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Transloquake Mapping Competition -Win A Game! :-)
Map for Transloquake and you might win one of the following games:

Team fortress 2
Rainbow Six Vegas
Counter-Strike Source
Tomb Raider Legend
Unreal Anthology
Half-Life2 Episode Pack
Tomb Raider Anniversary

You hear it right, with QExpo approaching, I decided to set up a little "mapping competition" and give everyone a chance to become the owner of one of those classic and critics-acclaimed games! To enter the competition, all you need to do is to create a map for my mod TRANSLOQUAKE, upload it (and its source) somewhere before the 16th of August 10pm Central European Time, and post at least one screenshot of it on this thread (or one of the ones created on the other forums listed below), along with your name and contact email. You have the right to submit as many entries as you want.

After the closure of the competition, and during a full week, all the members from Quake1-related forums (Inside3D, Func_Msgboard, QuakeOne and QuakeDev - voters will need to have become members before July 7, 2008) will be invited to cast their votes (only one vote per members across all forums) on which three maps they like best. The author of the first best map and the author of the second best map will each get to choose from the list above one game, which will then be sent to them. If the first two best maps were created by the same author, he/she will win both games. If maps "tie" for first and/or second place, a second round of votes will take place. Note that, if less than 8 maps are entering the competition, only the author of the first best map will receive a prize (but hopefully this won�t happen). If more than 8 maps enter the competition, but they are made by less than 5 different mappers, only the author of the first best map will receive a prize (again, I hope it won't happen, but this is just to make sure one single participant does not "fill" entries in order to reach the amount of 8 maps).
I guess I should point out that these will not be second-hand games, but new, sealed games. I know, this still isn't Make Something Unreal prizes but, well, I'm a poor grad student and that's the most I can afford to give away� ;-)

TRANSLOQUAKE ( example map: ) is extremely easy to map for, so I really encourage everyone to give it a try. "Speed-challenge" maps can be created in only a couple of hours and I am sure newbie and veteran mappers alike could create "regular" maps for it very easily. You are strongly encouraged to use skyboxes (the demo already includes a few you can use) and, if you wish to, custom soundtracks. The mod was initially developed under Darkplaces, but it is supported by most other engines (even though you might then miss on some of the eye candies).
If you don�t know what the mod is like, go ahead and make sure to download its newest demo which has just been released - right here : (more mirrors will probably follow soon). It contains 5 maps (and their source), including 2 speed-challenge maps (bonus1.bsp and tr13.bsp), 1 regular map (tr5.bsp), 1 tutorial map (start.bsp) and 1 mapping guide map (mapping.bsp). The download also comes with a special document that will tell you exactly the kinds of entities Transloquake maps need to run.
I also, of course, strongly encourage you to check out the I3D thread dedicated to the mod at the following address:
as well as the couple of videos I made of the mod and posted on YouTube:

Remember that Transloquake is still a project in the making. Please don't discuss its development on this thread, used this thread instead: Future versions will include better models, more game modes (including deathmatch ones), more maps.
Until then, I'm looking forward to seeing your guys' creations here and to offering the two lucky winners (or one very lucky winner) a nice gaming prize :-)

Good luck!
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The config seems not to use the same as the readme says. I added the infos from the readme to the keys below, could you please explain the others?

bind "t" "impulse 120" //translocates you
bind "r" "impulse 121" //translocator range types
bind "c" "+movedown" //cancels a translocator which you have just thrown. You start the level with 5 of such bonus.

yellow pent
bind "p" "impulse 122" //drop the portal
bind "g" "impulse 123" //go to the portal

pink pent
bind "d" "impulse 15" //drone

H and S are unbound?
The ORANGE pentagram gives you one "perfect horizontal shot" bonus. Press "H" before firing your translocator and it will go in an horizontal straight line.

The BLACK pentagram gives you 5 "sticky shots" bonus. Press "S" before firing your translocator and, after firing it, it will stuck onto horizontal surfaces instead of bouncing off.

What is this?
bind "v" "impulse 103" 
Oh, sorry about that, there must have been some mix-up when I created the archive...

You should add these to the config:

bind "h" "impulse 126" // Choose "horizontal" bonus for the next shot
bind "s" "impulse 127" // Choose "sticky" bonus for the next shot

"v" (impulse 103) does not do anything. You can safely delete/reassign it :) 
Oh, And... (important) 
I should also add that:

- The games are PC games. I apologize to Mac users... If a Mac user wins, we'll find some type of arrangement.

- Remixes of posted maps are considered valid, independant entries. This means that, if you don't want your map to be used as a base for someone else's other map, you should post links only to the map itself and its screenshot(s). You will be allowed to post the source after the deadline (but it will have to be before the voting period ends) :) 
Sorry About The Confusion 

- bind "c" "impulse 124" // //cancels a translocator which you have just thrown. You start the level with 5 of such bonus. 
New Download So You Guys Don't Have To Worry About Fixing The Config 
I'm assuming that most of you haven't downloaded it yet, so here is a new download available with a fixed config file :) 
so what's transloquake 
yeah - you've lost me!!!

Inside3D's the place , isn't it? 
Some Transloquake Info And Screenshots 
Hey, Lunaran :)
Transloquake is a mod (for now, single-player only, but that will change) where the translocator is the central "weapon" involved. In very simply terms, the goal of most maps is to teleport yourself around the map to pick up all the "keys" of the level, sometime within a limited amount of time. Most maps involve ascending a level and avoiding to fall into traps.

Some screenshots: 
Hehe... sorry about that. I think a good way to see how it works is to watch the videos (the fireflies one doesn't really have keys, but it still gives you a sense of how people move around the level) and try the tutorial map bundled with the mod ;) You'll see, on the whole, it's pretty simple.
And yeah, most info about it was originally posted on I3D, and in particular the following thread: 
4th Pic 
looks really cool. 
Thanks :) It's a picture of the map featured in this video:
It's still very much work in progress, though ;) 
Oh, And... 
I realized I forgot to point out this is Fitzquake-compatible, by the way (I know many of you guys use it), it's not DP-only. 
Just Want To Say 
I would really love to map for this, as it's fun and I can imagine quite some brushes. But I really have no time/motivation and in the moments I do I work on other stuff for QExpo or Quaddicted. Haven't even played this much even though it is a perfect idea to me. Well, hopefully later. Thought about doing some introduction/tutorial maps. 
Well, thanks for your interest :)
I understand that everybody is probably a little busy, particularly with QExpo approaching. It was nice of you to drop a note! Any custom map for the mod would be awesome, even after the deadline ;) 
I'm Interested Too 
My chance to finally get TF2 and pester Scampie!
Contributing a simple map should be feasible, but then again there're so many current projects and competitions I'd like to make a map for, that time might be an issue.. We'll see. 
:\ Cocot mod looks very cool but time is so few :| 
Hopefully you guys might be able to squeeze a little time for it :) TF2 is worth it! :D
Again, I do think mapping for it is not too hard (by which, I mean, easier than mapping for a SP or DM map), because you might be able to recycle or copy-paste a lot of your basic structures, but then I also must admit that I'm a total newbie in terms of mapping and that copy-pasting structures (which I have done a lot for this mod's maps) might not give the best results on the screen... :P 
I Notice 
that most [if not all?] of the games in the prize list are available on Steam. Would a Steam version be a viable alternative to a physical, boxed copy, should the winner so desire? 
Sure, whenever the price on steam is the same as the price on Amazon, I have no problem going for the Steam gift instead :)
As far as I know, it's true of almsot all these titles. Exceptions are Bioshock and Tomb Raider Anniversary which, for some weird reasons, are more expensive on Steam than through a CD/DVD purchase on Amazon :/
Quake4, Rainbow Six Vegas and Timeshift aren't available on Steam. Unreal Anthology isn't there either.
To sum it up: Portal,Team fortress 2,Doom3,Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life2 Episode Pack, Tomb Raider Anniversary would be no problem (unless prices change, which seems unlikely) :) 
It looks actually like the prices on Amazon have gone back up for Bioshock (a little bizarre, but I might have checked it when it was on sale), so, if prices don't change and that would be the game the winner really wants, then Steam would be ok, too ;) 
Correction Of Post #19 
I meant: Tomb raider legend would be ok through steam. :)
Anyway... you get the point. I'm sure we'll be able to negociate a way to make the two winners happy :) 
CocoT hope u get lot of people to map mod look fun :\ but i will not have time for it, becouse i want to finish my maya map and make a speedmap to Qexpo.

maby in another time of life i will make a map for this mod!

best regards! 
ohh forget ;) and if where a Simble of Quake or the makete of shamby ;)

but games? roulffff i dont play any other game than Quake :) so... price is nothing special to me! 
Does that mean you'd have to buy the games first? 
Not Sure I Understand Your Question :-) 
Well... I'll wait to see who won the competition, then ask him/her what he/she would like to receive, then, yeah, I'll buy that game and send it or have it sent to him/her :) 
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