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HL2SP: Get A Life
Get a Life offers: about 11 hours of playing time, 25 different maps, 61 characters, 13 weapons, 24 music tracks, 76 dialogs, around ten documents to endorse the storyline, a new gameplay (advanced damage system, bullet time...) new AI, HUD, effects and enemies.

All this with English and French voice acting, provided with English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish subtitles!

This seems to be great. Just played the beginning. A lot of effort has been put into it obviously. Not entirely bug-free yet (or free of possible dead ends for that matter), at least I got stuck in one or two situations, so keep your autosaves. Zombies, government agents, Max Payne-like dream sequences, music that's too loud, etc.
...I'm 20 minutes in to it and nothing has happened yet. I've been on the train, done the generator but seen nothing of any enemies - how long before they arrive? 
.. you should try SP... not DM :P 
How else do you think they hit the "11-hour playing time" target? 
Thanks guys:-) 
Found Some Enemies 
Well, they, or it, found me.

I get out of a lift, in the dark, with no weapons, and some tosser beats me up and kills me.

Happened to me as well. Then I jumped around like an idiot and ended up being stuck behind those tubes. :P

Spoiler: You have to stay on the lift. After a few seconds it lowers again and the windows burst. Then you have to crouch over the pipe onto the staircase. Falling down seems to result in another getting-stuck situation.
Not long after that, you get weapons. 
Thanks, I'm a mug for punishment so I will give it one more try (40 mins so far) 
Patch 1.1 Is Out;10090946;/fileinfo.html/1/1
(more mirrors on the site)

I haven't experienced any crashes or serious bugs so far.

Some more comments on the mod: the leveldesign is very nice for the most part. There are a few logical flaws in some spots, like graffiti in secluded areas or cars in yards with no gate, but that's not a real issue (can be found in many maps/mods).
The voice acting is a mixed bag unfortunately, because the recording quality seems low. Much of it sounds rather dull and muted, sometimes with heavy reverb which feels out of place.

With the new monsters, weapons and locations, the mod reminds me of Poke646 in terms of thematic differences to the original game. 
There are a few logical flaws in some spots, like . . . . cars in yards with no gate

? Do you mean luxury vehicles? 
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