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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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I'm not really sure the demand for that would justify the difficulty involved. Adding some code that echoes your time down to the milliseconds would be straight-forward, although a bit strange to expose everyone to it.

The rest of the stuff (setting starting params, grenade counters, extra impulse commands) would require some serious porting for two reasons. One reason is that the the stuff that prints to the screen like the menu and the grenade counter is going to fight with the existing quoth code for the flashlight meter.

The other is that Quoth has made lots of changes to impulse commands and the meanings of the starting param variables (that's where the mapgate and endgate entities store values). So the menus for those would have to be rewritten accordingly. It would be a lot of work, not just a case of including their .qc files. 
Par Times 
Would be interesting, like in Doom. :) 
I See 
From A Speedrunners PoV 
If the digits are realy easy to implement then pls do so in whatever new stuff there ever might be to come out. For runs under a minute a high or low decimal is a big difference wheter improving your run is within reasonable possibilitys.
The other impulses realy arent that important: trigger info/triggers visible is just an exploring thing in most cases you could load the map without the custom progs get a bunch of errors but stil find out what and where the triggers are and do (unless its a negke-hax-map). Ogre grenade timer is pretty horrible since it wil usualy swap to a different grenade then the one you want to jump off, grenade timer, meh most runners can do wihtout, overall it will increase succes rate a bit, but an easy GJ is very doable without and the harder ones usualy require movement anyway so its not like your watching the counter go and press jump when it hits 0, and the fast ones are usualy grenades tossed ahead into your line of movement or bounced of enemies.

Within most of the new engines the realy easy way to do a GJ (throwing a grenade straight up and wait for the second bounce)is actualy pretty hard (unless you script wich im realy against) since you can aim straight up more then in the original engines

If i had the skills i would have made a QDQstats improvement with some extra features:

easyer map exploring:
-tracking of buttons and triggers: a line between the button or trigger towards what it actualy triggers
-impulse to make invisible walls visible
-easyer way to spot secrets
-max damage of explodoboxes

Run comparing:
-a ghost option
-possibility to set checkpoints

some form of health display (maybe a colour scheme wich gets brighter the less percentage hp is left)
-a way to track monsters behind walls
-a way to check wich monsters are left after you finished (with an id so you dont only know that it was an ogre but exactly wich one)

setting some notifications: did monster #x die?, status of door #x?(did it get blocked?) etc)

Probably forgetting a couple of things i tought of over the last decade but this post is already gettign slightly of topic and out of hand ;) 
Within most of the new engines the realy easy way to do a GJ (throwing a grenade straight up and wait for the second bounce)is actualy pretty hard (unless you script wich im realy against) since you can aim straight up more then in the original engines

This can be fixed in fitzquake at least, by modifying cl_minpitch and cl_maxpitch. -70 and 80 will restore vanilla quake behavior I think. 
I just time it to 4 secs, but this sounds like an easier way. 
for the minpitch and maxpitch values that might come in handy someday 
then you life in a slow world, in my world they explode after 2.5 :) 
My input on quoth was almost nil, apart from a few maps.

Hope you like space hulk :) 
Example map using Quoth info_command
60 seconds of speed 
Very Creative 
That's cool. People who have cl_sidespeed and cl_forwardspeed set low may not feel the full benefit of the powerup - but be careful about changing those values to fix it! The danger is in trying to restore them correctly to whatever the player prefers. I think the closest to a good way is to send "exec config.cfg" to the player at the end of the powerup - this restores the values to what they were at the start of the session (with the minor side-effect of also resetting anything else the player has changed this setting ...)

Finally, the powerup won't work correctly in co-op as it is. Is there a way to make it only affect one player? I'm hoping negke might take a punt at that question... 
Preach I agree. I was going to change fov also. fov 60-70 but what to set it back to? exec config.cfg is a good idea. Things like r_wateralpha I think are ok for a map to mess with but fov and others maybe not good. I also think the idea could be extended to a custom file exec custom.cfg to create a custom environment. Setting back to "normal" will be the trick. A way to write all cvar's to file before messing around would be good.

BTW Preach how is the Quoth update coming along? 
For Returning To The Value Set By User Of A Cvar 
I know in darkplaces you can use variables and set command to temporarily save the value of a cvar.

here is an example:

//=============start of example==============
//save current user-set value of cvar
set fov_value $fov
set sen_value $sensitivity
set sound_volume $volume

//change cvar value to whatever you want
fov 999
sensitivity 1000
volume 9999
playdemo demo1

//restore user-set cvar value
fov $fov_value
sensitivity $sen_value
volume $sound_volume
//=============end of example============== 
Yeah, new version is feature complete, it's just the testing and fixing any bugs that have arisen. It's not helped that people keep releasing maps for Quoth faster than I can complete them twice on easy and nightmare. 
new quoth?

Speedrunner Code And Flashlight 
I want to say "the flashlight meter sucks anyway", no offense. Could make it faintly beep or flicker when the battery nears its end -- absorbing the UI element into the game itself.

I always found the flashlight meter to be one of the less polished elements of Quoth. Slapping that consolefont all over the middle of the screen seemed distracting to me.

The less HUD, the better, IMHO. 
Completly Agree On That 
flashlight would only be usefull in combination with a magnifying glass so you get a laser like weapon :) What the idea behind the flashlight anyway?i cant think of any uses for it except using it as a melee weapon (no i wont ever come down from my fullbight cloud) 
Does that mean you always play in Fulbright? 
is a little bit of a weird addition IMO.
I can't see myself ever making a flashlight map unless its functionality was more like Half-Life. 
I Don't Know If It's Weird 
Just an extra option. Agree with go re flickering rather than countdown bar on screen. 
dotn see any reason not to, if i want to see beautifull stuff its not a videogame :) 
This discussion about whether the flashlight should be removed or reworked is kind of getting away from the point I was trying to make, which makes me worried that I didn't explain myself well. The flashlight is one example - the most visible one but by no means the only one - where there is a contention between a resource the Quoth code assumes it controls and the resources that the SDA code assumes has sole control of. This is why they are hard to integrate together. 
Why Bother With A Counter? 
I never run out of battery power anyway. 
I Think.. 
you should make the battery one of those crank ones... that way you can add a battery crank mini-game using quicktime events. ;) 
Demonmanuel 98 
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