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Dsp3dm1 - Not Yet
This is my first Quake III map. After having a good experience mapping for q1, now i decided to begin on q3 and this is my first result. The title for this creation is "NOT YET" and is so for my inexperience with q3 as mapper. Well, i continue with the qw style :)



Visit home page for more info.

See u ;)
Looks nice, more Q1-ish that Q3-ish, but nice indeed !! Keep it up ! 
Thanks u friend. Yes i need learn much but i've the more important, i want! 
Not bad but bots didn't seem to get out of the big room (the non-Quad room) easily. Not that this is something that rarely happens (i.e., bots getting stuck in one area). The weapon balance was good and architecture was nice but not jaw-dropping. 
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