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R_church New Map
Hi there, I made a new arch' small map. Enjoy!
got any screenshots? Also, is it DM or SP? 
your readme is confusing ... it says it's a single player map, but that in single player mode it's boring, it supports coop for up to 8 players, and it's a deathmatch map, but it supports skills 0-3??? Is this just cut and pasted from other random readme files? 

Looks somewhat interesting, apart from the unaligned wizmet1_2 textures (again) - using the game's most important texture comes with a certain resposibility! ;)
The church building would be ok as a part of a larger map - like this, however, the level feels like a speedmap, fairly pointless. 
Small noobist fun litle map there it goes my first run.

more practic better maps keep on mapping ;) i enjoy it! 
Nice Level But It's Small And Kinda Sad All Alone Like That 
Cool map rutger! 
The church building looks good, but the outside sucks. If you have an outside, fill it with something.

Look at Castle of the Dark Ages, how he filled the outside area with a little graveyard, some rocks, walls, pools of water etc.

Most important, before you release a map, send it to people for playtesting. The more, the better. 
the outside was filled with hills and mountains, but the FPS went down too far.. the building was the main thing... I put high value on good FPS...


neg|ke: good point!... It WAS made for a larger map... I will be back.. :)

learn to read better... and, believe everything that you read. 
yes, the "it's a bit boring" part shouldn't have been in there... Guess you notice everything ;)

thanks for pointing that out! 
Why was this a news item? The map has about 1 minute of gameplay and looks like it was made in six hours. Are we that hard up for quality releases? 
you're probably right... i didn't realize how insubstantial the map was when I approved it. 
Posting it as news was a nudge by me. I don't see why this should bum around in some thread as it is a proper release.

I think it is a nice small experiment, expanding this could truly rock. 
if the majority doesn't like this stuff, then just screw this, I think an ancient communnity as this should be happy to see new maps appearing, and enjoy also the (in your personally SMALL view) "lesser" releases... enjoy creation, start helping yourself dude..

I'll be making maps, if you don't want to see them, that's fine with me, and if you are saying that is a badly mapped church, you are a sucker... I like it, I wanted to share it, if you want to, then don't like it, and go back to wanking off somewhere in your lonely place.

but if you want to make a community with ONLY good releases, man, that's not real, that a sterile environment where only the best of the best can enter... lets make a poll on this one, and see what all people think.... Don't forget that there is more to quake then just mapping, and I am (and always have been) a big contribution to this scene. Like everybody, just by beeing there.

enjoy the smaller things, you'll miss them when they are not there..

k... peace! 
OK - Guys (Rutger, Azuki etc) I havent looked at this yet. The church looks quite cool IMHO, nice architecture on the outside on that screenshot!

These threads often turn this way with small maps like this. Dont let it put you off, let the rage build up inside and then pour all of that energy into a new map!!

Anyone watch American Inventor last night?

There was that miserable English dude who was just like:

"No, no, no, I'm not investing in that its retarded!"

Then theres Georgie Foreman, who says:

"Its sooooo good I put my name on it!!" and told everyone that he liked their invention.

The world needs both of these types of people!!


The premise of the community that you're advocating also allows for people to bitch about and dump on releases they don't like. That's part of an open community. You either have to accept it all or accept a closed community.

I like it being open. And if you do too, that's great, but it also means you can't call people who don't like what you did lonely and whatever else. It's a 2 way street. 
Dude, you got feedback. Take it or leave it, but don't bitch if it's negative. You act like we need your maps - we don't. We're a dead community that's living in the past with or without you :-). 
OK, Played It... for about five minutes, if that.

Good points:

1. Cohesive construction - buttons/doors worked fine.
2. Nice architecture
3. Good moody lighting
4. Not bad monster placement, although I just ran past the monsters on the roof at the end.

Bad points:

1. The outside needs an 'environment'. Surround the church with rocks or walls or something (maybe both, rocks and walls)
2. Two rocket launchers??
3. This level was very very very short. Please make the next level ten times longer, and you could be on to a winner!! 
"ran past the monsters on the roof" LOL

Well.. it's better than anything I ever made. I did get the quad but still didn't find the "real" secret? 
Post #14 
Love it, that's the sort of chilled interaction that makes this community such a close-knit place.

Unfortunately azuki, you have been proven wrong time and time again - when new mappers join here, make something "lesser", get feedback and criticism, and create better and better maps that get more and more acclaim. It's not a sterile "best of the best" enviroment - it's an open enviroment where any good maps from anyone are welcome. 
I was a bit wrong there, I didn't mean that shit.. I understand the value of comment... peace 
I was a bit wrong there, I didn't mean that shit.. I understand the value of comment... peace

metalseed: it's on the left side of the church :) 
Besides....I just checked this out, this is a good start, some nice designs inside and out. Just a bit, well, small, not much going on. But basically it's a good start to build on, a full map in this quality would be great...

So, the only thing that needs to said is:

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