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Laboratory X
Originally a map that was supposed to be included in the Orlmap Series 2 pack but was rejected for two reasons.

One is it requires an engine that is capable of playing maps that exceed lightmaps, clipnodes and marksurfaces. AguiRe's glquake is the recommended engine. Darkplaces should work as well, but has not been tested. I tried my absolute best to try and get this map running in standard Quake engines, but I could not and I feel sucky because of that. Sorry for those who cannot play the map.

Two is I am not very pleased overall with the map.

So I am releasing this as a stand alone map. It's a large greenish base map with plenty of traps but quite linear. Maybe an eyesore in some places.

This is my last base map for a very long while, and it's a bit different from the many other base maps. Hate it or not, do provide feedback for those who can.

Refer to the omlabx.txt for map info, installation and special thanks. Stay tuned for Orlmap Series 2, it will be a lot better than this.

Download Laboratory X here:
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The Mines 
with the 15 fps I get in Darkplaces they seem not to work as intended. By just running away they still get me and do ~60 damage, a quick strafejump does it though.
Stupid Darkplaces, I wonder what causes the slowness :( 
cool map, congrats!!! and those exploding mines are really surprized me, as for tex, i would choose rubicon.wad

Thanks. I'll take a look at the rubicon.wad.

The texturing however is repulsive.

Heh, I'm not surprised :) Base maps, for me are a lot harder to make than medieval or metal maps, especially concerning texturing.

Oh, and the "Red Armour Surrounded By Mines When You've Been Taught Several Times In The Map That Mines Have A Warning Beep And Give You Time To Get Away EXCEPT These Mines Suddenly Don't" is unlikely to win any Gameplay Mechanism Of The Year 2008 Awards is it...

Heh heh, yes I wondered how people would react to that. You think you'll be able to snag the armor before the mines detonate, only to realize, it's impossible. A secret pent will allow you to get the armor.

And I certainly wasn't planning on that little bit being "Gameplay mechanism of the year" ;)

with the 15 fps I get in Darkplaces they seem not to work as intended. By just running away they still get me and do ~60 damage, a quick strafejump does it though.
Stupid Darkplaces, I wonder what causes the slowness :(

That's strange, because I tried it with the latest Darkplaces and everything worked as it should, including the mines. The lowest framerate I got was around 30 in the domed area. But as I've learned, Darkplaces is unpredictable. 
is more like "no cells map" :| fuck no amo at all :( more amo boxes please!!!

the textures are not perfect at all, and game play is frustrated because there isn�t enough... :\ is not one of your best map sorry my friend! i now you got much better to release because i already saw it ;)

i didn�t like this one much sorry there it goes my first demo.

p.s-> the weirdest map ever you win in this one :) 
Watched Trinca's Demo 
Ohh no no no! Trinca! You missed a very important room near the start after you unlock the doors. It holds the grenade launcher and thunderbolt, your gonna need them. The room is filled with zombies and tarbabies.

I'm actually surprised you got as far as you did with just a double barrel and nailgun.

But I insist you replay and record the map and clear that room. It will make everything go smoother. ;) 
ok ok ok then o will record another :) i got bored with no guns :p play 3 times and quit :| 
ok ok ok then o will record another :) i got bored with no guns :p play 3 times and quit :| 
OK played on hard everything was ok untill red anmor trap.. ~man no warning? they blow like that? errr

so many sacrifices and try to make a good ~end and died with this...

quit quit quit...

why all had the bip warning and those dont? :\ 
I really liked this map. When I started off I though "Oh jesus, this look totally retro". The textures reminded me of the commercial mod Shrak or perhaps After The Fall.

But the more you play, the more fun and interesting it gets. I loved the dome room (never seen that done before) and the gaint wheel was well done too. Tough, but clever gameplay.

Nice one. Thanks. 
I Quite Liked It 
found the texturing to be fine on my setup, not too garish at all (although the transition into the yellow dome room wasnt so well done).

As shambler said, quite a few novel gameplay ideas here which were fresh. I also liked the exploratory start bit.

But if you miss that GL/LG area, you are stuffed. I actually missed and then went back to it because there was no way I could progress the the other way (no ammo).

good work. 
About The Moving Wheel Area 
Did anyone get gibbed while they were riding on it? I noticed during testing that sometimes when your riding on it when it comes to one of its stop points, sometimes it will gib you.

I haven't been able to reproduce it yet in Enhanced GLQuake or Darkplaces, they seem to fix the issue. But I do know that the grunts that are riding on the wheel are normally gibbed before you can reach them.

Has anyone else experienced this? 
Not For Me 
neither I nor the grunts got gibbed. 
Sci Fi Maps Are Good :> 
It plays fine in tyr-glquake-0.59, though with sound dropouts and slowdown at the end.

I got killed plenty. Hmmm... I never found the thunderbolt either. The maps a little short of ammo without it.

Shit... there it is. When i found those two slimes i got my arse out of there!

No problems with the wheel for me. Quake needs more big features like this. 
Good Map 
With some nice ideas, but I missed the GL / LG area (secret?) and so went to impulse 9. I'd really suggest making the guns a progression point in future maps - same as a button unlocking a door, or something more creative.

Visually I thought it'd look bad, but once playing it was ok, although a few different coloured panels in the green areas wouldn't have hurt, to break it up a bit. Or even those missing floor tiles from the start.

Would have been nice if the various floor cables were ilusionary and those missing tiles noclip covered - the bumping up and down was a bit annoying.

The shielded enforcers were a bit too heavy - six rockets is alot of firepower for anything. A shame no way to turn off thier shield when they die as well. Maybe a relay / killtarget that removes the corpse could have worked.

Nice mix of areas. 
Hmmmm. i just read Tronyn's review - I dont mind the textures actually. And the earthy conveyer space leading to the atrium was cool.

On my second run (skill 1) with the lg, it's much fairer, though still tough. Really made sure not to waste ammo in the middle part, knowing the tough fight at the end. Found the second secret too. Nice ;> though not too useful.

*Secrets* The first secret is halfway down void, on a concealed ledge. The second is a small button on a roof in the huge atrium, opening a floor crawl space below in the water. 
Wheel Area 
Did anyone get gibbed while they were riding on it?

yes, happens randomly here :|

Otherwise from what I've seen so far the gameplay is quite novel and refreshing, though borderline annoying because of some bugs like the Wheel.
Sometimes the LG didn't show up on the lift, which also squished me once. Plus the mines suck.

But I think this map is a very promising attempt at a different kind of gameplay (like in the room with Zombies/Tarbabies it's quite fun to try make some gibbage using the TB's, something rarely seen)

Thanks Orl. 
Wheel Gib - Engine Was AguirRe 1.30 
Wheel Gib 
What was your framerate at the time you gibbed? Sometimes glitches like that can occur from having a very high framerate, even on safely constructed objects. 
I've got to play this map for real some day. Love the style! Just bugs me that I have to boot into Windows for it. ;) 
your assumption seems right, I play with host_maxfps 999. 
- Wheel works fine with default host_maxfps 72

- gameplay is made "artificially" hard by starving the player on health/armor. People who play more carefully might like that though.

- NH demo 8:50 
Whats Nh Demo 
no health normal hardness nightmare hell acronyms why the hell use them when normal words are just as easy 
Nightmare - Hundred (percent)

What's wrong with that?

Sielwolf - I will watch your demo later with glee!! 
NH = Naked Hoes

stop giving me that icon and watch it already 
I randomly loaded this map (playing through maps beginning with o) but I hadn't played it before - too difficult with random sudden deaths back in 2008, and still too difficult even on easy (maybe I'm just rusty though), so I cheated.

But it has some awesome architecture in places; the ferris wheel for example. I was totally surprised by the underground dome. Didn't see it coming. Reminded me of portal 2. Excellent! I had a lot of fun flying around in god mode after picking up the red armour by the bombs.

Props also to Sielwolf for recording the NH, and for uploading it to a server that's still around 5 years later! 
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