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New UT Map
New 4-8 player DM map from Evilswanky for original UT.

Doesn't look too bad. Unfortunately UT sucks donkey balls. 
Much Like Your Posting 
I like the texture work! Very tight and exacting. Nice lighting too! 
Morays Or Demon 
After all these years, I still love czg :/

Actually, it does look quite nice. Shame I recently uninstalled UT, I agree with Willem though, (but without the exclamation marks) :)
I do miss sucking donkey balls. I guess I should re-install ? 
UT Was Class. 
Cool, entertaining weapon set, decently solid feel, good carnage, and great graphics for the time - great custom maps too. I found it a perfect complement to Quake's super solid fast action, and Quake2's bouncier feel. Don't really think the sequels have improved that much.

Don't play it these days tho. 
I Love UT 
but the packaged lacked dna.utx and I wouldn't know where else to get it, as I have no clue how the UT community is these days. 
I have it, cant remember where I got it from but if you want it, mail me (see profile). It's about 2mb zipped. 
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