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SM141: Hate!
Hi fellow Quakers! Here is SM141 - Hate (theme suggested by czg) - There are two maps here for you, a large-ish metal speedmap from Gb for QUOTH, and a small mid-evil map from myself (RickyT23). Enjoy!


Very nice. Definitely at the quality end of speedmapping.

GB's had fun gameplay and the messages cracked me up :). Like the final Quad run too.

Ricky's was cool, it wasn't a map about HATE, it was a map about LOVE - LOVE OF QUAKE. This was such a Quakey little map, had a real good vibe to it. Lots of little touches I liked. Fun but eased off a lot towards the end. 
gb, 'you found a badly guarded secret' :)))
nice maps, guys 
heh, I'm glad you liked it Shambler, and spy. I wasn't sure if I would get banned or something ;-) but apparently you guys get the humour. good.

I obviously have a lot to thank func_msgboard for.

yup, Ricky's map is smaller but better. I sacrificed details for r_speeds and monster count (my other maps are actually quite the opposite.)

Quest is a marvel, you can copy and paste whole groups of monsters or torches with key combos. Texture locking saved my ass on the crates. xxx

aguirRe's light tool made lighting super quick (skylight.) 
screenies look promising, will play it ASAP (tonight hopefully). 
not bad. I liked the themes. 
They Suck 
not speedmaps

not worth playing either 

real mappers can make better maps in half the time 
both map are great!!! ricky map i�ve played so i dont leave a demo but got a first demo on gb map ;)

these aren�t speed maps of course because took more then 100 minutes but they are FUCKING FUN!!!

my demo.

please more! :) 
Nice Maps 
GB's had lots of gameplay and increasing difficulty.
Ricky's had nice areas, some variation too. I liked the inclined dirt floor with zombies and columns, felt like a dungeon full of muddy shit. You know what I mean. 
Both Maps Are Good 
I liked both of them but gb's was a bit better. Ricky's had good architecture and layout and a nice secret. GB's had better gameplay. It was more satysfying. Here are my demos. On gb's map I had to escape at the end without any ammo left. 
For Those 
that have problems watching the last and main part of Ankh's sm141rt1 demo, I've uploaded a fixed version here: 
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