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OQPlus GPL Replacement
Ni hao,

I'm forking OpenQuartz and calling it OQPlus (formerly known as the Open Quartz Decrapification Project) for now because I don't like OpenQuartz's direction of 'what'. OQPlus's direction is much more Quake-like than OQ will ever be so players should feel at home in it.

I know there are some anti-GPL snobs on this board and i'm not naming names but I wish for a refrain of them in this thread please. We get it, "GPL sucks" and you don't want to help. Thank you.

I'm currently replacing the Quake textures one by one from scratch, slowly, by hand with old fashioned pixel pushery. You can see the current SVN here:

I hope to be able to:
- have all GPL'd id Quake maps compiled with textures, though due to size they may not be included, and I would feel guilty of scavenging Quake's well known levels from id software anyway.
- "out-of-the-box" experience for Quakeworld clients to join servers running popular mods like Team Fortress, as it may contain extra assets to suitably replace
- Run on all Quake ports including the original DOS Quake build
- Be a bit more memory efficient/faster than Quake (Quake used a lot of 320x200 textures for models in a time where 3d cards barely handled 256x256)
- Have a dark gritty atmosphere and not bright sunny day lets-kill-zombie-trees-and-guns-on-wheels-and-pteros atmosphere.
- sudo apt-get install oqplus
- Stunt the current scene of rampant Quake piracy (especially in quakeworld) by providing an alternative, legal, Free solution for those who are too lazy to give id software the money they really deserve (slackers)

Why am I making a thread? Well I hope to make this a long-term project that'll take some years to do so a soon-forgotten smidge on the Jobs Wanted thread wouldn't do. Besides I like serious discussion than "help plz" anyway :)
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starbuck: things will be less lovecraftian but they won't be lsd trips. i'm still going for demonic feel. There will be no anime involved. I promise. Yes i'm looking for help but this is also a progress showoff thread too.

Haha, no anime at all?! That'll probably work out for the best i guess :). It's kind of a shame you're lowering the Lovecraftyness (technical term) and upping the demonic stuff in my opinion. I always think demonic stuff in games is usually pretty cheesy and immature, and it's a problem that id software have with almost everything they've ever designed, especially Doom 3. Personally I think there isn't much *less* unsettling than a flaming goats head, pentagrams, etc, just so cliche.

What I love about Quake's theme is the grainy dark forboding architecture, the arcane machinery, the indecipherable symbols... basically all the Lovecraft stuff that they mashed in without much finesse, but somehow it really worked!

I'm biased obviously, I always loved his stories. Come to think of it, I may be the only person who loves ancient space tentacles but doesn't like anime. 
No, My Friend 
I'm biased obviously, I always loved his stories. Come to think of it, I may be the only person who loves ancient space tentacles but doesn't like anime.

You are among brethren, I'm sure the extreme manneristic nature of anime annoys more than just the two of us on a board dedicated to Quake mapping. 
Among Brethren 
Indeed. I cannot tolerate anime, but I love Lovecraftyness.

I suspect with leilei going more demon than Lovecraft however, at worst it will shift more towards Doom a little. Doom3, the demon stuff would've been more effective had Betruger not done his silly laugh which I guess is supposed to be scary, but he mostly just spawned Imps. With tons of forewarning... Doom3 evil only felt evil really with the very few 'ghost' bits.

Fuck thats off topic. 
I have done a basic site and I experimented with retexturing. There is a brief image comparison between the original OpenQuartz and OQPlus if you're too lazy to read the words. 
Cool Site 
top screenshot looks nice
keep up the good work! 
the top screenshot is not oqplus
it's the 'crappy project' i'm forking from 
Can't really tell anything from these screenshots because they show different architecture. It would be better for a side-by-side comparison if both screenshots were made in the same place in the same level. 
Nice Webdesign 
makes me really anticipate the quality outcome. 
But Seriously... 
we don't really need to see what openquartz looks like. We just want to see more of what your project looks like. 
Well, the shotgun looks fantastic and the textures are tasteful and good. But there is nothing funny or cool about a crappy presentation (the site). Same as with the OpenArena site. :( 
Spirit Sucks 
Spirit - Well aren't you the picky one? Judging projects by the quality of their site. At least it isn't flamboyant pink and brown eugh. I put functionality first before any flashy site. There are no rules saying I need a professional web site design for the project to advance.

Metlslime - I needed a quick shot comparison to emphasize on the fact that we're taking on a retro style. OpenQuartz is retarded, OQPlus is not.

Speeds - ew that site is quake trademark and likeness, and not generic for all of the projects, HATEHATEHATE 
Leilei (lol?) 
good luck with your project. Sadly I can't model or something, I can pretty much only map and do minor coding... I can write documentation, translate and playtest though... if you think I could help somehow, feel free to email me, golden_boy in People/profile.

Do you know the SynQ project? You think it would be worthwhile to team up with Baker?

I much respect your understanding of the GPL, and your aim to stay on this side of it :-) I share your viewpoint about some of the existing custom textures and their relation to the GPL or copyright... btw if you talk too loudly about these things in the Quake community, you can pretty much expect a spanking. :-/

where do I know your nick from, Hexen2? GemRB? I can't put my finger on it but I saw you elsewhere in the big wide open source world.

are you giving your textures the same names as the id ones? If so, it would be rather easy to retexture existing (and future) GPL maps. If not, we would need to retexture each map by hand :-/

you want to use the GPL mapsources by Romero? If so, may I suggest not to do that, because I tried retexturing them for 6 months before breaking down and starting from scratch. I'm redoing ep.1 atm. I will probably GPL it anyway, and if you can supply me with free replacement textures, I'd consider applying them at no extra cost :-E Requirement: They must be drop-in replacements, both visually and concerning names, i.e. wizmet1_2 must still be named wizmet1_2 and look remotely similar. I hope the copyright doesn't extend to texture names?! Because that would make it a lot more difficult to retexture maps...

If you want to see what I did so far, mail me.

Possible deal? 
Ok No Quake 
Listen dude...

Im a mug for base maps. Gimme a full set of base tex and I'll knock you up a map. I'm not about to stick a time limit on myself or anything, but I'll help :D !

I'm no texture artist or anything, but if you gimme some textures, I'll whip you up a bsp. 
Alright, I'll Shut Up With My Criticism 
You could try to get Rouhis on board.
He made some fantastic item models and just started on monsters.
3300 poly Fiend, 1500 poly Vore? right.. 
Ruohis said that the polycount should be close to classic Quake, no? IIRC. Has he changed his mind?

IIRC he also denied GPLing them so far (somebody else asked IIRC) and that would pretty much be required. He seems a cool guy though, so if we could present to him something that's halfway finished/finishable, he might agree?

I don't know if his models/skins CAN be GPLed anyway, since they're pretty clearly imitations (copies) of id's ones. You can only put a new license on original stuff. leilei said something about no shady fair use tactics. I mainly see problems with the skins here (similar issues to textures.) The models are pretty much code, right? and they're from scratch. Skins are pixels/artwork just like textures.

I think we would probably need .mdl (and .pcx) versions, too, unless leilei wants to restrict the project to certain engines?

A .mdl exporter for Blender exists, thanks to Preach...

Of course it would be easier if id decided to freeware Quake as a promo gag or something (it's happened before, for example Tribes...) or to celebrate the 15th anniversary... hint hint... would save us so much work (well remapping would still be desirable...)

a question out of interest, would you guys tolerate an ad-financed freeware version of Quake? Seems to be the current trend... say they did to Quakeworld what they are doing to Q3:Arena... 
Ad-financed Freeware Version Of Quake 
gb - Baker only cares about scavenging existing crap together just to form some crude looking Quake just to get people to play on his servers and join his forum (as well as illegally exploiting the data from the shareware version). No thanks.

I also wouldn't really need to 'retexture' the maps since I can just compile them with the new WADs from the project. Retexturing them to use existing textures that are available is missing the point. Have you seen FreeDOOM?

RickyT23 - Just work with the Quake texture wad for now but don't post a BSP ;D GPL'd .MAP files are key here.

Spirit - Don't you understand? We are NOT copying Quake!!! We're going for a feel LIKE Quake. Things won't look exactly quakey, but it'll feel quakey. Also those models are ugly, and I am my own favorite low-poly modeler. GPLing those would be a bad idea since it would bring more misinformation onto the internet that Quake is public domain material.
SPOILERS: it's not

gb - but the MDL exporter for Blender is broken as much as the MD2 script. I still export to MD3, then go through a painful process to get that down to MDL. 
To The Point... 
do you want any help and suggestions at all?
or what is this thread about 
Come On 
as well as illegally exploiting the data from the shareware version

Do you really think anyone actually cares?

Seriously. Id software included - do you actually think they care, assuming the content is distributed for free in a non-commercial project?

Disregarding any bullshit hardline stance, what is the point worrying about this kind of stuff? Id isn't going to dispatch a crack legal team to come after you. Even if they get wind of it (and care enough to stop you), I imagine the worst you'll get is a cease and desist email from the Carmack. 
On a completely unrelated note, every time I see OQPlus I think of the crap I used to see in WoW and on those forums (the whole QQ = cry more thing).

Given that I have that association, I keep thinking this is the cry more quake engine project! 
Ok, Last One 
I have nothing to say, just two quotes:

Don't you understand? We are NOT copying Quake!!!


I'm currently replacing the Quake textures one by one from scratch, slowly, by hand with old fashioned pixel pushery.

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