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Who Are These People??!

I expect some serious sarcasm on this thread, people exaggerating about themselves/other people etc...

I'm just curious as to what sort of people frequent this site. I mean what do you all look like, are any of you actually aliens/girls/undead or whatever? Post mugshots here!
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Ill Start: 
And Who Is This Guy ??? 
No Idea! 
It was Halloween. My town is very small and full of real deprivates (like me)! Hehe - for a second there I thought you had posted a picture of yourself, JPL!! 
Come on... be serious... 
I'm Actually Beyonc� 
*drools over czgs awesome booty* 
I Am Generic... 
so I guess I am generally like everyone else. 
#1 genuinely is me!
(I really am a zombie) 
Sad Face 
What Is This Thread ??! 
<insert weird picture here> 
If You Want To Know Me 
Check (CV section :P ).. You can also find a very bad photo of my face if you are looking for, but it's really deep buried in the website... :P 
I Am A Shrimp 
i am a generic looking hippie (long hair, beard, tie dye shirts...) 
omfg comic sans bbq! 
C'mon - Post Some Real Shots!!! 
(I found JPL's) :-P 
an alcodemon 
I'm Suave And Debonair. 
It Looks As 
if you missed the post of Shambler's "who'se the porkiest mapper of all"
commiting everyone to post their pict and self takes impulse kill!

I'm actually a Zomby-Art entity. 
I Came In Drunk After My Birthday Bash The Other Night. 
Trod dogshit all over my carpet. Realised and got incredibly angry. Violently emptied an entire bottle of bleach over the carpet and threw the empty bottle really hard at my lounge wall several times. Went upstairs, turned on my computer, logged into #tf and rage-posted a load of swear words in all caps whilst eating the chicken vindaloo I picked up on the way back from the pub (I asked them to make it super-hot), with peshwari naan, egg rice and a chicken shashlik starter.

Spent the next day at work drinking endless coffees in a comedically large mug, and being incapable of making any vocalisation other than chewbacca-like groans. Shat like a shire horse. Promised never to eat another curry again. The carpet isn't looking too good.

Yeah that pretty much sums me up. 
You are beyond class. A++ list celebrity.

Did anyone save the log (the #tf log I mean)?? 
[17:28] <Kinneapig> my boilers fucked so i have no heating or hot water. my car has fucking died on the same fucking day so i have no fucking transport. and to top things fucking off i've just trodden a tone of fucking dogshit into my fucking carpet because SOME DISGUSTING FUCKING CUNT IS INCAPABLE OF PICKING UP THEIR FUCKING SHIT AFTER AFTER THEIR FUCKING DOG HAS SHIT YOU FUCKING CUNT
[17:29] <@scampie> sucks 2 b u
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life... 
...dee doo, dee doo dee doo dee doo dee doo

You'll keep warm scrubbing the shit out of the carpet and you wont need transport 'cause it's going to take ages to clear up so you wont be going anywhere etc.

See, every cloud has a silver lining. 
You look lovely - but whos the ugly guy on the right?

Kinn - What do you LOOK LIKE?!?!

(My mental image doesnt do you many favours - the curry looks nice though!!) 
I've Seen A Photo Of Kinn 
He was a handsome lad, not fat at all.
All that spicy food must have destroyed his guts so they can no longer take in the nutrients.

Hey, someone patent that diet. Oh well it's probably been done already. 
Post #21 
Should be inscribed on Kinn's gravestone. 
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