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Abyss Of Pandemonium - The Final Mission V 2.0
OK. Nothing new here. AOP has never ranked up Quake charts at the time of its release... years ago. Anyway. Anything AOP, released for free nowadays and available for downlaod is almost unplayable and quite imcomplete.

This time is over.

By kind permission of Alex 'Cybermind' Redman, with serious help of well known people of the Quake community I don't dare to introduce, Abyss Of Pandemonium is back and kicking!

All along the process, an idea popped and grew inside my head: what if Quoth might be some distant relative of AOP? I bet if we run some DNA test...

On a more general topic, I was there all the time, guys. No real avail to dive in but, hey, I can't do whithout my daily Func_ shot! So Quake Expo snapped just like a whiplash: Let's join the party!

(OMG, maybe I should have posted this in the drunk thread...)
I never got further than level 2. Now I will try again. :)

Would it be ok if I repacked the files into a ZIP archive with a "properly usable mod-directory" like impel-v2 or something? would contain
Great - I always loved AoP. 
..though I must second to what Spirit said. A .zip file named as aopv2 containing a mod directory in the same fashion and shorter filenames would be much better. At least, that should be the standart format in .pak releases. 
Hosting 'Abyss Of Pandemonium - The Final Mission v2.0' (the exact name Cybermind asked me to use for this remaster) into a zip archive @ Quaddicted is cool.

About the naming: 'AOP' is commonly used, but I think Impel should do it too. 'v2.0' alone refers to the pack when it was released as freeware by Impel. This pack was DM only. All SP maps where stripped away.

To avoid confusion, 'The Final Mission' is what makes the difference here, with SP episodes restored.

Names suggestions:

I think the full name 'Abyss Of Pandemonium - The Final Mission v2.0' should appear as dl link and as blurb title @ Quaddicted (i.e. ' - 100 Brush Mapping Competition').

But I assume that is already what you intended to do?... 

nah... You got it, I suppose! 
Cheers seems good.
The full name will appear everywhere except for being the name of the directory inside the zip. So I guess this is ok. 
this pack is not as good as hipnotic, but still fun to blast through. It also looks good. I just played until Temple of Moon, when I got stuck at the SK door but didn't have the SK. I jumped down there somehow and couldn't get back up.

The new AOP is a good place to pick a fight. I just thought ammo was distributed a bit unevenly. Sometimes more than enough, sometimes I was out of shells... but it never got boring, which is a plus.

The new weapons should be available by double pressing a number, imo.

The green flying things have a bit too many HP. The robots, too. I would have liked more demos, perhaps by some speedrunners.

Thanks for the pack. It's appreciated. 
JohnXmas thks for bring it on!!!

love it!

and replay it...

first run demos on hard!!! 
...has all the hallmarks of the quality of it's era. 
I remember it being harder, if I'm thinking of the right pack of course.

It's not really very Quake. Especially not the end boss.

I absolutely fucking love the robots though. I just wish they had to be deactivated/trapped instead of killed to get the 100% though. Would be cool to come across a truly indestructible enemy which just chases you slowly round the level until you find a switch or something to shut it down. 
I think it's fun to play, which counts. 
Oh Yeh 
it has some very fine moments. : ) 
Not Bad 
some maps are surprisingly decent. 
I've only played a little of this so far, but it oozes quality. The new weapons and enemies are great!

Could someone upload the soundtrack? That would be awesome... 
quite good and fun to play and replay, it was released in 1998 so it should be judged for his time (if you exclude the 2 official mission packs, there were no other SP episodes, except for beyond belief and zerstorer. Stuff like Q!zone, Dark Hour and Aftershock are stinky 
an AoP map jam maybe? :D 
Love You All 
glad some of you are still playing! making this mission pack was one of the most fun adventures of 1998...! 
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