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Dead Quake Sites
For a lack of knowing where to put this, the page has been updated and numerous links have been updated or marked (RIP) if no equivalent resource code be found.

Lately, it seems like a like of sites have died including the old Worldcraft 1.6, TexMex and of course the Quake Wiki and QuakeSrc.Org

About 90% of the dead links have been substituted with an approximately equivalent substitute.


1. Quake Wiki link goes to the copy

2. I made a "new" Worldcraft 1.6 site with what I had on my hard drive. (No entity reference though :( )

3. QuakeSrc Tutorials goes to an copy

4. Every QuakeC source download like (CustEnts, Hipnotic, Rogue) goes a valid source.

Every link except those marked (RIP) are valid links.

I think Spirit has a mirror of idgames2 but I don't where that is since his site rebooted so ...

Anyways, all the links work on that page now.
This Thread.. 
.. should have been titled "Dead Reborn Quake Sites".... 
Don't Forget 
to add your Proquake to the navigator ;)

Does not seem to work. At least not now 
No love for ToeTag? Aww man... :) 
How Is ToeTag ATM? 
before I go and buy a new PC. Well, TBH I'm gonna buy one anyway! But honestly, ToeTag updates are slowing... ? 
Slowing? As opposed to which other editors?

The updates are getting further apart, sure, but that's because I'm not adding much to it these days. It works. 
I guess I'd be fine with it not being listed until it at least hits version 1.0 ... it's currently 0.8, so it's almost out of beta! :) 
Im Sure Mr Baker Will Be Obliged! 
Dont get me wrong man, I think your editor looks cool! I was just curious, they say no news is good news! 
I don't know if you've noticed it, but the PQ sites that I reported as missing lately on Quaddicted have suddenly "come back". I don't know what they're doing, this has happened before ...

Fattys site including custents:
and there's also this old custents site:

The WC Forge:
Must be something with the internet, those PQ sites are still 404'ing for me. 
So why are some former sites located at while others are at The endless mysteries of PQ faggotry... 
They Sure Haven't 
made it easy for people to find all those sites with all those screwed links. The now-you-see-it-now-you-don't feature isn't just a normal DNS issue, each time it happens I clear the local DNS cache and they're still lost.

The next day or later they may be back again, others stay gone, e.g. Talon's Strike. That is, if it's not hidden using some other, not yet known, URL obfuscation technique ... 
All Are 404 For Me, But ... 
aguirRe, if you have any idea how I can view the Worldcraft 1.6 page one last and save ALL the pages including the entity reference, I would love to do that.

In particular, the site that really disturbed me when it was lost was the Worldcraft 1.6 one. didn't cache it because the site used frames and things like the entity reference are gone for good. 
I will dedicate this evening into creating a "layout" for an archive. Not like but one version per site (most are discontinued, so "last version available").

HTTrack is a great website mirror tool and I think I can create a standard configuration to use for this so anyone can send me zipped sites to add.

BTW: You can tell PappyR about malfunctioning sites at PlanetQuake and he will look into it. 
Of course, now the site works after about 2 weeks of it not working.

Consequentially, I've saved the whole damn thing to my hard drive now ;) 
Add ... 
BTW: You can tell PappyR about malfunctioning sites at PlanetQuake and he will look into it.

I did that a couple of years ago, if you recall. None of the sites I listed in my email became functional.

I don't fault anyone at PlanetQuake. I am going to guess that the entire staff is overworked.

Just a theory.

I am certain that breaking all their links and breaking the HTML of a lot of their sites wasn't their idea, but a side-effect of a new scheme or system imposed on them by whoever the master company is. 
When I Was In High School 
PlanetQuake was excellent! Now it isnt. 
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