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Quake Engine Comparison (for SP)
A comparison of Quake Engines focused on Singleplayer.
7MB of screenshots:

Happy reading and watching.
You should note the Mac/Linux compatibility that FitzQuake now has thanks to sleepwalker. 
Yes, But 
not the currently available version, it's got too many quirks. Maybe the next Beta. 
Heh, OK. In it's defense, I'm using it almost daily for my remix map and it's been awesome sauce. Hope it's out of beta soon! 
Well I Learned New Stuff From This Article 
1 - I assumed that Marcher Fortress wouldnt run in Fitz, cause it must be over loads of limits, isnt it???!?!
But they assure me it does, so I'll take their word for it.
2 - I thought FitzQuake supported transparency, but what, - it supports transparent water but not models?

Heh - you learn something new every day! ;P 
Great stuff!
I love such good tables and ordering. I guess I'm slightly autistic. 
Btw did you remember to load marcher with deathmatch 0 in ezquake? (It's 1 by default in qw engines.)
Some qw server has a support for sp quake progs.dat files (so you don't need a specific spprogs.dat like the original qw and all since have had for id1 content. In deathmatch qw servers use qwprogs.dat.)
But I don't remember if it's a dedicated or builtin server (mvdsv, zquake, ezquake, fte, some other.)

The whole issue is a bit shady for me regarding the server/client split and all that... 
Interesting Reading 
RickyT23: Look at the footnotes, I only tested the very start of the map. Most engines will get problems with missings sounds etc later on.

bambuz: Me too! :)
Yes, I used "deathmatch 0". Try walking around on the level where (normally) the tree is, you will encounter an invisible shambler and flicking ammo boxes. That's what I meant.

zQuake and FTE can use sp/nq progs.dat I think.
ezQuake was only included as it is the mostly used QW client and sadly quite some people use it for SP too.

I mixed up q2k4's warpc and lr, thanks aguirRe. 
look at the readme. Kinn is a genius and someone managed to make it work not only in fitz, but in regular win and glquake. You get tons of overflow errors near the end, but it works. 
Must Be That Occlusion Thing! 
Very clever!

With me, my maps always crash engines as soon as I go over limits like lightmaps/marksurfaces etc.

Kinn? - Care to shed a light? 
Nice Job! 
Thorough detective work is cool! 
The Only Thing Fitzquake Is Missing 
is the pixellated textures. what's the setting for that? GL_NEAREST or something? 

I think. 
Marcher In DP 
Ran just fine for me aside from when I was looking from the top of the map all the way down to the bottom... Maybe my 6 year old ti4200 64meg is magical? Granted that wasn't with rtlights, but I did have rt dlights... 
Bad memory, I was thinking of Masque of Red Death... I started Marcher, but got interrupted and never got back to it. 
...very pleasant surprise. I'm glad there was no "winner", just a studious and useful comparison. 
Awesome stuff! However, why isn't FTE in there? Don't people use it for singleplayer? It has a bunch of singleplayer features, and runs various special mods... 
FTE is like someone who has a driver's license and knows very well how to push the gas pedal but as soon as the road makes a curve he smashes into a tree. And parking is not his strength either.

Feature monster but rather buggy (or not?) and definitely not a good choice for Singleplayer. Hasn't even got the "time, killed, secrets" table on tab. The waterwarp is sexy though.

PS: For some fun, load lr. 
Due To Periodic Crashes 
with the Nvidia drivers (also had an ATI Radeon, but the card itself blew out on me), I often need to disable the card. Does that mean I have to go without an OpenGL Quake? Nope. Not any more. I put an optimised version of an earlier version of the Mesa opengl32.dll in my directory so the engines would refer to it instead of the SYSTEM file, and then I tested several engines.

I'll just cut to the chase, most of these were unplayable, but AquiRe's GLQuake was very much playable in an acceptable 800x600 resolution. Interestingly, TomazQuake was pretty solid as well though the programming paradigms behind the two engines are very different (QuiRe's is built for speed and stabilaty, Tomaz was an early eye candy engine). 
GLQuake Mac OS Classic 
Old school, but it is a decent engine which I use on Mac OS Classic. 
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