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Q1SP: The Parallel Worlds By Digs
Digs released a new map!

It reloads itself with new monsters and a different starting point for 3 times. The exit teleporter counts.


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I love my Mac. Honestly, I game on my consoles so my Mac is purely for nostalgia stuff like Quake and for writing code for fun hobby projects. It's a -blast-. 
Oh, Me Too... 
... for sure!

I absolutely love Mac. There's no other machine when it comes to dependability and stability. The only let down is that not everything that has been made for Quake over the years has been ported(obviously).

Oh, well, over to my sister's now. I have my pc there... 
Quake & OSX 
So, OSX is superior to Windows, except for gaming. But, there is an SDL beta of Fitzquake, done by Sleepy I believe. Look it up! 
Round And Round In Circles We Go 
It's basically impossible for anyone to mention Macs without someone moving it into, "My OS can beat up your OS" territory. It sucks because it basically means a meaningful conversation on the subject is impossible.

Sometimes the internet sucks. 
...I'm not really in that territory. I just said that IMHO Mac Os is a bit more reliable environment to work in as far as I'm concerned...
But, that's just a perspective...

I work in the printed graphics field and, clich�e as it sounds, Mac pretty much sets the standard. Said that, I sometimes work on Win 2k, I find Windows more amicable when I have to, say, edit videos and sounds.

I think it's really a matter of comfort, that's all...

And, I agree sometimes the internet sucks. 
Don't Give Up, Willem 
I use to be a hard line Windows user a few years ago, and still use it, but I have softened on my disdain for the Mac (still don't care for the �ber-boomer Jobs, but anyway). I've had some experience with the Mac editing film over the last few years (my best friend recently graduated from the film school in Wilmington, I helped on several projects), and if I could afford another top end system to be used purely for productive purposes, I would most likely go with the Mac now. 
I Remember 
PowerPc's - windows OS with Mac architecture.

I don't use make because all my software is windows based and so are all those I'm linked to via network and email.

Getting some of these people to understand what a rar file is can be a headache, so converting between OS formats would be a nightmare.

Bloated windows culture wins again. 
Yeah, my next system is going to be one of those massive 8-core PowerMac tower things. It's going to be awesome. 8 processors running VIS. :P 
(jammy bastard) 
that would explain why Macs are regarded as performance boosters. No games to play at the office means you are stuck having fun reformatting those targas in Photoshop your boss asked you to do.

So true... we all have Macs at my current job, and this is the first company i've worked at where we don't all stop at 6pm and fire up Q3/UT/CS/TF2. 
But Quake3 and UT are available for Mac. 
Well, got any other theories? 
No other theories. Maybe the people you work with aren't gamers? Maybe they like consoles? I dunno, you'd know better than me. :) 
Or, thinking about it more, it might just be the way it is. We don't fire up games after hours here very often either. People play together at home over XBox Live but playing in the office has become something of a historical footnote. 
nice map but i would prefer if they were two instead of one big but was a fun blast thks. 
a less snarky version of the above is, maybe most people want to be playing the latest thing. I still like Q3, but I've played a lot of it and would rather be playing TF2 now. 
OSX Etc 
I've found that coding in a POSIX situation is much more enjoyable in an open-source environment (i.e., not using OSX). For example, Gentoo has a magical ports-like system where you can download, compile (with your specific flags) over 10,000 apps with 2 commands or less. I found it much easier to use than DarwinPorts or whatever the latest attempt to bring normal BSD functionality to OSX is called.

Unless you have money to burn, and feel the desire to trust random binary blobs that you download/purchase, BSD or GNU/Loonux > OSX.

Generally, OSX is expensive as fuck. Think about the cost of their hardware, alone -- it might be pretty, but you pay a premium for that anodized exterior and light-up logo.

Note that Apple is a small very evil company (software and hardware lock-in), whereas Microsoft is a big evil company (software lock-in).

I'm not talking outside of my experience -- I own a G4 powerbook and a video ipod. I used the powerbook as my main machine for 3.5 years. 
I Wonder How Darwine Is Doing These Days? 
Alternatively, install Ubuntu on a spare bit of disk and use Wine (it's what I do, though I have to use Ubuntu for work) -- maybe it even works in Parallels these days. 
The World Needs 
one Fitz to rule them all. 
In the DarkPlaces bind them. 
them to watch BJ-P(orn) all day and night. 
As Has Been Said 
pretty solid map thats a lot of fun, 3 times round got a bit much for me despite the different starts and routes, but good idea and nicely executed. 
Finally Played The Map. 
It's fucking awesome, really really like it.

Can you find all 4 secrets on each run through? 
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