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Doom4 has been announced, id are looking for people, if you are that person, and are good at what you do, have a look.

Doom4, discuss it or not.
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Very cool. Moderately confused my mind, so clearly emulating Doom 4 and its trailer, but using the e1 intermission screen to show progress... 
launch trailer looks cool.
First Doom Hard Difficulty Gameplay looks promising considering it's the early stages of the game. It might end up being a fun game despite the well known and widely accepted shortcomings of the "masked" health and ammo regen mechanic. But surely it will be interesting to play through even if the challenge factor will be greatly reduced.

RE: Arenas. I don't have a problem with them when they are giant and filled with interesting fights against insane hordes ala Serious Sam 3 or Serious sam the second encounter. Even in painkiller most of the time they were interesting. Different than doom, but certainly a more impressive and interesting game play mechanic than most modern games. I will surely look forward to serious sam 4.

Hl2 is sort of different as the arenas are really cramped and filled with unchallenging combat against few weak foes. Only exception are probably the strider fights but usually you can maneuver so little that the fun factor is greatly reduced. 
doom using vulkan.

Looking forward to seeing how the gtx1080 ends up being. I bought my 980 dec. 31, feeling like a total moron right now... 
Now that's some nice gameplay. The monsters used more projectiles and the movement was at a good speed.

I wonder if they were using cheats, because the guy already had a lot of weapons and that area isn't too far away from the beginning of the game IIRC. 
Minimum Specs 

Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions); Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better;
8 GB RAM; 55 GB free HDD space; NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better

Ace. I can do the 55GB install space....and none of the rest :D 
Killpixel you should feel like a moron for caring at all about the imminent release of the 1080 which will be hugely expensive and unnecessary initially when a recent 980 purchase is quite sensible. 
The 1080 is going to be $599 and the 980 is $540 (from amazon). Also the 1080 is more powerful than the Titan X, which is $1040 (!!!).

I've had my PC for a while now but I know family who recently bought a gaming PC that should have waited. 
Can't find that on amazon. 
As Fifth said, it's a fast card and aggressively priced. I even paid premium (over $599) for the SC reference version of the 980. I knew it was a bad move at the time and looked for any info on Nvidia's next series launch but didn't find anything. Meh, impatience has bested me once again. 
The 1070 with I'm planning on getting is only $380 as well, and it too is more powerful than the Titan X.
This'll make a change from my old GTX 660 hah. 
I went a similar route only I purchased the 980 from EVGA with the intention of hopefully stepping-up to the then unreleased Ti model.

There were two days left when they announced it and I upgraded. If the pascals are really as powerful as they say they are then I may sell the Ti to my brother or something heh.

He played 90 minutes of the sp on PS4.

"It's just got that old school Doom, Serious Sam vibe to it, where you'll blast through a corridor of relatively low level scrubs, no reloading, you just keep on the move, and then you'll enter more of an arena area, which is locked down until you managed to beat the waves of ever increasing in difficulty hell demons that want to rip your face off."

I'll ignore the conflation of Doom and Serious Sam, and focus on the confirmation that you fight fodder to fill in the spaces between the literal arenas, which is what we'd all seen so far.

I noticed he was at 30 health, picked up Haste, and it refilled his health up to 175. I've also noticed he gets a LOT of health from most Glory Kills, going from 39 to 99 from a single monster (and saying +50 when getting 60 health in several smaller ticks).

I also noticed the robotic autopsy being done on a demon, which reinforces that whole morally gray, demons were being used as a resource story line brought to us by the guy who thinks FPSes are only useful for venting adolescent anger.

I did see a small bit of infighting, which is nice at least. Also the opening shot in the video of the BFG clearing a room is cool, but, well this sums it up: I need good level design, impact for my decisions, and for demons to be demons, not misunderstood alien animals from another realm. 
watched that yesterday. I'm not feelin' the arena thing... at all. Maybe it's just me, but arenas make me feel caged (duh!) which is boring and frustrating. People can shit on Doom 3 all they want, but at least it kept moving and always gave you a steady flow of neat environments.

Also, just pre-loaded doom... 50gb!! holy cow. I remember when I saw the dead space 3 install which was 11gb and that blew me away. Then rage, which was like ~24 and W:TNO which I think was around 40. IIRC, D3 was just over a gig. so, at this rate, Doom 5 will be around 2.5 terabytes :P well, that's just not gonna jive with my 300gb comcast datacap! 
I like arenas once in a while. But they should be exclamation marks, not periods, and certainly not commas.

Everyone is reacting to the install size... The past few CoD's have been in that range, so I guess I was inoculated to it. Besides, multi-TB internal HDDs are cheap these days... But yeah, datacaps can be a pain there.

Oh, he also mentioned it was on Hurt Me Plenty, so keep that in mind for how generous the health drops are... I'd expect something stingier for that difficulty. 
Watching The Twitch Thingy. 
It seems to be a mix of Doom3, Q3A, DMSP, with slight hints of old Doom, lots and lots of upgrades / challenges / achievements and a fair amount of completely gratuitous gore.

It also looks very dark in places, apart from very bright and colourful items / effects - the teleporters and jump-pads in Hell are fully horrible.

I think it will be a good fun game, basically DOOM3ARENA, but it does seem a bit overdesigned. 
Oh And Lost Souls Look Cool. 
I wonder if Doom 4 will have any extra tricks integrated like the original dooms strafe running or the high precision no spread burst fire with chaingun.

It must no ? 
Integrated is a curious choice of word. The strafe running is a bug, and the chaingun first shot accuracy is because it is based on offset logic - it deviates from the first shot. I'd wager they went with the now common cone simple random sample of shot spread, which doesn't have that result. 
Yes I know, but the trend is to make these game defining bugs into "features" a la skiing in tribes 2 etc...

I guess it will have its own little bugs to discover and use. 
I Guess It Won't Have Many. 
only 5 more hours... 
Played The First Level Before Work This Morning 
First impressions are generally good. I liked that the level had plenty of verticality and although basically quite linear, did allow me to explore a fair bit. Not only that, but there was a reward for exploration in the secret areas, info chips and upgrade tokens.

The combat is OK so far. I like the feel of the finishing moves, but the shotgun felt a little slushy. I think it might just be that my speakers suck or my bass is too high, but it didn't quite have the punch of the shotgun in doom or quake. The explosions also felt a bit limp... it's probably sound related, so I'll try with headphones when I next play.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to going home and playing some more tonight.

Oh, and well done Bethesda for actually releasing the game in Japan at the same time as everywhere else for once. 
The shotgun in Quake has punch? 
Maybe Meaning Q4? 
that shotgun has exceptional punch IMO. 
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