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Conservatively Patched FitzQuake


New Capabilities
8 button mouse support
sys_disablewinkeys 1 will disable annoying Windows keys when playing
"copy" command will copy console to clipboard
"bestweapon" command, like bestweapon 8 5 3 4 2 1 (JoeQuake, Qrack, ProQuake, DarkPlaces have this, it's like QW "impulse 8 5 3 4 2 1")

Major Fixes
aguirRe's all-important player texture fix
Intel display adapter fix (will now work on ALL Intel display adapters)
ALT-TAB trashed screen fix (Nvidia, Intel cards)

Minor Commands
"Gamedir" can be used in addition to "game", most other engines use "gamedir".
"time" command. Type in the console. Yeah, I know there is a scr_clock command or something like that already.
"writeconfig" command.

Subtle Changes
Vid_vsync defaults to 1 instead of 0. For flatscreens that get tearing.
aguirRe's "if windowed resolution is same as desktop, don't display title bar" nicety.
(MENU) Mouse look is now in menu and saves to config; uses freelook cvar like most other engines do.
(MENU) FOV is now in menu and saves to config.
(MENU) Video modes screen shows aspect ratio of each mode.

Minor Fixes
Video restart no longer kills dinput mouse
CPU Clock fix (over/underspeeding issues that generate unplayable framerates)
"Key release fix" -aliases no longer triggered in console or on vid_restart
Mousewheel now scrolls console
Removed silly reverse DNS lookup Quake likes to do when using "connect"
Sbar no longer flickers on ALT-TAB
"DSL" fix v3.0
+startdemos with no params clears demo queue so add +startdemos to cmdline to bypass demos on startup
Gib crash fix (theoretical, I've never seen it happen. It's in the sbar code.)
Zone defaults to 1024, for mods
Responds to q_version query (say q_version in-game and it responds client version)
And Of Course I Failed To Add... 
Record demo at any time. Just type "record mydemo" whenever you want to. 
I guess its all nice, except this still has no interpolation - why dont you incorprate this feature that greatly improves sp game appeal? and pcx bug is still there
hope all these features and fixes will be merged into a single engine in the nearest few years ;|

also some1 move this into news 
Why fork this instead of sending patches to metl? 
^^ @Spirit

Any questions?

Why would I do a conservative patch job when I have radical ideas? What sense would that make?

Sherlock Holmes, you aren't. 
Oh I Am Sorry 
I didn't know you had radical ideas. "just a conservatively patched up" and the name FitzProQuake gave me a different impression. But then the readme welcomes merging of this stuff into Fitzquake. 
especially the dinput mouse nokilling and the bestweapon. Will test. 
More useful to future engine versions and online players, but good to see anyhow. 
is "DSL fix v3.0" the same as the "NAT Router fix " i've heard people talk about? 

The DSL fix is different than the NAT fix. This download isn't NAT fixed. I only wanted to include changes that are easy to understand.

The "DSL" fix prioritizes multiple IP addresses based on AIPIA IP rules which in practice only affects DSL. (Ease version: if you have 2 IP addresses, it uses the right one).

I'll send you an email.


Yeah, and I fixed the ALT-TAB you have (had?) because I noticed you mentioned in the FitzQuake 0.80 thread.


Actually, this isn't very good for online play but I conservatively fixed a couple of glaring issues I saw.

@Spirit - clarification for you ....

I labelled it with a slightly different name because you brought the issue of name confusion up when I was a engine-coding newbie last year when I was first learning and was concerned you or someone might have an issue if the name were identical.

I have no interest in forking FitzQuake. I have my own projects. 
"I guess its all nice, except this still has no interpolation"

I've read that someone has been working on that elsewhere. I didn't want to include a worse version of what someone else might have a better version of. 
"Why fork this instead of sending patches to metl?"

agree, I´d be annoyed with so many hacks done to FQ lately, plus more could be achieved working together

@Baker: why does ProQuake change mouse settings (xp) and automatically associates itself with .dem files ? (no offense, just trying to be suggestive here) 
I fixed the mouse settings bug in ProQuake about 4 months ago. The ability to switch between normal and -dinput at will was missing a step and ProQuake was adjusting mouse speed without controlling the mouse, so instead of affecting ProQuake it was a affecting Windows.

The automatic .dem association in ProQuake, I've been thinking about revisiting that to make it a user-initiated instead of automatic.


I've been thinking lately about where the magic line is that makes an engine feel like it is still Quake, vs. one that is over-modded.

FitzQuake does a really great job of keeping the simple and Quake feel. I think FuhQuake and earlier versions of JoeQuake kept this as well (despite having a great deal of features).

I could write more, but everyone who started working on something at some point had to have some time to find their soul. 
Meh, another windows-only engine... ;P 
that ^^ wasn't me :-P 
Never Thought It Was You ;) 
Although I am happy to say a modern GL ProQuake for Linux (and actually an X11 as well) is rapidly being built as I type this because I can now compile ProQuake on Linux.

After I feel really comfortable, a Linux GL aguirRe Quake will probably be something I attempt.

I got the type of help I needed to get setup and the best thing is that I can do all the work in Windows where my zone of comfort is very high and just compile it on Linux. 
thank you for your time, chocolate and chewing gum ;-)

rock'n'roll :-D 
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