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Q1SP: The Parallel Worlds By Digs
Digs released a new map!

It reloads itself with new monsters and a different starting point for 3 times. The exit teleporter counts.


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I forgot to add: You have to use an engine with enhanced limits, aguirRe's works, maybe DP too.

The map is interesting and nicely detailed for sure. 
Screens look really nice 
/me 'digs' It 
This map is fucking huge! :o
Nicely interconnected, good construction and detailing throughout. Pretty clever how you managed to make an entire mini-campaign out of just a single map. At first, I thought gameplay was going to be boring because of the need to play through the map multiple times but it worked surprisingly well. The different routes and newly opened areas as well as the different monster placement made it work. Making the final instance skill 3 is arguable - although it wasn't as hard as expected (except for the end battle) since there was always enough ammo and health around. I must have missed the LG.
Didn't find many of the marked secrets, only two or three in total.

I recorded a demo but stopped after accidentally blowing myself up with a Quad grenade. Watching it in its entirety would've required converting and doctoring around that I couldn't be arsed to do anyway.
Nice work, and what a large step forward from your previous map. 
Fuckin' 'ell. 
That's a bit bonkers. Confused the hell out of me. Had a good sense of dislocation and WTF in it which is great. Another fresh Quake vibe.

A few other things to note (apart from it dumping me into skill 3 WTF?):

It was very easy on skill 3 until the very final conflict which was very hard. But a lot of the combats were still fun, Quad runs especially.

The detailing is insane, I can't remember seeing so many Base details crammed into one map. I hardly knew where to look.

The base sections/texturing look better than the IKbase ones.

Now, see, I didn't read this bit in the topic (attentive of me, eh)...

It reloads itself with new monsters and a different starting point for 3 times. The exit teleporter counts.

I think it was a lot cooler NOT knowing that. 
thats about as huge as Russia ;) 
Sure but somehow you must be made aware not to quit the game after "finishing".

I am currently in the skill 3 part, it's harder than usual since I have to playing using Wine and mouse feeling is truly screwed. 
Skill Filtering 
I think this is a really cool concept, the skill level filtering of entities in maps has been a very under-appreciated feature of Quake from the beginning (about all Quake did was change the location of the silver key in e2m1, and some other fairly minor changes in other maps).

In DarkPlaces there's a special behavior for the Transfusion game (-transfusion on commandline) to let QC do its own interpretation of these skill spawnflags, since Transfusion is a port of Blood, and Blood had 5 difficulty levels instead of 3 (well, Quake has 4, but nightmare uses the same layout as hard), I always meant to make a more generalized implementation though...

On another modding-related note, skill filtering could be used for an RTS-like mod to change level layout based on your selected faction (Easy = faction 1, Normal = faction 2, Hard/Nightmare = faction 3, DM = multiplayer layout).

This reminds of dpmod's multiplayer map entity features - dpmod has trigger_playercount (fires its targets when active player count or max player count is above a specified number in the entity), and targettable info_player_deathmatch/info_player_coop spawn points which are inactive until they are triggered, so you can have a few trigger_playercount entities in your map that open fake walls and activate spawn points in new areas, to make it scale up from a duel map to a 4 player to a 6 player to an 8 player layout... I got the idea from reading about Daikatana, although the maps in Daikatana only scaled up based on maxplayers, not active players.

I always wished such features were put to some use. 
AguirRe implemented coop2, 3 and 4 for his -quoth engine option which randomly replaced id monsters for Quoth or vice-versa, so dogs became vorelings or gugs became shamblers.

Opened up alot of gameplay twists since the mapper didn't have to do anything new.

Will get around to this map tonight, sounds great. 
can not this one be run under Fitzquake 0.80? (writes objects overflow or something) 
Heres The First Chunk - Skill 3 
AguirRe's NehQuake! Totally fun map - looks very cool, plays nicely in skill 3!

Thankyou very much!

er... Love this map!!! :D 
Yeah, Fitz Throws A Precache Error 
Sadness Is A Cold Trigger 
which occurs when you can't play a map in FitzQuake :( 
Not That There Is Anything 
wrong with ´┐Żber-Map fetishist. 
where exactly (link pls) do I obtain engine capable to run this map pls? thanks 

:-) If you wanna see my demo in #11 the use the first link and download the NehQuake engine....

Also you can run this map under WarpSpasm.... 
Just Finally 
finished it. Woah. The level of detail is overwhelming.
The "skill 3" was very hard for me as I didn't find the lighting gun and somehow often ran into the details (such as edges or floor "bars") and then got killed.

I was very surprised how very unique and fresh each play felt, it was like one huge map with remotely similar parts here and there. Wow.

Surely this map rocks in Coop. 
Still Haven't Played 
But Ricky, stop using the warp exe - it's been superseded by AguirRe's latest Neh engine, which it basically is an old version of.

The newer ones also have fixes for warp which weren't implemented at the time. 
Yeah - I Know That Man!! 
I was just listing all of the platforms which would run the map... 
Hairy Muff 
Thank You For That Image 
Played It 
And I loved the idea ! Very intersting, nice details, nice architecture, a shame that there are not enough like this.. Very hard at the end, as I had to finish in god mode... damned !
I wanna see more !!! 
Problems with engine:
After extracting to Quake and try to launch glquake.exe, it writes fmod.dll error. I have fmod.dll there, even tried to dwnload a new one form net, doesnt work. 
Heh - I Had The Same Problem With That One: 
Sorry, I never thought of this!!

The GlQuake.exe in the zip is for the Nehahra mod, specifically! And te fmod.dll you require is from the Nehahra mod, so you need to download and install the Nehahra mod to get the file....

Or, I guess I can post it to the Shub-Hub:

I think this is what you need, anyway....

If you have problems then try installing Nehahra! Its a fucking cool mod anyway.... 
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