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OQPlus GPL Replacement
Ni hao,

I'm forking OpenQuartz and calling it OQPlus (formerly known as the Open Quartz Decrapification Project) for now because I don't like OpenQuartz's direction of 'what'. OQPlus's direction is much more Quake-like than OQ will ever be so players should feel at home in it.

I know there are some anti-GPL snobs on this board and i'm not naming names but I wish for a refrain of them in this thread please. We get it, "GPL sucks" and you don't want to help. Thank you.

I'm currently replacing the Quake textures one by one from scratch, slowly, by hand with old fashioned pixel pushery. You can see the current SVN here:

I hope to be able to:
- have all GPL'd id Quake maps compiled with textures, though due to size they may not be included, and I would feel guilty of scavenging Quake's well known levels from id software anyway.
- "out-of-the-box" experience for Quakeworld clients to join servers running popular mods like Team Fortress, as it may contain extra assets to suitably replace
- Run on all Quake ports including the original DOS Quake build
- Be a bit more memory efficient/faster than Quake (Quake used a lot of 320x200 textures for models in a time where 3d cards barely handled 256x256)
- Have a dark gritty atmosphere and not bright sunny day lets-kill-zombie-trees-and-guns-on-wheels-and-pteros atmosphere.
- sudo apt-get install oqplus
- Stunt the current scene of rampant Quake piracy (especially in quakeworld) by providing an alternative, legal, Free solution for those who are too lazy to give id software the money they really deserve (slackers)

Why am I making a thread? Well I hope to make this a long-term project that'll take some years to do so a soon-forgotten smidge on the Jobs Wanted thread wouldn't do. Besides I like serious discussion than "help plz" anyway :)
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so instead of stealing Quake, you're just going to fully remake it, exactly the same, except now it's free, and likely has horrible lighting, effects, textures, and models? 
I don't see how something that runs in quake.exe, using the id maps is going to have horrible lighting or effects, unless you think quake.exe and so on have horrible effects, and you think the id maps have horrible lighting.

Textures and models are another issue, but having seen some of his other work, leilei does make a concerted effort to keeping a feel. I trust him in this over... just about anyone else, especially on making it look good for the detail. He has done some weapon models (which actually fit in fairly well with Quake) that are sufficiently detailed, but are significantly lower in poly count than Quakes. 
OQPlus (formerly known as the Open Quartz Decrapification Project)

haha, truth. Open Quartz is truly horrible, but I guess they heard everyone loves fighting evil trees.

On the map front, I don't know if you noticed but we're running a remix-a-original-quake-level competition right not, some of them changing the theme and some of them just improving the quality of the architecture. I'm sure if you ask nicely when they're done a load of guys won't mind GPLing their maps. Also I'm guessing you've played the e1m1rmx and e1m2rmx maps that have already been released, if not, try them! The quality is much higher than in the original maps.

Texture-wise, I don't know about copyright stuff at all, but how different do the GPL textures have to be? Could you, for example, resample a retexturing project down to original texture sizes if that retexturing pack was built 100% from scratch?

If that would be legal, I've got a idbase retexture pack that I'm pretty proud of that I'd be happy for you to use for whatever. I haven't GPLed it, but hey, I could, just need to figure out how! 
and could you possibly post a screenshot or two from what you've done so far? I'm not at a computer which I can run Quake on right now. Cheers. 
if you need maps, this thread tries to track all the maps that have their source code released under GPL: 
Here's a screenshot of Tyrann's Devourer (lol) map with some very quake-like from-scratch textures. Super Shotgun is untextured.
I also made a bunch of skies to use also, since just blue, and purple skies get old. ;D

Also no, unless its totally from scratch (which the quake retexture project ISN'T) it's not allowed. Also, resampled textures look UGLY. Also your retexture pack isn't legally okay.

metlslime - most of those links are broken and/or not gpl :(, would be nice to check out your maps again though. 
someone needs so pay czg's subscription 
I can see 2 crosses, some sky and some wireframe at the bottom. Otherwise that screen shot is completely black. 
same ^^ 
I Would Guess Theyr'e Slightly Exaggerating 
but perhaps the textures could be a little brighter! Also I'm not familiar with the map particularly (although Tyranns stuff always looks pretty cool in screenshots), but if it's a very low-lighting room perhaps a shot in a brighter area would be better to showcase the texture. 
If you are going to take on the huge task of (re)making all the content of the game - why not create something original? Doesnt even have to be a new game, maybe just a standalone partial-conversion. People will never gonna like the remake over the "real" Quake and will still play the original, unless ofcourse you make it look 99% the same AND better (and I dont see that happening for many reasons, just look at the re-texturing project for example)

I really dont know how much the re-make need to differ from the original to be considered
'legal', but I believe Starbuck`s textures are
(Legal for a free distribution, that is)

and QW scene is using gay texture and weapons replacements anyway and the maps and the engine are GPLed. So all they need is the player model and the sounds to call it legal :P 
Speedy Makes Some Good Points 
Personally, the only thing that really interests me about this is the potential to release something of a higher standard than the original quake, that people could easily and legally download, and would showcase the work of people in the community to new players.

That's why I mentioned the remix-project really. E1m1rmx and e1m2rmx genuinely improve the quality of the maps, and hopefully the new entries will too. No need to only include new versions of the old maps though, there are some amazing maps out there whose authors would consider releasing under GPL if asked nicely I think. If the whole thing was brought together under a cohesive theme it could be great.

Most of the work would involve making new monster/player models though, and if you've got skills here, then congrats, it's hard to find (Preach is the very obvious exception that springs to mind).

If you're saying that texture packs are only legal if made from scratch, then that means my pack is legal, at no point did I sample anything at all from the original textures. If you're not interested then no worries, I'm just trying to save you some effort. For what it's worth, I've tried resampling them and I thought it worked great.

Is Quoth GPL by the way? 
OK, Humour Me Here . . . . 
What do you mean by GPL? Y'all can do whatever the hell you want with my shit as long as you aren't doing it to make money. And you put a credit somewhere where folks might see it. :-) 
Does nothing to prevent anyone else from making money with your work. I can take any GPL work I like, be it the linux kernel or a quake map, sell it as my own and keep the profits, as long as I make the source to my version avaible under the same GPL license. 
use the already largish amount of excellent free textures (knave, speedbaze etc) and custom maps. "Only thing" missing is some monsters, models and I think some progs too...

I mean, you can save so much effort. 
speedbaze is based on IDbase and metal and hence not a legacy free material Im affraid 
"but perhaps the textures could be a little brighter! "
No because then it'll look horribly ugly with overbright. I'm trying to maintain the low brightness Quake had. I wonder if anyone plays Quake at gamma 1 (I do)

"If you are going to take on the huge task of (re)making all the content of the game"
pfft this isn't a huge task, i've done bigger :) (OpenArena). It's definitely not impossible, and with an artist team this can really speed up no problem.

"People will never gonna like the remake over the "real" Quake and will still play the original, unless ofcourse you make it look 99% the same AND better"
That doesn't matter because you can't apt-get install quake for the full game in linux. This is more likely to drag in newcomers which the Quake scene really needs right now.

"I mean, you can save so much effort."

Those are non-Free. I am very serious and strict about the Free license i'm going with. There will also be no careless "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials either. 
Those are non-Free. I am very serious and strict about the Free license i'm going with. There will also be no careless "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials either.

That's a laudable aim, and I agree, in order to draw in new people to Quake, a truly free and legal open source game is the way to go.

How closely are you planning on following the content of Quake? Are you going to copy it theme for theme, level for level, monster for monster and so on, or are you going to include custom levels and themes?

Maybe if you set out exactly what you want in the game, then mappers might even GPL some non-GPL maps to help you out, who knows. Are you even looking for help by the way, or is this more of a watch-me-progress-with-my-project thread? 
I appreciate your effort.

Is it qw playable already? I might test it...

Were the progs released as gpl? 
pfft this isn't a huge task, i've done bigger :) (OpenArena).

I gave the latest OpenArena version a try:

Models: Shit
Sounds: Shit
Textures: Shit
Maps: Shit 
starbuck: things will be less lovecraftian but they won't be lsd trips. i'm still going for demonic feel. There will be no anime involved. I promise. Yes i'm looking for help but this is also a progress showoff thread too.

bambuz: progs are released as gpl, however only 1.01 and qw 2.30 are gpl'd for progs. 1.06 is nor :(

spirit: go eat shit 
well if quake remake will look somewhat like this ...
anyway goodluck and try to stay true to the style 
so there will be gargoyles? 
Working on a remake of Ep3, maybe I can pass on the mapsource when it's finally finished.

GPL? Why not. 
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