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SRC2: Slime Refinery Complex - Quoth2 Version
Hi all, I found back in my archives the very first version of SRC based on preliminary Quoth2. SRC has been released in June 2007, and even if the layout is roughly the same, even if it seems to be "re-warmed", the fact it is useng Quoth2 monsters here changes a little bit the gameplay, which has more variety: those who have been pissed off by bobs will understand ;) Enjoy!




PS: note the shots are the same as for SRC, as these areas didn't changed :P
In Other Words 
Fuck you Base Pack (once more) 
Don't be nasty please, it was not my intention, as I already said I will not participate to the Base Pack... 
Thank you, it all makes sense now. By now I even know which wall panels are doors and which ones aren't :-P

So much better now.

Am I the only one who doesn't like the sentinel's skin? 
kind of lost all the fun JPL becouse we already played Quoth1 map :p but nice anyway :\ but i didn�t play it again sorry my friend!!!

I also got wbase in quoth2 but i will not release it... no fucking way!

and fbase that is near complete in not quoth at all i�ve removed all quoth stuff is pure Q1 
Good, Thanks 
I am lucky that I didn't play far into the original release. 
��� ����������
It Was Either So Awesome 
or then so bad that it made pepe's brain explode. 
Who Cares ?? 
.. p�p� is dead now :P 
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