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New Sauerbraten SP Map Pack
Hello to the mapping community!

I have a new single player SAUERBRATEN map pack called "Private Stan Sauer: Run n'Gun". If you've played any early mpsp series maps, you'll know what to expect!

Get it here:

Or visit the website here and look around. The 1st page of screens were wips, the 2nd page are completed maps:

This is a rather large download, approximately 25mb. The map pack contains the following:

1. (3) single player maps (mpsp9a, mpsp9b, mpsp9c)

2. 200+ new MitaMAN textures (including normal and spec maps) along with a few new and reworked textures from the loopix, noctua, and g-pack texture collections.

3. Mask textures for several of the mitaman models included from the original "Army of One" (mpsp6) map pack.

4. New doors, fence, elevator and floor board mitaman models.

5. Several DCP models (light, grates, switch, etc...) that were not part of any CUBE or Sauerbraten release.

6. A texture/model config template (mpsp9_template.cfg) to make it easy to use the new textures / models in your own map.

This map will push your system hard in some areas. There are many explosions, items that move, outdoor water areas, and elevators. I used most of what the engine has to offer map builders.

I know that Sauerbraten is not that popular among "real" games, but I think you'll be surprised by this map pack.


looks totally sweet! 
^^^I Have Never Played Cube... 
..,but your levels make it look ace!!! : - )

Your texturing + lighting looks pretty damn convincing!

I appologise for my lack of playing cube => I will see what I can do .. . . .;-D 
I Found 
the rather minimalistic modern setting death match game, AssaultCube made with the Cube engine highly addictive.

Worth the download, and you can't beat the price. 
I Would But.. 
Sauerbraten has no joystick support. 
You must be about the only person playing FPS games with a joystick. Does it really work (as compared to playing with a mouse)? 
Anyone tried this yet? It runs like shit for me.

And how can I make sauerbraten NOT load metl4 on each time? 
you'll load metl4 and like it! 
>Anyone Tried This Yet? It Runs Like Shit For Me. < 
Go to the options menu and lower the shader quality and / or screen resolution. The game runs smooth for me, just using a P4 3GHZ and ATI 2600XT at 1024x768. (All shader stuff turned up full). 
You must be about the only person playing FPS games with a joystick

Don't forget millions of people are playing console FPS games with those funny little thumbsticks. I can't imagine a joystick would be any worse. 
Thumbtrack4eva Yo 
Hopefully I'll have a chance to play this next week - its been a fair while since I looked at cube. 
Playing FPS Games With Sticks 
on a gamepad you use one stick to move and the other to look. joystick is only a single stick ;/ 
Joy And Mouse 
I prefer not to use the keyboard in fps games. I use mouse look and the mouse buttons to strafe. All else is mapped to the joystick. I have played this way for 10 years and have always found it more immersive than mouse/keyboard. Kind of like piloting a mech and you can't beat having a trigger under your finger when it comes to shooters imho. 
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