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OQPlus GPL Replacement
Ni hao,

I'm forking OpenQuartz and calling it OQPlus (formerly known as the Open Quartz Decrapification Project) for now because I don't like OpenQuartz's direction of 'what'. OQPlus's direction is much more Quake-like than OQ will ever be so players should feel at home in it.

I know there are some anti-GPL snobs on this board and i'm not naming names but I wish for a refrain of them in this thread please. We get it, "GPL sucks" and you don't want to help. Thank you.

I'm currently replacing the Quake textures one by one from scratch, slowly, by hand with old fashioned pixel pushery. You can see the current SVN here:

I hope to be able to:
- have all GPL'd id Quake maps compiled with textures, though due to size they may not be included, and I would feel guilty of scavenging Quake's well known levels from id software anyway.
- "out-of-the-box" experience for Quakeworld clients to join servers running popular mods like Team Fortress, as it may contain extra assets to suitably replace
- Run on all Quake ports including the original DOS Quake build
- Be a bit more memory efficient/faster than Quake (Quake used a lot of 320x200 textures for models in a time where 3d cards barely handled 256x256)
- Have a dark gritty atmosphere and not bright sunny day lets-kill-zombie-trees-and-guns-on-wheels-and-pteros atmosphere.
- sudo apt-get install oqplus
- Stunt the current scene of rampant Quake piracy (especially in quakeworld) by providing an alternative, legal, Free solution for those who are too lazy to give id software the money they really deserve (slackers)

Why am I making a thread? Well I hope to make this a long-term project that'll take some years to do so a soon-forgotten smidge on the Jobs Wanted thread wouldn't do. Besides I like serious discussion than "help plz" anyway :)
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You Can't Expect Gold Immediately [Speeds] 
Give it time and they'll improve, barely any project ever starts out gorgeous. 
I rejected 'criticism'? So far I only rejected a quake-derived site, a quake-derived texture pack, and general assholism. No real actual helpfulness rejected (Thanks RickyT23, and metlslime, your contributions to this thread are appreciated)

To make you scampies shudder, I have Dr. Shadowborg involved. What now? Gonna judge the project entirely as crap from his contributions, from the fact he helps this at all?

Low quality? Excuse me? You expect me in my spare time to crank out 512x512s and hundreds of skyboxes instead? I'm doing this port-neutral. 
Slow Down Guys 
My popcorn isn't done yet. 
That whole popcorn thing is so tired. When will it die? Every thread that gets the least bit heated, some tiny brain has to pop up with a comment about getting popcorn. Die. 
*Gets The Popcorn* 
down in front! 
Please calm down.

You posted on a elitist site here, so what were ou expecting ? Any mercy from anybody ? Come on be serious ! You should check what has been done in the past 11 years, and check what were the progresses done so far onto engines, map, textures, etc...
Nobody is blaming your work nor your passion for Quake, but maybe your project, given the its quality, is maybe out of date, and came too late compared to the nowadays quality.... though...

Well, at least you can now only progress..... :P 
ofcourse you are happier with a shit-derived website

and let the people judge which side is crap 
OK. So: 
1. Someone finally buy me a mac so my brain automagically enlarges. *munch*

2. Leilei, please pay close attention now:



The original textures are badly aligned and thus look a lot worse than they possibly could, so just exchanging them for new ones (like the QW community does) inherits this same fault. Just using new textures doesn't cut it (from a mapper's point of view.)



The original maps were built on a comparatively tiny grid (16?) and this means that the texture alignment problems are "built in". You cannot align a 64x64 texture to a 80x48 wall. Clear? So in order to finally properly texture the maps, they have to be entirely rebuilt on at least a 32 unit grid, i.e. all (most) faces must be a multiple of 32 or sometimes even 64 in width and/or length for the textures to properly fit onto the brushwork. Clear?

Plus, for a map released under the GPL (and thus meant to be modified and added to, or developed) it is desirable to use meaningful (semantic, hey, I used the word!) targetnames for triggers and entities. The original maps use numbers, thus it's totally opaque to most people which trigger targets what entity. Not good. Clear?

Plus, it is desirable to iron out bugs, re-add parts that were cut from the original release, finetune DM and monster/item placement, correct wrong sounds, and generally expand on the original concept (we like this one best.) The original developers were limited to 1.4 MB per map, but we aren't, thus we can improve where it is obvious how to do so. Clear?

Thus, it is not only desirable, but inevitable to remap the entire game.

That is what Ijed and I have been doing for months. And what I described above is a chunk from our collective consciousness, or the development thereof. We both tried the GPL sources method and it does not produce acceptable results, and is problematic to work with, and actually slower and more painful than just doing it from scratch.

Thus, using the original maps in combination with replacement textures will not, no, CAN NOT produce good results.

Understand better now? 
Don't Be Such Smartasses 
What does the look of the site have to do with the quality of the actual thing? This is a secondary concern. Though, indeed, some (more) comparison shots would be good.

Yeah right, a large part of the game (the maps) is already available under GPL, but still you'd prefer to completely remake all of it (~35) instead? Their quality is questionable alright, but it doesn't really matter. Who cares about the targetnames as long as they work? If the new textures resemble the old ones in theme and structure, it will look just as fine (or poor for that matter, but that's irrelevant here). Who cares about DM settings? Hardly anyone plays those maps anyway. Fixing all those things is indeed desirable but not necessary, i.e. can wait.

It was already mentioned that this thread is supposed to be more of a progress report than an actual help request, so why reject it so keenly.

I'm actually interested in seeing some of the new content, especially the models, as I think it's quite a challenge to create something Quakey without at least hinting at Lovecraftian style (=tentacles and no eyes :P). 
Gb Shut Up 
??? czg, go back to playing with yourself plz. 
Yeah What Nekke Said 
the models especially! 
Peace Of Shit Game! 
what is the point of this game! it sucks ball! play Warsow instead if you want to play a real gamers game. 
so, nozzle, playing any real games? 
I think this is a pretty good idea. 
The Models Do Look Good. 
Basically what Gb says - the original maps are pretty poorly built by todays standards, replacing their texture sets is just going to give you crampt, buggy maps with what look like a few amateur looking photoshop efforts splattered over them.

Good luck with the project anyway. 
I know I sounded patronizing, I'm sorry. I was just pretty convinced about that stuff.

My offer stands, after Remake is done (not tomorrow, mind you) I'll gladly donate my maps to OQ+. They will be (insert open source license here) anyway. 
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