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3 Doom Sp Maps
With my very limited skills I have attempted to give a little something back to the community that has given me so much. 3 small Doom single player maps.
Always nice to see some classic Doom over here, but unfortunately these maps are crap. The sort of stuff that was released right after the first Doom editors became available, random hallways with lots of monsters and no style whatsoever.
Examine some of the id maps in your editor, preferably from Doom1, to get an idea about how they accomplished their sense of style - this is the minimum quality standard these days. 
They Call �em �94 Wads Over At Doomworld 
but as long as you had fun making them, it�s all good. I guess they still *play* better than wads i.e. by "Mr. tiny-sector-crammer" Tormentor667 (c) leilei, which have been pimped here in the past. 
Thanks Sielwolf. I never expected for these to be labeled classics. I did mention my limited 'skills'. I've downloaded so many truly crap wads that either wouldn't run or worse, would run but were either unplayable or 'unfinishable'. I did build these myself and there's nothing random here at all. I hope someone enjoys them. Sorry if I wasted anyones time. 
Well, I join neg|ke concerning his point that your maps is not top quality, but it is good to see Doom is still alive after more than 10/15 years.
Well, just take the bad comments as "don't do that anymore", and you will improve your mapping skill.
Keep it up ;) 
With the completion and release of the maps you illustrated the completion of an important step - the technical capability of creating functional maps. Now go back to some of your favorite levels, and examine them in game and in editor, and try to divine from them what made them fun, memorable, how they tie sections together, how the difficulty escalates, what sort of natural constraints they may put on themselves. In due time, with sturdy and diligent application of this, you will be making some good fun levels that also probably look pretty nice as well.

It may be corny, but keep on trying is the best advice. The first step is rarely the best (and if it is, I pity that person as they have already burnt out). 
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