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4 maps by negke, Spirit and Trinca. sm143_negke2 was his map for the "Quake Lake" theme that was not thaaat popular... (1.3 Megabytes)

Someone else do the screenshots please, I've got enough of Quake for today. :)
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Trinca - nice style, good concept, too random deathknight behaviour, didn't try to complete.

Spirit - nice style, very hard, purely down to luck whether it goes first time, took several goes to learn / get right monster behaviour.

Negke1 - bonkers, kinda fun.

Negke2 - nice style, nice features, quite fun. 
No Screenshots? You Lazy Bum 
Trinca: Nice looks, proper carnage. The challenge is to kill all Hellknights before the Quad runs out.

Spirit: So laxative - quite hard as I managed to pick up all shells at once by accident had ran low later on. Nice pit.

Looking forward to some speedruns. 
Neg!ke - Not enough beasties but a nice psychedelic ending :) Second map was good fun using the voreballs to ones advantage. Nice touches of imagination as usual. Unfortunately forgot to record them :/

Spirit - heh, second attempt demo.

Trinca - Third attempt demo :)

I liked the fact that two Knights spotted me running through the corridors.
Thanks chaps.


*(sorry about the zips, think I deleted Dzip, but I seem to rem AVG was complaining about a Zmist virus in the dzip29.exe. A false positive ?) 
The challenge is to somehow get through the map just once before patience runs out.
nice maps...

Spirit map is not that hard!!!

neg|ke nice idear in sm143_2

love all the maps and there it goes my first demos!!! 
Monday Quake 
Pretty good.

Spirit - Tough, but a nice blast. The vore was annoying and something that kills instead of just the message in the pit would have been better.

Trinca - Carnage, the Quad grenades were suicidal fun.

Negke1 - Refreshing, clambering around on the aztec lego was good.

Negke2 - Mixed bag. I liked the Rotfish school and the raised fortress was very nice, but hunting the switches and the combat felt a bit flat. 
Yup - Brilliant!!! 
Loved them all!

Neg - I think I nearly managed neg1, but died on neg2. I died on both! I could see how another attemp of neg2 would have been fun, loved jumping around on Negke1!!!! Jump Around. Jump around. Jump up jump up and get down.

Spirit - My kind of map ;)

Trinca - My personal favourite, tried this about 20 times! Ownage!!!!!

(Skill 3 demos for everyone!!! :)
(Neg - sorry I died...... :(

Me go to sleep now 
dogToffee :p you wasted the quad :)

RickyT23 pure ownage 
Two Demos (sm143_negke & Sm143_negke2)

(i'm sorry i accidentially uploaded the demos into wrong directory) :)

i couldn't find the 3rd button in negke2 (god dammit)

nice maps guys 
Thanks For The Demos 
Ricky: neg1, you played extremely cautiously and managed to get through tricky nightmare situations, yet died in such a pitiful way. :D
neg2 death was asked for. Well, it was late...
Just why did you play with Quoth?

spy: heh, you swam by it several times. Look up more often.
Just why did you play with SOA? 
Awright, NM Demos... 
Showing the sissy that I am:

Trinca, I love your map the best, always athletic violent fun, your maps!!!
Be nice to me ;) I luv you too!

Negke's are as usual very thoughtful and funny.

Spirit's good, a little cramped, if you're big enough a coward, there's no problem(see demo)...

Great pack! Thank to you all!!!

P.S. Hope the demos work right, I recorded them on a Mac. Oh, and no Dzip here, also... ;P 
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