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SMQE08a: Dreamscape
Here are the results of the first QExpo 2008 speedmapping event:
4 SP maps by negke, rudl, Text_Fish and Zwiffle.
(rudl's map requires Quoth)


Excellent realization of the theme. The 'end' kept me amused for much longer than it should have done.

I kept dipping my toes in the lava which, on top of the sparing placement of ammo meant I had to do a lot of quicksaving. It all came together in the end when I used my very last bit of ammo to dispatch the last enemy. Again, a good sense of 'dreamscape'.

I sense you had similar troubles to me with the ole dreamscape thing, but at least you made the title fit! All in all an entertaining blast, and I liked the masochism of the acid/knight setup. 
rudl: Well dreamscapey. Could have easily done without Quoth and extra stuff, though.

Text_Fish: Flesh bits+Q3Gothic felt familiar. Nice nailshooter. Shame it's leaked.

Zwiffle: Too dark, otherwise ok. Took me a moment to realize the pit is not a trap. 
Nice, grimm, dreamscapey

Good gameplay, visually appealing too.

Zwiffle: The end was a bit hard. I really like the first room. All in all OK. 
ok ok ok i play then!!!

negke look amazimng but i lost my pacience and cheat... (shane on me...)

rudl :\ this fisrt record after i jump those fuking lavas :) was a nice blast...

zwiffle made a map for candy garden kids... zomggg looks nice but was gameplay for babies? roulddd alomost slept in the map :) but it was a fun blast!

text_fish was my favorit but i died in the end :\ fucking shamby...

Yes, I put all the monsters in, compiled, was able to beat it, and so I said I was finished. I didn't tweak it or anything, cuz I was already pushing the deadline. 
Rudl (just played the map, didn't install the extras) - good style, good combat, lava jumping was pretty pointless, F6 all the time.

Zwiffle - dark, neat, fun for 30 seconds, is there an exit?

Text_Fish - not bad, decent style, ending pretty unfair if you take the lift up.

Negke - bonkers as usual, you have a very warped mind that invariably ejaculates something interesting, this is no exception. 
Yes. Find it. 
Bump For Ionous 
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