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Who Are These People??!

I expect some serious sarcasm on this thread, people exaggerating about themselves/other people etc...

I'm just curious as to what sort of people frequent this site. I mean what do you all look like, are any of you actually aliens/girls/undead or whatever? Post mugshots here!
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Richard Trafalgar 
and I wish our lady OldOne many medieval eons, as she will never answer the question
why only man are playing her.

I'm 5,73 inch tall, and a weightwatcher. 
Your Only As Old As 
the woman you feel...

Maybe I should just stick to RickyT23... ?

Although RickyT911NEVERFORGET is tempting...
Maybe I should get it tatooed... 
"Move and I'll ssstrike! Don't move and I'll ssstrike!" 
Out Of Toppic 
R_infinity wondered who'se the goose
shall I tiptoe or shall I choose
byte a kite on a coder's track
never found multithread vising back 
How Cryptik R Ewe? 
In Conclusion... 
...before this thread dies a death, I just wanted to say that I think your all great!

The enthusiasm for this MsgBoard astounds me! Quake1 forever!

This Wretched Community Needs To Die Already 
10 years overdue 
Yeah - But You Keep Reading It, And Posting... 
Mental Illness Is Not A Virtue 
I refuse to let this die until I have released at least half of the maps that I have had sitting around for the last five years.

Hopefully, that will be relatively soon.

So see you all in another five.
admits it madness... 
Czg @ 110, Wanna Hand Me The Matches Then? 
I'll help you get started... 
Oh And Czg... 
You're still a miserable turd burglar 10 years on.

/me goes back to lurking for another few years. 
I have seen Rainman. It *can be* a virtue... 
If you mistake your baby brother for a lobster and try to boil him ;) 
Are You Talking From Experience Ijed? 
I would imagine that the incident itself wouldnt be the problem, but the repercussions would! 
You'd get sent away to a nuthouse to while away your days until you younger brother, now an adult, would return and take you from the place in order to take advantage of your disability to win at blackjack.

Eventually you'd grow closer as brothers and learn the meaning of <hollywood image #26647> 

Got this linked from Penny Arcade - interesting reading.

tom cruise - triple A wanker. Mind you, he explains scientology really well; just not the way he thought - incoherant, rambling and confused theories about nothing in particular. 
Yup. In short, according to that, Scientology = Satanism. It has all of the tell-tale signs!
Also, it might shed a whole new light on "Eyes Wide Shut"... 
Re #110 
RickyT23, you must learn that this message board is not meant for discussing Quake, art, games, stories, etc, but is rather for 'cynical' one-liners.

Now go away, and come back when you come up with one. 
Listen To Tronyn 
He speaketh the truth. 
How About 
you all suck now go and get on with it. 
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