fusion MetaGnosis Beach

Approach with caution. Extreme snark activity ahead. 
Yes I Mean Reindeer 
Me sucks 
Who Are These People!? 
And what's the deal with gornnn nuts?? 
Who are these peoples ?

Who cares ? The real question is what's the deal with corned nuts ?? .. did I understood correctly :P ?

Here's Me 
Loosen Up 
Just trying to say I'm a religeous Quaker who supports foodstuffs to make extra cash. 
I Mean That Photo Of You 
you look so tense! 
Ijed Has Had A Stressfull Life... 
...all that bunnyhopping makes you very tense... 
I thought growing long white hair would make me look more laid back as well. 
So I Take It No-one Is A Girl Then? 
In the history of Quake1 mapping, has there ever been a single female participant, or atleast a single 'addmittedly' female participant? 
Shambler's A Girl 
but not a mapper... 
drama queens don't count now do they.

Though that would discount most of the feminity.


But really, there have been women mapping for Q1. Blueprint did TF maps for example. (Blueprint's Mints was the homepage.) 
There Were A Couple Of Others Too... 
Someone did medieval style maps or something.

Someone else did something else. 
Stevie 'Killcreek' Case. 
Who used to hang in #tf and maybe posted on Qmap once or twice attempted some level design stuff.

You can find her these days nude, on BMEZine with huge chunks of flesh sliced off her body in cute shapes. :) 
Girl Mappers... 
killcreek (beat romero at quake, might have also made maps?), sonia roberts (made some q1dm maps), brenda (made some q1,q2,q3,etc. recreations of nike missle bases.) 
Nightbringer aka 'nb' did a section of one of the early collaborative speed maps and mucked around with the odd brush. 
The one I'm thinking of is none of those. Might have been called Sophie something?? 
Fairly Recently 
There was Andrea Rosa (I think) mapping in Q2. 
Loads Of Other People Have Been Girls 
But none of you guys except shambler...

Well, thats kinda cool, I'd expected there to be a couple - It would make a lot of sense. There were these girls at my high school who used to just go on about Resident Evil (1) on the PS.

Its just that the overall theme of Quake isnt really something which many girls I know would be attracted to. Also, all of you guys *seem* to be male... 
I think that's really the problem. Most girls aren't into the gothic/evil theme of Quake. There are no bright colors and it's always dark. Not a female friendly environment. 
Three Million Myspace Vampire Lesbo Goths Want A Word With You 
cr�ing the�r heartes out in thine d�rk�st chambrep�t 
But Quake Is 
brown, not blakkkk. :/

Also no vampires.

The ogre is just a dirty redneck.

The elegance? 
Yeah, but Goth chicks are too busy cutting themselves and writing shitty poetry to make levels. :P 
Well that explains it all, Willem :D 
Been Lurking Here A While... 
...But never posted before. I figured this would be as good a place as any to start.

I'm a girl.

I also map.

I'm working on this ( sorry about using photobucket ):-

I'm also a Goth chick; but I don't do poetry. 
Nice! Love the look of that. 
nice brushwork on those twisted bars. 
Yogi's wife is a pro mapper, and I've worked with her at two different companies. She also did at least one q3 map. 
Ok, Here Am I 
Hit That Up In The Screenshots And Betas Thread. 
And get it finished yo. Nice style. 
Thanks Kindly Shambler 
would you like to betatest it? 
Yea Sidhe 
betas & screenshots!

Nice stuff from what can be seen. Gothic-Arabic I guess.

But putting many detailed rooms in a row can be problematic in quake because then too much detail is visible at the same time...
Of course if the detals are func_walls then vis doesn't take that long but it's still slow in game. 
Watch your vis-blocking! :P

Sidhe - Very gothic, any more shots? Is it Q1SP, DM, will you release it on this forum when its done? Will it ever be done? Is it just a doodle, or are you a pro?


Hehe, I didnt expect there to be any girls!

Spirit - Powerfull shirt! What did czg say about it? :D 
All that spirit under one hat!
Fine the shirt is pyrotechnic. 
For the comments everyone.

Ricky: Not yet; Q1SP; probably; yes; no and no.

And really: "Are you a pro?" What kind of question is that to ask a lady?


(sigh) hmmm, the filth.... 
What kind of question is that to ask a lady?

Errrr, by Lady do you mean you are middle ages or what ? In anyway, welcome here ;) 
In Quake 
medieval ages are very appropriate ... 
Oh: good point ;) 
So Then 
this thread just turned creepy I guess. 
yes... le sigh, as mailbox might say 
*peers Through The Blinds, Rubs Genitals* 
There Are No Ladies Here. 
Unless CZG being a ladyboy counts. 
I Thought Blitz Was Perving Over Mr Fribbles 
Nothing but love on this forum! 
Man-love, mostly. 
How Old Are These People? 
I'll start
Hehe - Im 24, Just Turned... 
I'll have to change my ID title!!
But then it wont rhyme. Hmmm. Some conundrum, that!

What should I do? Remain "RickyT23" or evolve into RickyT24?

Poll is open.... 
What About 
Just Turned Too 
Btw Happy b-day 
I'm Middle Aged 
38 next month... *sights* 

Shut up! 
Richard Trafalgar 
and I wish our lady OldOne many medieval eons, as she will never answer the question
why only man are playing her.

I'm 5,73 inch tall, and a weightwatcher. 
Your Only As Old As 
the woman you feel...

Maybe I should just stick to RickyT23... ?

Although RickyT911NEVERFORGET is tempting...
Maybe I should get it tatooed... 
"Move and I'll ssstrike! Don't move and I'll ssstrike!" 
Out Of Toppic 
R_infinity wondered who'se the goose
shall I tiptoe or shall I choose
byte a kite on a coder's track
never found multithread vising back 
How Cryptik R Ewe? 
In Conclusion... 
...before this thread dies a death, I just wanted to say that I think your all great!

The enthusiasm for this MsgBoard astounds me! Quake1 forever!

This Wretched Community Needs To Die Already 
10 years overdue 
Yeah - But You Keep Reading It, And Posting... 
Mental Illness Is Not A Virtue 
I refuse to let this die until I have released at least half of the maps that I have had sitting around for the last five years.

Hopefully, that will be relatively soon.

So see you all in another five.
admits it madness... 
Czg @ 110, Wanna Hand Me The Matches Then? 
I'll help you get started... 
Oh And Czg... 
You're still a miserable turd burglar 10 years on.

/me goes back to lurking for another few years. 
I have seen Rainman. It *can be* a virtue... 
If you mistake your baby brother for a lobster and try to boil him ;) 
Are You Talking From Experience Ijed? 
I would imagine that the incident itself wouldnt be the problem, but the repercussions would! 
You'd get sent away to a nuthouse to while away your days until you younger brother, now an adult, would return and take you from the place in order to take advantage of your disability to win at blackjack.

Eventually you'd grow closer as brothers and learn the meaning of <hollywood image #26647> 

Got this linked from Penny Arcade - interesting reading.

tom cruise - triple A wanker. Mind you, he explains scientology really well; just not the way he thought - incoherant, rambling and confused theories about nothing in particular. 
Yup. In short, according to that, Scientology = Satanism. It has all of the tell-tale signs!
Also, it might shed a whole new light on "Eyes Wide Shut"... 
Re #110 
RickyT23, you must learn that this message board is not meant for discussing Quake, art, games, stories, etc, but is rather for 'cynical' one-liners.

Now go away, and come back when you come up with one. 
Listen To Tronyn 
He speaketh the truth. 
How About 
you all suck now go and get on with it. 
...I just cant pretend to be something I'm not.

(ooh, god, if I post this message, I'm leaving myself wide open) 
are that people... 
skimming this thread... Nightbringer's female? I'm pretty sure his real name is masculine... and for several years I spoke with him on icq on a regular basis.

and Sidhe's map has some nice brushwork, hope theres some good flow and gameplay to match up with the construction.

I think... speeds? did a photoshop of me once, about Romero. But my pic isn't too hard to find, nor is it too desirable. 
Just Post It Man.... 
...he he he!! Go on, it'll be a snigger.... 
#28 speeds you just jelous because womens love Portuguese man!!! 
Well Then

Only photo I have available online at the moment since I still don't have the internet reconnected at home.

My hair is shorter than that now.

(Also I am the guy) 
Long Hair 
but who's the other guy, the taller one? 
tron & lover! 
Yeah - Welcome To The Club, Tron... 
...these other characters commenting on peoples mug shots are TOO SCARED to bare all to the camera/internet.

PS - Nice do... 
Also - Just Looking At Your Site; 
Did Abd3sp1 ever get finished? Its just im all over Doom3 stuff ATM, cause I got a new computer which will actually run Doom 3!!!
Also the screenies on your site look f@cking awesome!!! :D 
...I don't talk about that map anymore.

It's like 90% complete but the thought of opening up doomedit with its horrible memory leak makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. 
Band I Accidentally Joined...

Only the singer is left from their original line-up.

Its fun. Were a bit heavier in practise... 
tron and sister so sweet :) now go Quake mapping :p 
thks speed for putting me so sexy... just fix the fucking picture with my proper size of cock!!! 
Pretty Frightening Trinca!! 
you owe me a new bottle of eye rinse. 
Torres Brand 10 
i thougth me was weird...

I Just Got 
a note from my bro, 'Hey dude, I was cleaning off my hard drive and I found this picture of you from Christmas Eve 2004. You are not your usual ugly ass self in this one, and your Josh Harnett squench doesn't annoy me so much here than in person. I guess it is the angle you are turned hides those beedy eyes of yours. Thought you might want it.'

I agree, it isn't a bad pic: 
Quasi Modo 
I thought the cartoon better. 
That thing he did with his crotch... that's amazing. 
You like? 
suck my pingas 
you can even do it without spamming your crotch! 
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