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Coop / Dm Quake (other FPS?) Meet-ups - Make Bitches Here!
I don't where to put this message, so I'll just put it here.

I want to meet and play co-op or dm Quake on a server with you users... there's definitely few people playing these days, but for those of you like me who find some weird sort of nostalgic enjoyment out of playing games...

I don't know what server we'll use yet, but I imagine we can figure something out. It would be nice to have a server to play maps that were submitted here at func_msgboard
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is an awesome pak for coop. 
maybe you could setup and maintain the server if we all throw a few bucks into a paypal account in order for you to keep it running? 
No, Sorry 
maintaining a server is just too much work.
However, I could probably plug my laptop into the router and host some games on my home connection. That would be a minimum ping of ~60-80 and a max of 4-5 players I guess. That would be not much work and quite a bit of fun to setup. If you say "that day, that time, that mod/map" I'll try it. 
I like that idea. I want to play as soon as possible. No mod, just Quake coop in Nightmare with 3-5 players. Who wants to play? 
if the server will ever exist with 80 ping is great i will showup for some shoots for sure! 
Anyone else? 
i'd love to give co-op a try. especially on custom maps, that would be cool 
Trinca, rj: what date/time works best for you? 
21:00 central hour 
I Could Possibly Make That 
not tonight though. or sunday, cos top gear is on :D

tomorrow maybe though? 
... (will be updated if something changes) = Darkplaces server with Warpspasm. You must connect with Darkplaces (even though FTEQW supports the protocol, it is jittery and crashes on the later map at the time of writing). I know this sucks, especially since it makes playing anything but the start map impossible for me� = ZQuake server with Travail. ZQuake is recommended as client, any QW client should work though. = Good old nightmare Quake. QuakeWorld once again.

These will be gone again in ~2 weeks. Have fun! 
in theory I should be able to, er, connect?

sucks that it's coop though, I could have killed yo' ass.

oh god - can you imagine ME messing round with Darkplaces or even worse ZQuake (which I have never used before) trying to figure out how the hell it works....? 
i�m at 
QW FFA Server With "unplayed" Maps
you can vote for the next map with next_map.

Currect very random map rotation:
Ricky pvt me at gtalk and let�s rock in qwdm i want to rape you bitch!!!

Whose up for it biatches??

Quake / L4D / any other options?? 
Im Game :) 
But I only have Quake, not left 4 dead unfortunately.

And I dont know if you can co-op on HL2 but I lost my serial (damn)

Err... Doom 3 (nope probably not your cup of tea?) 
steamID: ijed

But my home pc is too crappy to run it, so I can only play at work. Means odd times + 3 hour time difference. 
Your hl2 serial gets linked to your steam account you install the game, so err how can you lose it? :)

+1 to steam yet again, because I have 3 older games I cannot play because I lost the serials for them. 
Is That True? 
i didnt know that.

i have the holiday 2006 collection on DVD and I went to install it and it installed steam first and then when it went to install Half Life 2 it asked me for the serial, I looked in the box and had lost the booklet which it was supplied with, so I figured I was d00med :|

so how the hell do I retrieve the serial? 
If you registered the game with steam, just log into your steam acc. that you registered with and you can dl/install it from the games window.

If you didn't register it with a steam acc. (which it sounds like) then you're fucked like a hooker at Yoshio Kodaira's house... 
No I Already Installed It When I Got It In 2006 
and I registered a steam account. I even got a few matches of HL2DM in! I just havent installed it recently since I re-formatted because I've been pre-occupied. And I only had 80Gb.

So in theory if what you say is true I should be able to get it working again.

I'm gonna try...

RickyT23 I think . . . 
Anybody Wanna Play Some OG Quake 1 Co-op? 
i really want to play the original quake on co-op , and mabye some of the mission expansions. does ANYBODY know ANY ips to a ANY kind of co-op for quake that will work with ezquake client? i really just wanna play SOME form of co-op... (BESIDES TF) 
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