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Q1SP: Forwards Compatible
Hot on the heels of LTHSP2 "Backwards Compatible" comes the sequel "Forwards Compatible", only seven years later!

Basically I made this about three years ago now, and never got around to really finishing it up in a way I was happy with. Still, it's playable from start to finish, and has a couple of moments I think are kinda neat.

It's a rubicon-themed map, like LTHSP2, with a couple of twists. There's a .lit file for those that like them, I like to consider the lighting "quite tasteful" as coloured lighting goes, though replaying it it obvious that the lighting could have been a bit more moody.

Anyway, the .map and .qc source are included, so feel free to fiddle with it.


(screens have come out quite dark)

LTHSP2 (for nostaliga value):
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Can I Be The First To Say... 
Program Error Upon Startup 
Using AguiRe's latest glquake, I successfully load up the map, but after walking maybe a few steps I get a console error saying "PR_EnterFunction: Stack overflow (256, max = 255) host error: program error" and the map closes. Not sure what to make of it. 
getting the same error as orl. 
Not Getting The Error In Fitzquake 
but the glass which works in aguire's engine is borked in fitz. 
pardon my french but HOLY FUCK man it's been a long time.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in" 
I got a stack overflow 3 out of 5 times when first starting the map, in fitzquake.

Maybe the title is meant to indicate that the map is compatible with engines that haven't been released yet? 
it seems that you always eventually get one. Last attempt it took about 2 minutes. 
also crash for me a lot! 
did you get the borked glass too? 
Okay....maybe this was hasty??

LTH, fix up yo. 
ye LTH is want to smoke that grass in the map properly :) 
Hmm, I can play/finish this mod with Darkplaces (build 20071120) without any overflow problem. It only crashed once when I try to use noclip to roam around the map. 
with qrack aswell, and i had to create a subfolder maps first in the back2forwards dir. was that a feature or did i do something wrong?

looks nice though.

Fix! ;-) 
Nice One 
Seeing people having problems getting it to run as well as the presence of a dpextensions.qc, I played it in DP right away and it worked. (I also got a crash once, when trying to noclip). Unfortunately, the performance was fairly low - this is DP's fault, possibly because of the colored lighting.

The map itself was very nice. I liked the semi-nonlinear layout, the good use of colored lighting and the glass of course. Some areas were a bit too dark though. The doors could have been marked better too.
Good to see the light saber enforcers again, nice plants and reskinned monsters. I guess the balance is OK on skill 2 (the poor performance made it harder for me), except for the SK/fiend area which I of course entered without getting the nailgun first as recommended in the text. The SNG enforcer was too tough for me, in a dark room with low fps. I didn't find the secret and (thus?) missed 8 monsters.

Definitely a cool map, despite its "not properly finished" state which wasn't really evident. It had certain DOOM-vibe to it. 
Hopeful Fix 
The problem appears to be happening when the game can't decide if you're moving or stationary, and so switches between standing and moving frames until the stack overflows. I have a tentative fix, where you replace the bit of code

if(!self.velocity_x && !self.velocity_y)



These two are logically equivalent but are not executed the same in the engine. The former code will test both conditions even if the first fails. The latter exits early if the first condition fails. Why one causes the crash and the other doesn't, I'm not sure. But you can download a progs with just that change from here:
It seemed to help me, but I can't say it works for sure, as I don't quite understand what goes wrong.

Lots of nice touches in the map, like the wall mounted weapons and the grunts with biosuits on, really gave it a sense of place. Managed to blast through it without too much trouble, just about survived the silver key area safely, and got through with most of the kills, but without finding the secret. I didn't get access to hydroponics or the crew quarters, are both of them involved in the secret? 
Yes, Shambler, hasty. I'll post the fix in 2010, okay? :)

I only use darkplaces myself, and thus experienced no crashing. And I got pretty good performance on my shitty GF6200, though unsurprisingly I think I'm still using a DP build from 2004. 
Preach, cheers for the fix, I'll compile it in myself in a minute and re-upload.

As to the secret, I always thought that it was so alarmingly obvious that most people wouldn't really count it as a secret.

The "access denied" doors are purely in the spirit of rubicon and go nowhere. Just wanted to make the place feel a little bigger than it actually is. 
(new version uploaded) 
-Create a maps folder and put the .bsp and .lit in there, heh.
-Try to run away from the spawnpoint at the beginning to avoid the crash.
-Kill every enemy you see, even if it is one you can easily avoid and could kill later on. You'll need it to proceed.
-Do not try to use the noclip function even if you don't actually noclip.

The SNG guy was evil indeed, even more because I couldn't get any "hit feedback" (playing Diablo at the moment and being stuck with some non-dying mofo there :P ).

It ran very badly in Darkplaces, a fine example that vis-blocking should not be ignored... (r_showtris 1 & r_showdisabledepthtest 1 is quite ugly.)

12:something minutes, 0/1 secrets, 87/90 monsters, skill 1. 
Oh I Am Late 
LTH: What version of Darkplaces do you use? It's written in the bottom right of the console.

I really loved the biosuit grunts! 
The new zip has the maps in the right place, don't believe I didn't do that to begin with.

Spirit, I am using 2003-06-07. My colour settings are:
Gamma - 1.25
Contrast - 1.125
Brightness - 0.05 
New Version Works Better 
The glass doesn't work in other engines (at least not out of the box) though.

Vis-blocking is ok, but the map seems to be only fastvis'd?! 
Took me nine minutes. I had no problems playing this with Fitzquake other than seeing bright blue textures instead of glass (I assume this is where I should have seen glass).
It played well but was maybe a bit too easy on medium. Maybe a few more tough combats and some more weapons would have done the trick. I didn't experience any major health losses until the SNG guy. Didn't die.

Here's a demo of my first playthrough: 
Thks ;) Hope To See More Before 2010 
LTH what can i say!!!

please more!!! enjoi it a lot!

there it goes my first run...

wasn�t a hard map but was pretty cool to explore! love the demons ambush :)

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